January 30, 2006

Filly Buster / Phil A. Buster

The roomful of testicle free unherdable cats is in full swing this week, thus guaranteeing the confirmation of Alito to the Supreme Court. Where he'll join the erosion of our civil rights already in progress.

Kerry & Kennedy want to filibuster and all the other Democrats want to be re-elected. Scratch that. The Democrats are so out of touch with their constituents that they believe a show of force, even one based on solid principles, would undermine the support of their voters in November. The failure of the Democratic Senators to effectively gauge the pulse of their pubic, forces them to guess our desires and since the majority swing toward timidity in the face of a challenge, we'll get precisely what the religious right wants us to have. A theocratic judiciary.

Even on the blogs the filibuster delta swings between bad idea and make up for your last fucking mistake. Democrats/Liberals are, if nothing else, independent in thought, action & prioritization. Ironic how the one characteristic that makes us strong as individuals, weakens us at the core as a group.

In the absence of a filibuster, 44 votes (not counting possible GOP thinkers), should be loud and boisterous NOs. Failure to vote as a unit on something this pivotal, crucial, significant (pick one), should have more of an effect on primary races for those in play than a filibuster any day.

Voters, pay attention to how your interests are being represented. Is it time for a change on both sides of the aisle?

Posted by kerry at January 30, 2006 08:12 AM
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