March 09, 2005

Moral Bankruptcy

Manufacturing Caste

* Every last one of these guys and these guys should be forced to walk around with a Scarlet "B" on their chests. That, or personally visit every constituent they impact with their bankruptcy reform and explain why their case(s) wasn't worthy and simply a drag on the economy.


* Either there really are a large number of dead journalists or they're really good hiders.

* We can institute pre-emptive measures when it comes to attacking a soverign nation but not when it comes to keeping the peace? How many more hindsight driven, international installations of democracy can we effectively manage?

Wing Surfing

* Boys boys boys. Can you all sit down and figure out whether you believe gays have an agenda and are plotting the decline of all humanity or desperately lost souls in need of a good hug?

* -Schthupppp- (the sound of Dennis Prager's sphincter completing a vapor lock around his neck). Catching up with the leading God-complex authority, we're informed that those of use who apply logic and reason can't comprehend the good vs evil approach. Au contraire mon frere. We get evil. It is a subjective view that can be assigned all willy-nilly, to anyone who might have a differing opinion and then used to justify bombing them with depleted uranium which has a half life much longer than the the MSM's memory, thus absolving us from the category, evil.... Yeah, we get it. It's good to be above the law and still remain high on the moral horse, ain't it?

New Meme

* Dinosaur Blog.


“I predict that the Al Franken Show will fail miserably in Austin,” said Jason Stanford, consultant to the Chris Bell for Governor Exploratory Committee. “We have a Governor that wants to tax lap dances and a Republican legislature that wants to tax love handles, and now they want to reform school finance by taxing bottled water. Satire is dead in Texas, but if he thinks he can add a little mirth to the madness, Al Franken is welcome here.”
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