November 11, 2004

Happy Veteran's Day

Defining Others


We could pepper the commentary with thoughts like, "Republicans need to figure out how best to transfer the Messianic, homophobic rage of its base to a new leader."

As Texas Goes...

* Salon has a good piece on (bit late though) the Texas SBOE's removal of any information on contraception & STDs from the textbooks and retaining only abstinence recommendations. The first hand experience from someone who attended the hearings is much more powerful. With Texas as the driving force in textbook content for our youth, other states should have more say in what's being decided in the state with one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the nation. Ignorace is not bliss it's a tragedy waiting to happen. Set your Tivo or PVR of choice to record the rerun of Texas Teenage Virgins on Trio November 25th at 4.30 EDT. When the schools are looking to the churches to provide instruction on reproductive health we're collectively failing our children.

* Good news in Texas Dallas is finally making news elsewhere. Bush barely carried Dallas County and inroads are being made to shift the county a vote at a time.


* The view from across the pond.

* Yes, there were voting issues. Were they, compounded, enough to sway the entire election or at a minimum, the swing states? Probably way to early to determine. What we do have is the information we need to make the changes necessary to ensure these types of problems do not resurface in future elections.

* 60-40 is much closer to a "mandate" than what we saw in last week's results. Yes the public spoke, but Bush does not possess the clout, capital and will of the people he believes he does.

* Give us your tired, your hungry, your huddled red state masses.

* Odds a peace accord of some sort gets implemented before complete chaos breaks out? Arafat's tight grip on power and lack of succession plan did not do the Palestinian people any favors.

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Re. Voting Issues
There was a time when other countries viewed American politics are less corrupt. With lingering doubts over the validity of the 2000 and 2004 elections, the less credible this country's democracy is around the world.

This is very important because now more than ever in this country's history (like it or not) nations are interdependent.

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Go to the following link to ask Congress to investigate the 2004 election:


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