May 11, 2004

and now, Headlines.

and the seemingly unbelievable insanity of it all...............

* Attention Pentagon drones. If you receive information regarding abuses in Iraq, do nothing. Do not read it, distribute it or delete it. Please press the red button and Rummy will be by personally to assist you with your "document".

* The election is Kerry's to win? Mr. Zogby's not had this discussion with; The SC, Diebold, or anyone in Florida, right? Next on Fear Factor X, "Does Your Vote Count?".

* One of life's eternal mysteries; does Robert Novak remove his dentures when he blows the collective RNC cabal? Two words, forced retirement.

* Sorry, I can't boycott Disney. I have a two year old. I can however, protest like a mo-fo by ripping every one I get my hands on. HAND.

* Dear Leader says, "We weren't on a war footing," he said. "And yet the enemy was at war with us. And it didn't take me long to put us on a war footing. And we've been at war ever since." Is this what he meant?

* First hand report from inside Abu Ghraib from an Al Jeezera cameraman. 74 days is a long time. Too bad they didn't let him keep his camera.

* NPR's lack of public funding seems to have pushed them into a class of accountability all by themselves. When NPR becomes Fox, what are the right going to have as a scapegoat, ham radios?

* Speaking of the right, the media and spin not seen since the last tour of the Whirling Dervishes. Time to get a bookstore discount card.

* Dear Oklahoma, your boy has the sensitivity of cadaver. What about the outrage over the outrage over the outrage of the missing of the bloody point?

* Courtesy of Jesus General; Wisconsin's in need of some loving letters to the editor in favor of Bush. Please help.

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