March 08, 2005

Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet... Cigar


Today's visual brought to you by your local cucumber growers and Cal Thomas.

But I digress. The Montgomery County schools trying out this program will also teach students to "develop" a sexual identity. According to the official line, gender identity is "a person's internal sense of knowing whether he or she is male or female." Gee, I discovered that as a child in the bathtub without the help of my public school.

Wading Through Weirdness So You Don't Have To... Much

* Do all PhD's get so bored and have so much extra time on their hands that they can sit around and write out their SpongeBob interview fantasies? Someone get this man a grant application.

* When God strikes you down like Job and you're flat on your back, thank him for the time off.

* Kissing. The gateway drug to gaynessosity.

* When your elected officials begin to use the word annuity, they're really not thinking long-term on your family's behalf.

* Peace in the Middle East, pisses God off. He's apparently a realtor with no vision for subdividing.

* Until 50% of the elected representatives in Washington spend a week existing on tips, feeding 4 on minimum wage or lose everything to hospital bills, they should stop coming up with clever ideas to "fix" the system.

* American Facism. Does it exist? Is it latent? Definitely worthy of investigation.

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Just unlurking to say thanks for the links.

Posted by: Isaac B2 at March 8, 2005 07:19 PM
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