April 06, 2005

Humorous Hubris

* 44 million Americans don't have health care, millions are unemployed, government spending is out of control, oil prices are at an all time high... what's the biggest concern on the minds of the conservative majority? fags. Has there been a more vitrolic wedge issue that existed only to elevate the self-righteous?

* After we turn science over to the laymen, we'll be relinquishing medical analysis over to priests.

* Michelle Malkin, tireless advocate of the right-wing or just a pretty face on an otherwise nasty agenda? Good article.

* That nasty Eason Jordan. He's still causing trouble.

* Florida, where life is sacred... in certain cases.

* The oh, so subtle nuances of Social Security. Tell those Minutemen on the Arizona border, they're affecting your retirement.

* What happens when you spend your political capital too fast? Opinion deficit?

* DLC Dinosaur Lemming Committee

* Nothing says "wanna talk about sex", like a big bowl of popcorn.

* Quality Google bomb. Starbucks Delocator

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