April 06, 2005

Richard Morrison CD22

Last night, Richard Morrison gave up an hour of his time to take Q&A from Texas bloggers (and will do it again on Friday). He is the nation's best hope for removing DeLay from office. For those of you outside his district and outside of Texas, this race affects you too. Donate time, donate money or simply contact your friends and family in CD22 and get them to act.

After DeLay's insertion of himself (and his cronies) into the Shaivo nightmare, sidling up to the way-right and then issuing his fatwah, not to mention the on going issues surrounding his PAC, his reach has become vast and his negative impact large. His actions have not provided beneficial results for either his constituents or the nation as a whole. It is time for him and his ilk to be voted out of office and return to a quiet life of killing bugs.

Update: A few more have reported in on last night's call

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Sorry to comment on so petty a subject (and erase this comment afterwards... fine with me), but the post you mean to link to is


The one you have takes the reader to some asinine captions I did.

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