May 19, 2005

Odd Parts

Inquiring Minds

Why is no one is asking the truly amazing question: Where can I, a lowly tax-paying citizen, get a pentagon funded toilet that's designed so well, that it's able compensate for 3rd world water pressure *and* possesses enough strength to suck down a full-sized Koran? There's gotta be a market for this.


* Once we quit lying to the world, maybe they'll begin to believe us when use the Bart Simpson "I didn't do it" approach.

* Are you getting your money's worth? Is your state? Are your congresscritters standing up for you? Unless you live in Alaska, the answer is no.

* The White House press corps grew a set. A small set but worthy of notice anyway.

* Sunny day in fantasy land. Don't you wish this was true?

* Filibustering facts.

* Can you imagine the effort required to get *this* worked up over a movie you won't go see? Um, it's a flick. Hyped and commercialized, but a flick. Wow.

* Cambodians who do not study ancient Roman history.

* As the rhetoric builds to a frenetic pace, it's only surpassed by the infinite stupidity.

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