February 11, 2002

Why does $45 million in

Why does $45 million in defense spending equal Homeland Security and when other countries spend their money on defense/offense, they're building "Weapons of Mass Destruction"?

I can't believe I've not written here since September. Either I've not had a damn thing to say or no time to say anything.

Part of my torpidity can be blamed on the ineffectiveness of the following teams;

- Sprint ION - Thank you fuckers for discontinuing the best DSL solution ever.
- Sprint Long Distance - Thank you for double billing me through the time I had Sprint ION as my primary source of LD, Local and DSL. Thank you for switching me back to you as a long distance carrier on a different plan for more money after being instructed differently.
- SBC - Thank you guys for spending 45 days in a gargantuan pissing match with Sprint ION. For all of the hidden charges in each monthly bill you think you could re-acquire access to my primary line in a timely manner. Oh yeah....and a big thank you for the extra features you billed me for this month. That and the random feature price increase as well. kisses.
- Earthlink - Kids, you redefined customer service in a manner I've not experienced in my mere 34.5 years. Between the lying and randomly cancelled orders, you excelled at inefficiency like no other. Giddy I was last week, when after two months of waiting, my hardware arrived. Giddy I wasn't when after an hour on hold and another hour with a technician we determined, my new modem was bad. double kisses.
- Covad - God bless you intermediaries. Nothing fouls up a streamlined process like running an order through multiple companies that are intrinsically in competition and not obligated to move at web speed(tm).

Want stable service. I'm funding a startup with no middlemen......downtime nominal.

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