May 19, 2004

The Jury is Out

What a fun filled day.

The Dallas County courts move at a snail's pace. Thank goodness for a good book and solitaire on my Palm. Our pool didn't even make it into the court room until after 11:30 for the jury selection. It was a domestic violence case of which I might not have been the best objective candidate. Appeared not to matter, between stumping the DA and the judge with a silly question about statute of limitations and another about the burden of proof, I think they were anxious to get rid of me.

Among our 24 candidates we had ourselves a little celebrity of sorts. Mr. Danny Chandler, Republican candidate for Sheriff. No, I did not smart off and say I couldn't wait for Lupe Valdez to mop up the floor with him.....however it did cross my mind. I did get a mediocre candid shot of him expressing frustration over having to be there. He looked rather inconvenienced all day.

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