September 08, 2004

Tax Dollars at work

What's Important this Year

.... is apparently that which happened 30+ years ago. (thx lulu)

In a fresh blow to John Kerry's flagging presidential campaign, the Pentagon has ordered an official investigation into the awards of the Democratic senator's five Vietnam War decorations.

News of the inquiry came as President George W Bush opened an 11-point lead over his rival - the widest margin since serious campaigning began - according to the first poll released since last week's Republican convention.

The Pentagon is researching? This behemouth, that can barely manage itself now feels the number one issue pressing the nation is whether or not Kerry's medals are justified?

So it's important that the nation be comforted by the confirmation that John Kerry actually served, did so voluntarily and honorably received his medals, because his detractors are still out there angry about a war that's been over for 30 years? Too bad Congress didn't feel the same level of importance needed to be focused on Abu Ghraib, eh? When they've completed this well budgeted use of our tax dollars, they'll move right on to this, right? Maybe they'll ask the same nagging One Question, many other's have.....and make money at the same time.

...........ok not everyone believes this is the most important issue.

Sticking Our Noses In

"Why don't you meet Osama bin Laden, invite him to Brussels or to the White House and engage in talks, ask him what he wants and give it to him so he leaves you in peace?'' the Guardian quoted Putin as saying sarcastically.

Did Russia ask us to intervene on their behalf in the Chechen situation? Are we simply itching for that much of a fight or do we just need to build up our "there are all kinds of bad guys" out there rhetoric? Could someone notify that that bastion of piety, Dennis Prager, he seems to have missed the memo. It's bad enough that there was such an incredibly tragic loss of young life. It's more than just insulting that we're stepping in and telling the Russsians how to handle an uprising that, to their credit, they created.

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