April 30, 2003


The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Sixth Level of Hell - The City of Dis!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:

Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Very Low
Level 2 (Lustful)Extreme
Level 3 (Gluttonous)High
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)High
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)Very High
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Extreme
Level 7 (Violent)High
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)Extreme
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Very High

Take the Dante's Inferno Hell Test

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April 29, 2003

Fit to print

We've finished massive bombing in Iraq and now we're just down to installing democracy, letting the people find their voice, providing inspirational leadership, ensuring security, working in conjuction with the UN, finding WMD and rebuilding the infrastructure. You swallowing any of this?

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April 26, 2003


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Moment of Zen II

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April 25, 2003


Bush's resume. So very funny and so very sad.

Beef up that Resume Shrubby, go get some WMD. It's like low hanging fruit.

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phrivolous phriday

This and this probably guarantee an engraved one way ticket to hell..........and I'll more than likely be getting my ticket for laughing so hard.

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April 23, 2003

elected homophobia

Hey, Santorum, "On your knees, bitch". Legislated morality? Hell, I don't want a congress-critter in my house, let alone my bedroom.

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hump day

www.nadershutup.com is still available, wouldn't that make the most awesome email address? Apparently no taste has been fully trumped by bad taste and the elephant's memory is long and punititive.

Suggestions for a mother's day present needed. In the running is this little treasure. Chance of it being well received is.................?

Some days, the void isn't as noticable and other days, I just miss having access to my best sounding board, devils advocate and voice of reason. *sigh*

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April 22, 2003

scorched earth day

And millions of Afghans die laughing.......counting dead takes time......count barrels of oil is easier. How American, when faced with a vast array of quality choices, we settle.

Dallas County, where you can go to jail for breast feeding with a camera and having too much gypsum, don't ever expect a squad car to show up after a burglary or attempted break-in....or for them to use their turn signals when they cut you off to run a red light.

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April 21, 2003

Monday's musings

- voice of reason.
- J-I-N-G-O and jingo was his name-o.
- Nothing like going overboard to prove the opposition right.
- Dear Iraq, here's how democracy works.
- For the clueless, it's not what you believe in, it's how use wield it as a weapon that's the issue.
- Lead by example.

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April 20, 2003


Happy Bunny Day (or chocolate infusion day?)

Mas pictures of the whirling dervish.

additional slew.......easter outside

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April 18, 2003

bueno viernes

A truly "Good Friday" would be a Friday somewhere other than work. However, the vast quantities of reports I have to produce on Friday mornings require me to ignore *everything* around me. This is done via massive CDs full of MP3s and headphones.

Today's listen.

Title1=Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax
Title2=The Bolshoi - Modern Man
Title3=Nena - 99 Luftballons
Title4=Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days
Title5=Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine
Title6=After The Fire - Der Komimissar
Title7=Men At Work - It's a Mistake
Title8=Guns N' Roses - Knockin' On Heavens Door
Title9=The Alarm - Shelter
Title10=The Alarm - Rescue Me
Title11=Murray Head - One Night in Bangkok
Title12=The Alarm - Permanence In Change
Title13=Belouis Some - Imagination
Title14=Guns N' Roses - Paradise City
Title15=China Crisis - Working With Fire and Steel
Title16=The Alarm - Presence Of Love
Title17=The Alarm - Only Love Can Set Me Free
Title18=Corey Heart - Sunglasses At Night
Title19=The Alarm - Eye Of The Hurricane
Title20=Orchestral Manoevres In The Dark - So In Love
Title21=Real Life - Send Me An Angel
Title22=Icicle Works - Whisper To A Scream (Birds Fly)
Title23=Taco - Puttin' On The Ritz
Title24=Echo & The Bunnymen - The Killing Moon
Title25=Prince - Lets Go Crazy
Title26=Daryl Hall And John Oates - Say It Isn't So
Title27=Stevie Wonder - I Just Called To Say I Love Yo
Title28=Dan Hartman - I Can Dream About You
Title29=Asia - 02 - Only time will tell
Title30=Big Country - Fields Of Fire
Title31=Billy Joel - She's Got A Way
Title32=cabaret voltaire - i want you (original)
Title33=Cabaret Voltaire - Sensoria
Title34=Culture Club - Karma Chameleon
Title35=Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Title36=Dan Hartman - Dan Hartman-I Can Dream About
Title37=Depeche Mode - Master and Servant 01 Master and Servant
Title38=Depeche Mode - People Are People 01 People Are People
Title39=Depeche Mode - People Are People 02 In Your Memory
Title40=Depeche Mode - Shake The Disease 02 Flexible
Title41=Duran Duran - Girls on Film (Night Version)
Title42=Duran Duran - Union of the Snake
Title43=Fun Boy Three - Our Lips Are Sealed
Title44=Elvis Costello and the Attract - King Horse
Title45=Elvis Costello and the Attract - Man Called Uncle
Title46=Elvis Costello and the Attract - Clowntime Is Over
Title47=Elvis Costello and the Attract - New Amsterdam
Title48=Information Society - Seek 200
Title49=Madness - It Must Be Love
Title50=Master and Servant 02 (Set Me Free) Remotivate
Title51=Orchestral Manoeuvres in the D - ABC Auto-Industry
Title52=Orchestral Manoeuvres in the D - Bloc Bloc Bloc
Title53=Orchestral Manoeuvres in the D - Crush
Title54=Orchestral Manoeuvres in the D - Dazzle Ships (Parts II, III &
Title55=Orchestral Manoeuvres in the D - Genetic Engineering
Title56=Orchestral Manoeuvres in the D - International
Title57=Orchestral Manoeuvres in the D - La Femme Accident
Title58=Orchestral Manoeuvres in the D - Of All The Things We've Made
Title59=Orchestral Manoeuvres in the D - Radio Prague
Title60=Orchestral Manoeuvres in the D - Radio Waves
Title61=Orchestral Manoeuvres in the D - Secret
Title62=Orchestral Manoeuvres in the D - Silent Running
Title63=Orchestral Manoeuvres in the D - Telegraph
Title64=Orchestral Manoeuvres in the D - The Lights Are Going Out
Title65=Orchestral Manoeuvres in the D - The Romance Of The Telescope
Title66=Orchestral Manoeuvres in the D - This Is Helena
Title67=Orchestral Manoeuvres in the D - Time Zones
Title68=Orchestral Manoeuvres in the D - Women III
Title69=Pat Benatar - 01 - Fire And Ice
Title70=Pat Benatar - 02 - Lookin' For A Stranger
Title71=Pat Benatar - 04 - We Live For Love
Title72=Pat Benatar - 05 - Hell Is For Children
Title73=Pat Benatar - Fire And Ice
Title74=Pat Benatar - It's A Tuff Life
Title75=Pat Benatar - 02 - We Belong
Title76=Pat Benatar - 09 - Crazy World Like This
Title77=People Are People 03 People Are People (Differ
Title78=People Are People 04 In Your Memory (Slick Mix
Title79=Pet Shop Boys - In the Night
Title80=Pet Shop Boys - Suburbia (The Full Horror)
Title81=Pet Shop Boys - Paninaro
Title82=Pet Shop Boys - Love Comes Quickly
Title83=Pet Shop Boys Discography - Being boring
Title84=Pet Shop Boys Discography - DJ Culture
Title85=Pet Shop Boys Discography - Was it worth it-
Title86=Peter Wolf-Lights out
Title87=Queen - Another one bites the dust
Title88=Re-Flex - The Politics Of Dancing
Title89=The Smiths - I Dont Owe You Anything
Title90=The Smiths - Reel Around The Fountain
Title91=The Smiths - Hand in Glove (Alternate)
Title92=The Smiths - Hand In Glove
Title93=The Smiths - Handsome Devil
Title94=The Smiths - I Dont Owe You Anything (Alt.)
Title95=The Smiths - I Dont Owe You Anything
Title96=The Smiths - Miserable Lie
Title97=The Smiths - Pretty Girls Make Graves
Title98=The Smiths - Reel Around The Fountain
Title99=The Smiths - Suffer Little Children (Alt.)
Title100=The Smiths - Suffer Little Children
Title101=The Smiths - These Things Take Time
Title102=The Smiths - What Difference Does it (Alt.)
Title103=The Smiths - What Difference Does It Make
Title104=The Smiths - What Difference Does it Make
Title105=The Smiths - Wonderful Woman
Title106=The Smiths - Youve Got Everything Now
Title107=Spandau Ballet - Gold
Title108=Stray Cats - (She's) Sexy + 17
Title109=Superstars In Digital - 01 - Laura Branigan - Self Control
Title110=Superstars In Digital - 03 - The Cars - Drive
Title111=Tangerine Dream - Body Corporate
Title112=The Alarm - Sixty Eight Guns
Title113=Save It For Later
Title114=The Ramones - Rock 'N Roll High School
Title115=The Ramones - Rockaway Beach
Title116=The Rave-Ups - Positively Lost Me
Title117=The Cure - The Holy Hour
Title118=The Cure - Primary
Title119=The Cure - Other Voices
Title120=The Cure - All Cats are Grey
Title121=The Cure - The Funeral Party
Title122=The Cure - Doubt
Title123=The Cure - The Drowning Man
Title124=The Cure - Faith
Title125=Tracey Ullman - They Don't Know
Title126=Ultravox - Vienna - 01 - Astradyne
Title127=Wall Of Voodoo - Animal Day
Title128=Wall Of Voodoo - Hang 'em High (Live)
Title129=Yaz (aka Yazoo) - Only You

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April 17, 2003

Currently reading

- House cleaning
- Dennis Miller's edge has dulled
- A theory
- It's good to be a kid
- Time to prune the "shrubs"
- What a deal! ba-dum-pa!
- I'd buy a copy
- If I just port this to department meetings

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April 15, 2003


- More heart wrenching stories of lost art from Iraq.
- Chummy with Rummy
- The trouble with interpretive scripture.
- Here kitty kitty kitty. Nice putty tat.
- "Smokin' cigarettes till dawn with a deck of 51"
- Let's go shoppin'!

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No Kidding?

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April 14, 2003

Phase III

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Customer Service Wake

Customer Service is dead. Funeral proceedings to be held at a yet to be determined time in the future.

In an effort to find a quality replacement for our kitchen faucet, I went to The Great Indoors and found what I thought was the right faucet for the right "marked" price ($189.00). Apparently they aren't in the business of either honoring mismarked prices and comfortable with the practice of fact checking. When I took my purchase to the counter, it rang up as $250 with tax and when I mentioned that was much more than the marked price, the lady proceeded to argue with me and show me what they had in the computer. When I'm shopping for a specific item, a 1 year old in my arms and the sales lady wants to debate me, the chances of a sale drop to non-existent. Rather than challenge the issue, I just quietly placed my credit card back in my wallet, smiled sweetly and informed her, she'd just lost a sale and a customer.

Used to be, I would have stayed and fought it out, but there are many other stores in town and I would rather vote with my wallet than waste my energy on obviously lazy personnel. For the record, isn't a store supposed to honor marked prices and wasn't the customer at some point, right? Aren't customer's the primary reason these places exist?


Thank you Lowes

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We attack/invade the cradle of civilization and the first thing we do is secure the oil wells. Yeah, I can see how petro-chemical production would take precedence over thousand year old cuniform tablets, ancient carvings, biblical age jewelry and irreplaceable written legacies. No sense in protecting the legacy of history when you're busy blowing stuff up. What with the limited number of troops and all......why waste resources ensuring the richness of history is sustained. Ironic. These treasures were safe until the cities were "liberated". Maybe when it's all over, we can all acquire a piece of history either that or we could just hop on over to Egypt and toast the new library.

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April 10, 2003


From MoveOn.org:

"We are always told that war demands sacrifice. But while American soldiers are risking their lives in Iraq, many of the country's wealthiest corporations are shirking billions of dollars in taxes. As the costs of conflict soar, the President refuses to close a tax loophole that allows big businesses to avoid shouldering their share of the tax burden using off-shore corporate tax dodges -- literally leaving the country in a time of need."

advert 1
advert 2

Kawana Lloyd,
Fenton Communications
(202) 822-5200

Corporations Using Offshore Tax Dodges are Deserting America in a Time of Trouble, Says The Bermuda Project
As Americans Prepare to Pay their Taxes, Corporate Fat Cats Abandon our Country to Avoid Paying Their Fair Share

Washington, DC -- At a time of soaring budget deficits, proposed cuts in veterans' benefits, and with the war in Iraq costing $75 billion and counting, corporations such as Halliburton, Tyco and Accenture, along with wealthy individuals, are costing the nation over $70 billion a year through offshore tax dodges, reported leaders of the new Bermuda Project while announcing the launch of a campaign to crack down on such practices.

"These companies enjoy Americaís many freedoms but donít want to pay their fair share to support schools, law enforcement, and homeland security. They desert the country for Bermudaís beaches, even as our young men and women are putting their lives on the line in Iraqís deserts," said author, syndicated columnist, and co-founder of The Bermuda Project, Arianna Huffington. "They are cheating America, and they are cheating every American taxpayer who plays by the rules."

"Across America, teachers, firefighters police officers, and others are feeling the squeeze," said Robert Borosage, co-director of the Institute for Americaís Future and co-founder of The Bermuda Project. "At the same time, Republican leaders in Congress are blocking a vote on legislation that could recover billions of dollars a year from expatriate tax dodgers. Something is profoundly wrong with this picture."

A new ad campaign launched by The Bermuda Project graphically contrasts the corporate behavior with the sacrifices young men and women are making at a time of war. The ad features images of soldiers in Iraq juxtaposed with paunchy CEOs in three-piece suits at a tropical resort. The voice-over intones: "In the sands of Iraq, our soldiers risk their lives for our country. At the same time, big corporations are abandoning our country and setting up phony tax shelters in the sands of Bermuda."

The new television advertisement will run in several markets, including Washington, DC, and the home districts of House Majority Leader Tom Delay (R-TX) and Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL). Delay and Hastert are refusing to allow a vote on legislation -- the Corporate Patriot Enforcement Act -- that would crack down on these shelters and that would pass overwhelmingly if allowed to come to the floor.

The Bermuda Project highlighted Halliburton as an example of shameless corporate behavior.

"While Vice President Cheney was at the helm of Halliburton, Halliburton hiked the number of subsidiaries sheltered in offshore tax havens from 9 in 1995 to 44 in 1999," reported Huffington, whose book Pigs at the Trough documents such corporate behavior. "Halliburton went from paying taxes to collecting rebates from the public trough. Yet Halliburton continues to receive government contracts, including a 10-year deal with the Army that comes with no lid on potential costs. It was also awarded -- without competitive bidding -- a contract to fight oil fires in post-war Iraq that could be worth up to $1 billion. This corporate expatriate bilks and milks the American people at the same time. Such selfish cynicism not only offends hardworking Americans about to pay their taxes, it contrasts sharply with those young American soldiers making the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq."

The Bermuda Project plans an extensive campaign, including the on-line mobilization of citizens by MoveOn.org, the network of more than 1.3 million online activists, and Working Assets, another of the nationís most powerful on-line activist groups with over 700,000 members. MoveOn.org and Working Assets will use on-line petitions and organizing to enable outraged Americans to let the corporations and the Congress know what they think about this practice.

"Congress isnít just allowing this corporate betrayal to happen, it is aiding and abetting it," said Zack Exley of MoveOn.org. "If we all agree that this kind of corporate desertion is un-American, then why are Republican leaders like Speaker Dennis Hastert and Majority Leader Tom Delay blocking efforts to crack down on it?"

Joining these groups at the press conference to launch the campaign were Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) and Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA). Congressman Neal has introduced the Corporate Patriot Enforcement Act, HR 737 with over 125 bipartisan co-sponsors in the House to outlaw the practice of American businesses sheltering profits overseas to avoid their responsibility to this country. Similar legislation was introduced by Senator Reid last year, and was approved by the Senate in late March.

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This just in!!

CNN/Reuters: News reports have filtered out early this morning that US forces have swooped down on an Iraqi Primary School and captured 6th Grade teacher Mohammed Al-Hazar. Sources indicate that, when arrested, Al-Hazar was in possession of a ruler, a protractor, a geo-board, base-ten blocks, algebra tiles, a computer, a data projector, and a graphing calculator.

George W. Bush proclaimed that this was clear and overwhelming evidence that Iraq indeed possessed weapons of math instruction.

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April 09, 2003

Trivial tuesday.......on Wednesday

miss the war propaganda from the 40's? update yourself.

what ever happened to attacking issues rather than a person?

Dear Iran and Syria..........once we build our Iraqi airbases, watch out!

Best way to determine your ignorance.

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April 08, 2003

*Dean, Dean and more..............Dean

link 1
link 2
link 3
link 4
link 5

*not an official endorsement, just a strong recommendation

Please read.

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April 07, 2003


- What you get for your freedom of speech.

- What you get for your war troubles.

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Someone's having a "Monday"

Well, it's caught on. I have to tell you, freedom toast doesn't taste quite the same when served with piss & vinegar.

Friendly Fire; is this a complete contradiction in terms or am I too jaded? It would appear that we're better shots than the Iraqis given we've killed more of our own than they have. Yay us? WTF? Rather than praying for the troops, I'm offering up burnt offerings for better guidance systems and some clear vision for our pilots.

Been in the desert for awhile? Thirsty? Dirty? In need of a quick dip in something wet, cool and refreshing? Cleanse both, your physical and spiritual self.

What if FOX ruled the airwaves from the beginning of time? *shudder*

It's not a holy war if we're able to convert the heathens, right? Baghdad could really use a Jehovah's Witness temple or a nice big Glass Cathedral......well, that, a tree or two, a nice lawn and less invaders.

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fair warning

The international sign for "Inconsiderate Driver With No Turn Signals" or IDWNTS.

Be careful out there.

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April 04, 2003


- alternate view
- alternate dining solutions
- alter-POTUS
- alternate choice
- alternate reality
- alternate poetry
- alternate me
- alternate crush
- alternate gift
- alternate travel plans
- alternate opinion
- alternate education
- alternate gaming

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April 01, 2003


- Point/Counterpoint on war
- everything's going as planned
- side effects

Recent lessons learned from a 1 year old
- Dog bones make the best teething tool.
- Rocks are preferable to expensive learning toys.
- Dirt is food.
- House plants look better uprooted.
- Boxes are merely stepstools waiting to happen.
- Water bowls are mini-pools.
- What causes laughter one minute can incite a siren cry the next.
- Putting stuff away is a learned trait.
- Large legos leave a strange mark on the underside of a bare foot.

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Posting for posting's sake

Battle Stats and fine evidence of why we should be at war.

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