May 17, 2004

Cause & Effect

* Powell on Meet the Press via satellite. If the time delay and weird cloud patterns don't getcha, the questions and your press aide will. Surreal exchange seeing Tim scold Powell and his staff like that.

* Gay marriages began today in Massachusetts. The Governor's a little tweeked; Some may be given to out-of-state gay couples who come to Massachusetts in defiance of Republican Gov. Mitt Romney, who has told them to stay home amid fears his state could become "the Las Vegas of same-sex marriage." Maybe he should institute this policy for all marrying couples.

* With all the money we've invested, love we've shown, reconstruction we've contracted, time we've spent making Iraq the place it is today and all they can do is bomb their interim government officials? Ingrates.

* Ms Rice promised to help the Palestinians with creation of their own state. Does this come with a free house, seems Israel didn't get the memo?

* Ben Shapiro's book is out now........and it's still not getting him laid.

* The Catholic church just sainted Gianna Beretta Molla as the patron saint of "Dumb women who sacrifice themselves and leave their children motherless". Condoms still taboo.

* Speaking of ignorance combined with sex..........seems the STD rate is just about on par between those who saved themselves and those saucy little pieces of fluff you see running around with their asses hanging out. Does not include plumbers.

* Bought Hoff's book "Sammy the Seal" for my kid over the weekend. I feel somehow I was responsible for his death now. I'm picking up Ann Coulter's book later in the week to test the theory.

* Berg vs Abu Ghraib. Did you know it was a contest? When they first released the pictures that appalled the nation would you have ever guessed we could be trumped like that? Shit, what a brutal disappointment. Just when you think you are, without a doubt the toughest bully on the block, some masked man comes outta nowhere with a mini-posse and lops off one head and boom, your reputation's out the window. Saddam better just watch out, we may have to one-up these guys.

* Michael Moore, STFU. If you didn't care so much about the money and really cared about the content of your "controversial flick", you'd dump crappy copies onto the web simply to get the message out and then quickly get it out on DVD. Don't for a minute think we're all buying your martyr role here...........if you really wanted viewers, you'd stop manufacturing controversy and show us the facts.

* WMD found!!!!!! Blown up by insurgent ignorant of what he/she may have had, rendered ineffective. Completely justifies reason for war, Bush up 20% in polls, landslide guaranteed.

* Count me as one of the "wow is that a what a gift horse's mouth looks like" types. Come ON folks, how about a little credibility here?

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