September 15, 2003

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Texas Voters
I'm so incredibly disappointed in the state of Texas. Not the yahoo legislators who coughed up the propositions, but the voters. More specifically, the lack of voters. The numbers themselves speak volumes.

Approximately 21,325,018 +/- 2% citizens in Texas. 12,041,793 of them are registered voters (approx. 56%). Only 12% (1,448,615) of those registered, showed up on Saturday to vote. This means, only 6.7% of the state of Texas is committed to democracy? Even then, when you look at the total number of votes registered, by prop, the numbers dip below 1,448,615. This indicates some people went to the polls and didn't even bother to check all the boxes. Oh, the humanity. Now we have a cap on malpractice suits that was put into law by under 4% of the state's population. Pitiful.

Support The Troops
All of them. The living, those stateside, those giving their lives those who've gone before and..........those currently being nursed back to health. Our administration accuses those "not in support of the war" of not supporting the troops, encourage your elected officals to visit those returning home in pieces. Ask your incumbent to run down to Bethesda for an afternoon. Then see if they'll encourage your local media outlet to run a story on the true number of casualties.

In Your Face
The administration's been almost laughable in their blatant disrespect for the average citizen's intellegence. The Haliburton deals, the energy plan (or Lay outta jail committtee), ad naseum. This one though, takes the cake. Had a role in the Whitewater investigation??........get a job.

Then Cheney takes time out of his busy bunkering to show up on "Meet the Press" and blesses us with this gem. Cheney was less forthcoming when asked about Saudi Arabia's ties to al Qaeda and the Sept. 11 hijackers. "I don't want to speculate," he said, adding that Sept. 11 is "over with now, it's done, it's history and we can put it behind us."
Could he please communicate this up the chain. Seems his boss hasn't gotten that message......apparently you can blame the decline in the salmon population on the West Coast on 9/11. It's all due to 19 men working for one guy we can't find...........yadda yadda yadda.

Israel's Issues
Simple solution to the conflict.
Staple Arafat to Sharon. Eliminate the death threats, they'll have to talk or at least acknowledge each other, and then send them off to Arafat's compound. Guess I wasn't so far off on my "roadmap".

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Not as a total excuse, but...

I believe the Repugs in Texas did everything possible to suppress turnout in this weekend's balloting. It wasn't widely publicized, and they made sure many, if not most, polls were closed. Especially in minority/urban areas.

Democracy at work...

Posted by: A2 Matt at September 17, 2003 11:07 PM

adjustment. Census growth between 2000 and 2002 was approximately 825,000 which changes the percentages considerably.

Posted by: kerry at September 18, 2003 11:30 PM
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