February 26, 2005

Civil War, Coup or Unceremonious Changing of the Guard

Watching events unfold in the ensuing battle within the Dallas Democratic Party has been both disheartening and disappointing. Being neither a precinct chair or an offical with any of the local clubs, I've been neither directly involved nor affected. However, after the January 8th LH/WR Democrats club meeting was hijacked by the party secretary, I thought some digging was in order.

The resolution(s) written up on behalf of the party clubs seemed out of order and quite inappropriate, at first. Primarly since the author was an elected officer and his crew of supporters were known to have axes to grind. The tone in the introduction of the resolution written for our club didn't appear to have the county voters, club members or precint chairs in mind so much as a creepy level of vengence. Thankfully, the other members appeared equally as concerned about the lack of procedure as Mrs. Monkey and I did and voted to push this out to a precinct chair vote.

The primary complaint being circulated is the letter Susan Hays wrote in support of Michael Schneider for District Judge on party letterhead. Personally I have no issue with the Chair writing a support letter, even for a Republican, I just don't belive it to be ethical to use party resources to further whatever agenda she might have. Not to mention the possibility of the legality of the action. In the month following the revelation of this breach of trust, other, yet to be proven elements pointing to a lack of leadership have been raised.

Including, but not limited to;

  • Misuse of funds.
  • Manipulation of district races.
  • Disaffection of local clubs.
  • Impacting local candidates

I believe this list to be much more egregious in nature than writing a support letter for a member of the opposing party. But, if the level of confusion and disorder I saw at the headquarters on November 2nd are any indication of Susan Hays' leadership, it is indeed time for a change and waiting till 2006 may be an irreparable mistake for the mid-term elections. Her response letters to the precinct chairs regarding the concerns raised seem to be more focused on damage control than party unity and contrition.

If you live in Dallas County and have an opinion, please show up Monday night at the CWA Hall on 1408 N Washington @ 6:30pm. It's the least you can do.

Update: The "big guns" in Dallas have circulated a follow-up letter addressing other failures and or abdication of duty during Susan Hays' time in office.

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