April 05, 2005

The Goodies vs The Evilies

Everything must be divided into two categories per Dennis Prager, good or evil. What is not good is evil and that which is not evil, is good. Black and white, oil and water, night and day, the twain shall not meet. Unto us this day is born an ideology of absolutes and if it's not distinctly defined in the good book, you can be sure Dennis is willing to clarify the grey area for you.

God and man: God is God and man is man. There is an infinite gulf between man and God, and God is infinitely higher than man. For the Left, man is God and God is man (these were the very words used by Marx and Engels).

Dear Democratic Party, did you know you collectively subscribed to the teachings of Marx?

This is the area of the greatest current cultural battle. The biblical view is that man and woman are entirely distinct beings, and human order in large part rests on preserving that distinctiveness. The Left is working to abolish this distinction. That is what its battle for the "transgendered" is about. "GLBT" means "Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered." Transgendered is not transsexual. A transsexual has simply changed sexes, but he or she does not obliterate the sexes' distinctiveness. The transgendered, on the other hand, remains a member of his or her sex but acts out gender-roles belonging to the other (such as the man who wears a dress in public).

So which category does Dennis' use of lipstick on Larry King last week fit into?

Holy and profane: A major separation in the Judeo-Christian values system is between the holy and the profane. Applied to speech, this means, for example, that cursing is regarded far less seriously in those parts of society estranged from Judeo-Christian values. Applied to sex, this means that sexual intercourse has a dimension of holiness unknown to the Left, which regards it as a volitional and health issue.

So holy, sex is, that like Yahweh, we dare not speak its name. Nor shalt thou purchase unto thine self a lambskin by which to cover thine member. Nor shalt thou educate thine young on aspects of safety. For we are the chosen ignorant.

By erasing the distinctions that make for an ordered universe, those working to dismantle Judeo-Christian values are working, consciously or not, to restore chaos.

Assuming that the perception of "order" isn't simply an anomaly in an all-consuming tsunami of chaos or that order cannot be found in chaos. What he's really saying here is that fags disrupt his idea of how things should work and undermine his belief system. The obliteration of "values" for the individual can only occur from within and his chaos exists only in his mind.

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I don't know who the fuck this prager clown is (another texan?), but someone needs to inform him that this nation's bible is the Constitution.

Posted by: the drunken cheerleader at April 5, 2005 11:05 AM
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