August 18, 2004

Love Missile -- Arbusto43

Campaign et al

* Bush spent some quality time yesterday touting the importance of his missile shield program. The big bad rockets, designed to intercept crazy ex-military nut jobs in Ryder trucks, militants in commercial aircraft and assorted wackies with surplus C4 waiting in the wings for the right opportunity. Requesting an extra $1 billion in funding, Bush went on to explain the push for subsidizing the delivery of GPS units to Iran, North Korea and China so real life would imitate the military's testing.

* Take a moment and go visit BAN's image snag of the week. Alan Keyes visits his people and faces Obama........his support base are holding up his signs. Question: What do the people attached to those hands think about his stand on reparations?

* English as a second language, nuances missed, hyperboles scattered, wounded metaphors everywhere and still 2.5 months to go. At least he's consistent.

* How about that tax cut? Happy now? Expect the economic blog-gurus to have a field day over the next week or so.

* From behind the curtain, it's the great and powerful OZ!

* This is what is known as an Atwater moment.


* An ambassador to the unborn? Makes for some one-sided negotiations, don't it?

* Random political flash crap.

* Rick Santorum's wife wrote a book on manners. Wonder if it addresses ad hominem attacks on people who differ from you? Apparently it does talk about pansies.

* Jesus might have voted for Nader.

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No, Jesus would have voted for Kerry,1413,200~20954~2343861,00.html


--The Pink Bunny of Battle (

Posted by: Bryan d'Pfaff at August 20, 2004 03:15 AM

"Jesus was not one to take sides on political issues," said Derek Davis

Huh? He just knocked over the money changers tables at the temple in protest, which resulted in him getting crucified.

Posted by: Yankee in exile at August 20, 2004 04:22 PM
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