September 23, 2003

Rebuilding Iraq

Out of the $87 billion we're planning to send to Iraq, $20B is earmarked specifically for rebuilding. With that, the Iraqis will get detailed instructions on:

  1. How to ensure fair elections through their newly appointed court system.
  2. How to guarantee Health Care for those who can afford it and tier the costs for those who cannot.
  3. How to artificially create a bell curve in the education system by standardizing testing and underfunding the effort.
  4. How to integrate business practices into the day to day practice of government.
  5. How to build a shadow government that appears altruistic while serving it's own interests.
  6. How to burden the effects of decisions made today onto the backs of future generations.
  7. How to unregulate the production of oil and the generation of energy to ensure a quick return to profitability at any cost.

Food for Thought
Today, at 10:00am Eastern, the UN General Assembly convenes. At 10:30am the President of the United States will address the assembly and make the case to the world that "Oh My Friggin' God, We So Underestimated The Effort In Iraq, We Really Need Your Help Now". Who is representing Iraq? When a government falls, does it lose a seat or is Bush speaking for them too? Curious.

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