February 26, 2005

Dallas Morning.... News?

After not even showing up for the Social Security Townhall Jeb Hensarling hosted this week, the best research the Morning "News" can offer up on the Bulldog (Gannon/Guckert) controversiay/scandal is this?

A conservative online news outlet that formerly employed a writer who attracted attention by asking President Bush a loaded question at a news conference last month has temporarily shut down.

The publicist for the Texas-based site said Thursday that the decision to temporarily shut down was made because the founder "can only take so much of a beating" over its political slant.


Talon News owner and Pearland resident Bobby Eberle's phone has been disconnected. But his publicist, Jennifer Ohman, said that the large number of Web visitors attracted by the controversy "were not the kind of hits we were looking for. The attention by and large was negative. If anything, it seemed to fuel the fire."

Which had been proceeded earlier with this.

AUSTIN – The politically conservative owner of the online Talon News Service said Friday that his site would continue its coverage of the White House despite harsh criticism of one of his reporters.

Bobby Eberle Jr., a Houston activist and engineer who also runs the popular GOPUSA political Web site, told The Dallas Morning News that he plans to replace reporter James Guckert, who went by the name Jeff Gannon. The reporter resigned Tuesday after reports that he had used the fake name in White House press briefings for two years and was employed by a politically active and partisan company.

"We haven't stopped our operations at all," Mr. Eberle said in a telephone interview from his Houston home. "We've got four new stories up there today."

whoops, spoke too soon.

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The Gannon-gate affair gets even darker:

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