April 11, 2005

Morrison Re-visisted

Apologies to all for the tardiness of this update.

Friday night I had the awesome opportunity to attend the Richard Morrison conference call he held, specifically for bloggers. Kuff and the other attendees have captured quite a bit of the meat of the call.

Aside from the skillful way Richard multi-tasked policy and campaign questions from those on the bridge with DVD and baseball mitt questions from his son, much of what pleased me were his unique and honest responses to questions.

On the subject of gay marriage, he replied, "I'm a Libertarian on that". He followed that up briefly with his frustration with 'wedge issues' and how they don't truly serve the public at large. He spoke briefly on abortion and although is "pro-life", doesn't belief that erradication of existing laws would ever work to prevent the need. He spoke on abstinence as a *piece* of the sex-education puzzle and not the sum total.

On energy, he believes in a need to invest in alternative energy sources and expand that concept to include tax breaks or incentives for those exploring wind energy. Brilliant. He talked about how in this age of 'National Patriotism', nothing could be more patriotic than innovation and energy coming from within our borders.

He spoke at length on healthcare and Medicare and the crushing blow it has on both the populace and our economy. Hope, from the Appalachia Alumni, stumped him on immediate solutions and he actually stated he honestly didn't have a good answer. (methinks he will next time the question comes up)

My biggest concern is surrounding a primary race. I questioned the issue of needing to spend resources to battle fellow Democrats (some who might be perceived as carpet-baggers) *just* to get back in line to go head to head with DeLay. I agree that it's not a topic a candidate can address directly but for those considering a run in CD22 or anyone in the State offices, please discourage a Democratic primary in this district. In 2004 Richard caused DeLay to spend upwards of $10 for every $1 that the Morrison campaign spent. A solid run in 2006 could go a long way towards drying up the DeLay coffers.

In short, Richard Morrison is not just a viable alternative to the status quo but a true ray of hope for the future at a time when candidates of this stature are in short supply.

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Before you fall too much in love with Richard, you might want to find out about a few things he's not telling you. The view is quite different from inside the District.


Candidates of much bigger stature than Richard are setting their eyes on DeLay. Let's send our money where it can win, not to someone who currently cannot account for over $44,000 on his FEC reports.

Posted by: District22Dem at April 22, 2005 06:36 PM
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