April 20, 2005

Sanctimonious Simony

Pulled Forward From Comments

Rather than working to strengthen an already crumbling CPS system (which Rick Perry wants to privitize) the legislature is now using it as one more wedge issue against homosexuals. Banning homosexuals from being foster parents, with no grandfathering clause. Yes this is a slight to the gay community but the most criminal aspect is how it will cheat young children of the opportunity to experience a loving household. Pinkdome has more.

Other News and Dander Raising Details

* 20/20's John Stossel is a moonlighting TownHaller. Durn SCLM.

* What's it take to be classified as a terrorist? Methinks this approach would miss the McVeigh and Rudolph types.

* Someone didn't pay close enough attention to Armstrong Williams' articles.

* Onward, you Christian Soldiers.

* Give him a break, it's hard to take personal responsibility when there are so many other people that can be blamed. Restoring honor and dignity folks, honor and dignity.

* Circle Jerk.

* The natives are getting restless. I can't blame them. Running from town to town to defend the intricate weaving and festooned finery of the emperor's new clothes has got to be demeaning after awhile.

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Here's the vote breakdown on the amendment to the CPS bill, where the House acted to ban gays, lesbians and bisexuals from being foster parents.

Amendment No. 60 was adopted by (Record 328): 81 Yeas, 58 Nays, 1 Present, not voting.

Yeas — Anderson; Baxter; Berman; Blake; Bohac; Bonnen; Branch; Brown, B.; Brown, F.; Callegari; Campbell; Chisum; Cook, B.; Cook, R.; Corte; Crabb; Crownover; Dawson; Denny; Driver; Edwards; Eissler; Elkins; Farabee; Flynn; Frost; Gattis; Geren; Goodman; Goolsby; Griggs; Grusendorf; Guillen; Haggerty; Hardcastle; Harper-Brown; Hilderbran; Hill; Hope; Howard; Hughes; Hupp; Isett; Jackson; Keffer, B.; Keffer, J.; King, P.; King, T.; Kolkhorst; Krusee; Kuempel; Laubenberg; Madden; McReynolds; Merritt; Miller; Morrison; Mowery; Nixon; Orr; Otto; Paxton; Phillips; Quintanilla; Raymond; Reyna; Rose; Seaman; Smith, T.; Smith, W.; Smithee; Solomons; Swinford; Talton; Taylor; Truitt; Turner; Van Arsdale; West; Woolley; Zedler.

Nays — Allen, A.; Allen, R.; Alonzo; Anchia; Bailey; Burnam; Casteel; Castro; Chavez; Coleman; Davis, J.; Davis, Y.; Deshotel; Dukes; Dunnam; Dutton; Eiland; Escobar; Farrar; Flores; Gallego; Giddings; Gonzales; Gonzalez Toureilles; Hamric; Hartnett; Hegar; Herrero; Hochberg; Hodge; Hunter; Jones, D.; Keel; Laney; Leibowitz; Luna; Martinez; Martinez Fischer; McCall; McClendon; Menendez; Moreno, J.; Moreno, P.; Naishtat; Noriega, M.; Oliveira; Pickett; Puente; Ritter; Rodriguez; Solis; Strama; Thompson; Uresti; Veasey; Villarreal; Vo; Wong.

Present, not voting — Mr. Speaker(C).

Absent, Excused — Delisi; Olivo; Pitts; Riddle.

Absent — Hamilton; Homer; Hopson; Jones, J.; Peña; Straus

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