September 14, 2003

BS, Iraq and other force-fed topics

It was excruciating to watch Bush's speech last Sunday and be so debilitated that I couldn't come rushing in here to debunk and deconstruct it. I've not seen or heard much on the general view of the populace as to how well it was received at face value. I was pleased to find this, which makes me wonder if someone was merely dictating my real-time "rant @ the TV".

The lingering question that I keep coming back to is "we're fighting terrorism in Iraq?". Since when? When did Iraq become the frontline in terrorism or when did the Iraqi population acquire this moniker? Am I the only one that's noticed the subtle shift from 'freedom-talk' to 'ongoing terror battle'? Maybe we're simply kicking the hive in hopes of attracting more hornets thereby justifying our presence simply by offing a higher number of alleged terrorists. Maybe.

Speaking of terror, it's being systematically installed here in the "Homeland" in the hearts and minds of innocent Americans. Thanks Johnny Ashhat.

To all of you Texan voters of the Suffolk or Shetland varieties. Thanks for Prop 12. May you never be the victim of a really bad oncologist or neurosurgeon. Thanks also for all the other blind "yes" votes.

California is setting the worst precendent for politics in known history. Now it's the hip thing to do, recall a politician? We're 60 days and 72,873 signatures away from losing the mayor of Dallas. The city manager fires the police chief (who sucked in many ways) and now the peasants are rising up against the mayor's office. Not all peasants, just these: Marvin Crenshaw, Roy H. Williams, Melodie Green, Norman Claybon and Oralia Silva, so far.

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