March 02, 2005

Went to a Fight and a DCDP Meeting Broke Out

Cats Can Be Herded and Other Misassumptions

disclaimer: these are my personal opinions and observations differences of opinion may be addressed directly to me.

Much has been written now, mostly from an insider perspective, on the DCDP Executive Committee theatrics from Monday night and the dust still hasn't settled. Most of the shenanigans have already been covered rather well by both Vince over at BOR and the mechanics described in detail by Byron. From my previous post on this subject assumptions were made that I was in the "Susan Camp" vs "The Other Camp". This could not be farther from the truth. I see how the perception could be made based on the tone. Allow me to clarify.

I attended Monday's meeting with the belief that there needs to be a change in leadership within the Party. I left the meeting with approximately the same opinion with only a few minor alterations.

The meeting was called as a response to the multiple resolutions sent out to all the precinct chairs by those seeking redress, of sorts. What was obtained was nothing of the sort. Rather than maintaining a level of civility and decorum, those seeking to be heard behaved badly. The chair is an elected role and despite differences, the position demands a level of respect even if the person holding it, does not. A large number of the attendees, like myself, were expecting to see a forum where change for the future was the goal and instead were greeted by seething animosity which served as a barrier to progress. The attendence of the precinct chairs was required to establish a quorum, it's a shame that their presence wasn't more respected by those who requested it in the first place. The inability to swear in the 60 new precinct chairs was also very disappointing.

The ousting cabal establishes what I fear could be a nasty precedent for the club where, rather than exhibiting civility in the interest of the entire county Democrats, they chose to create a scene. In retrospect, the need to air grievances should have warranted a third party moderator to ensure all issues were raised and heard. I suspect, months and months of pent up aggression lended much towards the tone. However, instead of working for the benefit of all, those with the axe grinding agenda took the meeting hostage through aggressive immaturity.

Susan Hays may not be the best person for the job but the possibility that the vocal opposition is the alternative, frightens me. After watching David Wilkins fidget like a 5 year old between his rude lunges for the microphone, Shannon Bailey and Michael Moon continually shout down the chair even as she attempted to address their issues, both Katy Hubener and Harriet Miller's screaming (however justified) as the meeting deconstructed into chaos gives me a glimpse into what we might expect from this proposed alternative in the future.

If what's being established is a gunslinger mentality combined with a lack of willingness to work towards a common goal, my expectations for a successful 2006 is dissipating. Those attending Monday's meeting, watching from the sidelines, who may have been considering involvement, are quite likely reconsidering sticking their necks out in fear of them being arbitrarily whacked off. Establishing a "we eat our own" culture before civility is even attempted, will keep willing volunteers and future party leaders at home and cheat the party of unrealized potential and opportunities.

It is my personal hope that the two resolutions passed serve as effective tools for moving the party forward and that the potential negative ripple affect resulting from differences between these two factions is effectively abated.

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