September 18, 2003

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liar liar, trousers alight
When you retract a lie, does it cease to be a lie? Does it morph into a "correction" or "adjustment"? Bush is confident now that Saddam(and Iraq) had nothing to do with 9-11-2001. Well duh! 3 out of 10 American's who weren't swallowing his BS knew that. Trouble isn't whether he lied to America, really. It's the lying to congress that should have him in hot water. Will it? Will he be held responsible for lies that resulted in casualties?

Vanity vanity all is vanity. How cool would it be to run the Shrub gauntlet every day on your way to your office?

The White House appears now, to be focused on Syria and Libya. Surprise surprise. Given the nationality of those *truly* responsible for the attacks on the WTC, shouldn't we be hopping up and down about Saudia Arabia's desire for nukes?

RIAA related food for thought.

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