September 29, 2003

Almost Humor

To my friends in NYC, Xmas is just around the corner. As you well know, I'm a purveyor of offensive/tacky kitsch. Should you feel honor-bound to bless me with a gift this year. Please check this list for items available at your local crap shop.

In case you don't have your own list of reasons to dislike our semi-elected pretzel choker, Ted Rall's compiled one you can use.

So education's throttling creativity in elementary school now? What good is shop class anyway? Speaking of what is truly important in schools, Texas is doing a fine job of ensuring tucked in shirttails outrank time spent in class. 700 suspensions in 30+ days?

Closure to earlier arguments on the definition of liberal vs. conservative, straight from the dictionary. This will be valid until Ashcroft has all the offending volumes removed from your local library. Wonder how long it would take me to get my ass kicked walking around with this shirt on in Texas?

From Atrios: Freeper celebrates at a girl's meeting with a GWB action figure. Which is funny by itself, but not nearly as amusing as their need to take a token snapshot.

The Democratic Underground gets it right on their Top Ten List. Whatever you do though, do not click on this link. No, really. Do not click on it! You will die laughing and I don't want to be responsible.

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