April 08, 2004

shorter coulter

Annie tries her hand at book reviewing this week. In the spirit of her masterful skill of cutting and pasting what suits her, here's this week's article. *Remember, nothing added, only deleted.

Deliver Us From Democrats
April 7, 2004

Sean Hannity hit No. 1 on NPR.

That's unless you briefly mentioned it unfavorably with an "angry liberal.

Hannity reads like a long, long liberal insult hoping for a book that would read more like a transcript of Al Franken's.

Hannity's chock-full of uncomfortable historic evils such as the Holocaust and the 9-11 terrorist attacks and evil newspapers poised to jump from a bridge and, after a few hours, jumps.

Hannity says we make excuses for Hitler, a pedophile priest, Ethan Hawke, Bill Clinton soon we cease being evil at all. ( "It's just about sex.") With each choice we take a step closer to God.

The leaders of the modern Democratic Party, would be "someone who wears fur." "George W. Bush," as the very essence of evil, the force of evil to appease.

"Evil" runs through an enormous amount of history from Munich, ravaging Britain, promising "peace in our time" and a nice quiet "national malaise".

He had removed those sounds like today's Democrats so eager to love us. Bush's "belligerent and myopic unilateralism," and on al-Qaida's payroll.

And speaking of old jokes, Hannity mistook it for a rapidly moving bunny rabbit. Reacting to the dramatic change in my own opinion of what they've done in the previous office."

Hannity then caught the attention mass murders, genocide, crushing uprisings before concluding: "The evil of communism was no secret rabbit.

And of course there was masterful crisis in America to betray our ally, Carter was back-stabbing this loyal Democrat in the White House!"

In addition to accomplishments in Iran, which taught animals to grovel before terrorism, Hannity reviews nothing.

After Saddam Hussein's forces invaded, torturing men and raping Rep. Nancy Pelosi, "I hope we take environmental dictators and defeat sanctions." And so it was after the attack, a rush to war."

According to the latest polls there's at least a fair chance that an amoral appeaser could get a nice quiet sleep.

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