September 17, 2003

bumpin' and thumpin' on hump day

The issue with Cheney apparently isn't so much an inherent need to lie but more an issue with the size of the rock they've got him stuffed under. It's not that he wants to mislead all of us it's that he doesn't stick his head out enough to pick up on the changes. Dick, check in with Donny.....seems he's switch over to truth recently.

- Time's look at the election battle and an interesting perspective on journalism in Iraq.
- Interesting new Democratic grassroots site.

Dean & Clark
- So Dick Gephardt's going after Dean now? He's keeping tabs on all of Dean's past quotes. We'd really like to keep these kind of tabs on Gephardt too, but it's hard to understand him with Shrub's dick in his mouth. I don't remember a Gephardt's sponsored filibuster over the blank war check.........time to dig into his full voting record.
- Clark's site is up and running now. Patiently waiting to see what happens after Friday's speech in Iowa.

- Fabulous take on the RIAA sponsored consumer attacks.
- Concerned about the erosion of your civil rights?

Run, do not walk, to your local bookstore. Buy "Big Lies" and read it quickly.

Posted by kerry at September 17, 2003 09:51 PM | TrackBack

"...with shrub's dick in his mouth."

Yikes! Caught me by surprise, and made me laugh out loud...but, oh, so true.

Posted by: A2 Matt at September 17, 2003 11:00 PM

Kez, I have a theory... the general's laying a path here and the path leads right to a late announcement run by Mme Hilary Clinton who will then invite the general to be her VP and mop up. Dunno if I like that scenario but...

Whaddya think o them bones...?

Posted by: len at September 18, 2003 05:58 PM

I think that would be monumentally stupid on both Clark's part and Hillary's. Personally I'd like to see Clark and Dean align up to the convention and then get the nomination as P & VP. Right at this moment, my $$ and my preference would be Dean/Clark respectively.

Posted by: kerry at September 18, 2003 09:13 PM

monumentally huh? i guess that's pretty stupid

Posted by: zeno at September 19, 2003 07:59 AM
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