September 29, 2003

Intelligence Failures

With regards to the build-up of reasons to attack Iraq, there have been many references to "Failed Intelligence" or "Intelligence Failures". Once the "Intelligence" fails, shouldn't we stop using the word?

The flavor of the week for the 40th Week of 2003 is the White House's assistance in creating future failures by 'outing' CIA operatives in an effort to enact revenge of some sort on Joseph Wilson for his Op-Ed piece on the Yellow Cake/Niger issue. All the major web-its/pund-loggers have it as the lead piece today. My hope is simply that the appropriate level of effort is applied at all levels of government to uncover who the unpatriotic scum are that leaked this information to Robert Novak. Whether it came from Rove, Rice, Ari, I don't care. We need to take a look at how this should be punished under the Patriot Act. Goose, Gander.

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