July 29, 2004

Mid-Day in America

Convention Stuff, in no particular order

* Best comprehensive listing of those blogging in Boston.

* Jesse over at Pandagon nails the convention's purpose on the head and contradicts Dan Rather, quite nicely.

* Anticipation of August's fun. Where it's always 9/11.

* The attack machine has warmed up its engine and is headed for the onramp. Drudge once again leads the rabid dog pack.

News Bits

* Lil Missy points out the failure of the Department of Homeland Security this week with her fear-based expose on the Mexican border.

* Dear Leader's sucking down traquilizers. Truth or Fiction, you decide. Let see if it causes him to screw up the English language.

* Get Your War On; episode 38 is up.

* From the grave, Daniel P. Moynihan speaks wisdom.

"Right" On!

* Rapmaster Chuckie C from Cell Block 3 discusses Limbaugh's fascination with marriage.

So there’s no need to despair just yet about the state of marriage. There are still quite a few men out there who are “the marrying kind”—men inspired by their Christian worldview.

* Novak complains about the faux unity amongst Democrats. Fails to see the 100% support for him to be hung out to dry in the Plame affair.

* USA Today dumped Coulter in favor of Goldberg. He gets 3.5 paragraphs into his review of the convention before invoking Godwin's law and rendering the remaining 75% of his article useless.

Local Phenomenon

* Dallas receives 3" of rain overnight in late July. Citizens seen standing outside with their heads up like baby ducks. By this time, we're usually seeing 105 degrees and in our 30th without rain. Freaky.

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Get Your War On! I can't believe I hadn't heard of this comic before. Read all 38 pages and laughed my butt off. Thanks for the link!

Posted by: Colleen at July 31, 2004 03:34 AM
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