September 29, 2003

Reactionary Imagery

The John Kerry (man I love that last name) campaign is angry about some t-shirts they saw at the College Republicans National Convention. Further proof, the Democrats need to continue with the forward motion needed to remove them from the rock they've been under for awhile. This vile GOP spew is not new and unfortunately not shocking. Below are two pics I tooks of some of the more benign propaganda being sold at a Mississippi fund raiser for Trent Lott we crashed last fall. Overheard "GOP, God's Own Party".....I just love this stuff. mmmm. right. For every one article that leans left, the left should be reading two that lean right. It's important to get a *good* view of the opposition's positions and rhetoric.

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A TPM a day, keeps the ignorance away. Check out his latest on the incestual contract negotiations underway on behalf of Iraq.

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