February 28, 2005

Who Said That?

Monday's need a chuckle and thanks to the boys on the other side of the proverbial aisle, there's never a shortage.

Who said...

Maybe we can’t end corruption in the church, but we can demand that our pastors' refrain form any form of corporate sponsorship during their sermons. Doing so would help prevent the swindling of countless families, while reestablishing the church as a trusted sanctuary during a family's most desperate time of need. Such moments simply should not be considered purchasable by local corporations.

and who said...

Come to think of it … the only thing I got out of my first attempt at college was the handy student ID card. What a multipurpose little item that was. I used my student ID to the max for getting into movies at half price, breaking into my girlfriend’s dorm room to check her voice mail to see if the jock in her English Lit class was still calling her and the all important job of separating the seeds and stems from the Colombian Gold I kept hidden on a Frisbee under the passenger seat of my Z28.

you guessed it, Armstrong "buy me, I'm cheap" Williams and Doug "high poobah of ballroom 2" Giles

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With my sins cleansed and former bondages broken [well...almost]...

Suggestion for a new game: Guess which of Doug Giles' former bondages are not yet broken.

Posted by: Grace Nearing at March 2, 2005 05:19 AM
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