September 23, 2003

More on Texas Politics


Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst continues to carry water for
Washington power brokers like Karl Rove and Tom DeLay. Today he
will allow the Republican Congressional redistricting plan to
come to the Senate floor.

Please call Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst now and oppose this
unprecedented power grab:

Lt. Governor David Dewhurst

Please let us know you've made this call at

If Lt. Governor Dewhurst's number is busy, you can call the Governor

Governor Rick Perry

This plan disenfranchises minority voters and guts rural Texas,
eliminating from Congress strong voices for agriculture and small
family businesses.

Let's tell Dewhurst and Perry what we think of their capitulation to
Washington and their cavalier attitude to the needs of real Texans.
Call Dewhurst at 512-463-0001 or Perry at 512-463-2000. Tell them they
should abandon their attack on rural Texans and minority voters. Tell
them to quit wasting tax dollars on partisan gamesmanship and start
focusing on Texas schools, health care, and high insurance rates.

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