May 03, 2005

Bigger Brother



Full Bill Text here.

Representative Larry Phillips, Vice-Chair of the House Transportation
Committee, has filed HB-2893 a bill that if passed will require every motor vehicle in Texas to be equipped with an electronic toll tag. If Phillips gets what he wants your inspection sticker will contain an electronic device called a transponder. This is the same radio signal device called a toll tag. It will contain detailed identification and information about your car that can be tied to your registration and title information. It will also be used to charge tolls for all present and future toll roads and other toll facilities statewide.

This technology will allow any motor vehicle in Texas to be remotely identified and tracked without the driver's knowledge. In fact, that s exactly what this bill is intended to do. The state (or even worse a private contractor for the state) will electronically monitor vehicles on the highway and check them against a insurance database. Registered owners of vehicles that do not appear in the insurance database will be sent a bill for $250.00.

Anywhere a nearby radio signal can be beamed at your vehicle it can be identified.

There is no question that this is just the tip of the iceberg if we start down the path of establishing a Big Brother system administered by fee and fine mercenaries.

Instantly freeways, highways, roads, and special lanes can become tolled. The code word for this program is "Managed Lanes." There is an agenda here. There is big money in tolls and private enforcement programs. There are giant opportunities for abuse and attacks on civil liberties.

Today it will monitor your insurance. What will it monitor tomorrow?

Remember Texas Transportation Commission Chairman Ric Williamson's
quote? On October 11, 2004 he said, "in your lifetime most existing roads will have tolls." He said existing roads, not just new roads, or special toll roads. Yes, the future is taxing through tolls.

Now we know how they will collect the tolls from all of us!



(a) Commencing not later than January 1, 2006, the department shall issue or contract for the issuance of special inspection certificates to be affixed to motor vehicles that are inspected and found to be in proper and safe condition under Chapter 548.
(b) An inspection certificate under this section must contain a tamper-resistant transponder, and at a minimum, be capable of storing:
(1) the transponder's unique identification number; and
(2) the make, model, and vehicle identification number of the vehicle to which the certificate is affixed.
(c) In addition, the transponder must be compatible with: (1) the automated vehicle registration and certificate of title system established by the Texas Department of Transportation; and
(2) interoperability standards established by the Texas Department of Transportation and other entities for use of the system of toll roads and toll facilities in this state.

Posted by kerry at May 3, 2005 03:47 AM | TrackBack

The country won't accept a National ID card.

This is the next best thing.

Yes, I love living in a FREE country.

Posted by: Liberal And Proud at May 3, 2005 05:39 AM

yay, another regressive tax on the middle-class and poor.

WTF, "in your lifetime most existing roads will have tolls."? don't your tax dollars and federal grants already pay for most highways? Most existing roads were built with tax dollars and federal grants and have been paid for many times over with fuel taxes.

Posted by: 42 at May 3, 2005 05:01 PM
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