December 31, 2003


What a holiday break!

For xmas I got Adobe PhotoAlbum 2.0. The drawback was that it only runs under Windows XP. Figuring since I had the time to invest, I would go ahead and bite the bullet and upgrade from Windows 98 to XP. Good thing I had the time.

The XP install was much more brutal than I expected it to be, given the hype. I lost all of my registry, most of my system files, all of my "favorites", all of the desktop items and other miscellaneous works in progress. This, was just the icing on the upgrade cake. Once the installation was completed and I was able to get back into the system, my slave drive wasn't accessible.

My Western Digital 40gig HD was showing up as a 2.2gig RAW partition that couldn't be read. Microsoft's help pages, Western Digital's help pages and all of my Google searches couldn't produce a solution. After downloading tool after tool after tool to try and recover the data, I wound up losing 100% of the archived MP3s, images, movies etc on the drive. Damn! Yesterday at about noon, I found the solution. In Windows 98 with the Phoenix 4.0 Release 6 BIOS, there was a drive size limitation. To compensate for this, a secondary jumper on the back of the hard drive was required. Once XP was installed, it no longer required this "work-around". After powering down, pulling the jumper (the one closest to the power supply) and rebooting, we're now back up and running at 100%.................minus the programs that won't run under XP.

Oy Vey.

New Year's Resolution: Back up weekly.

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December 27, 2003

Whatta Week

What a holiday season. We've got earthquakes in Iran and California, mudslides in California (damn, that state is doomed), more troops dead in Iraq, more SARs in China, Mad Cow disease in the US, and Israel just locked down Gaza and the West Bank. Anyone up for some New Year's resolutions?

- Good news; the FIA has recommended the CIA and the White House share the burden of the false Niger Uranium claim. Now, what are the odds they both step up to the plate?
- Bad news; the same groups have new oversight powers. It's important that they know everything about you but don't question their actions.
- Spending is up..........just not so much with the average citizen.
- Mother Nature got a nice holiday gift from the administration.
- Krugman's rules for the 2004 election and how to report on it are not only wise, but desperately needed.

For those out there who seem to view the Hummer as the ultimate vehicle for soldiers, check out this article. Excerpt: "The Army's concern, Tallman said, is that unapproved steel-plating could somehow cripple the vehicles or cause them not to perform the way they were designed. For example, a Humvee armor kit recently tested at the Army's Aberdeen Proving Ground was so heavy that it caused the vehicle to break, he said."

On a Lighter Note
- When I was making out my xmas list.......I did not know there was a Britney Spears love doll. NSFW
- Those of us over six feet tall, disagree.
- Deliver us from Hannity.
- It certainly takes all kinds....but really folks.
- When you start messing with get what you deserve.
- Time Waster one.
- Time Waster two.

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December 25, 2003

moment of zen


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Tis the Season

merry friggin christmas

- Tis the season.
- Why go out for holiday lights?

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December 24, 2003


Traffic's way up today.....would someone be so kind as to tell me where you're coming from or who's linking me?

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December 23, 2003


No work from now until the 5th of January. First to do, drop rugrat with babysittage and go see Return of the King.

Update: As good as I had hoped and as long as I had expected.

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December 22, 2003

News in ten words or less

- Saddam caught, at level orange, feel safe yet?
- We got him, no they got him.....
- Enjoy your $600, remember what rolls downhill.
- Ashcroft has no issue with Texas' redistricting. Who's surprised?
- Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.
- Ten reasons to love Rick Perry.
- When he says he loves you, he means it...........really.

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Questions answered

Mr. Fast Eddie asked:

1. If reincarnation was fact, would you rather come back as a man or a woman and why?
-- woman: heck, I've been a man.....change is good.

2. Brad Pitt or George Clooney/ Drew Barrymore or Jennifer Aniston?
-- none of the above: Angie Harmon.

3. How much money would it take to get you to do something REALLY out of character and embarrassing (like pee in the foyer of the theatre during the build up to the MTV music awards)?
-- MTV music awards? I'd do it on stage for free. Purely out of disrespect for the event itself.

4. What one single thing could I do that would ensure that you would always like me?
-- Monthly cheque.

5. Can you hold your breath under water for more than 45 seconds, and are you happy with that?
-- Yes, plus some.........yeah I'm cool with that as long as there's not a foot on my head.

6. Cotton or silk?
-- For what article of clothing? Mostly cotton.

7. What is the single biggest mistake you ever made?
-- Not buying 1000+ shares of NetFlix @ $6 a share when I had the money to do it. Not the *single* biggest......but damn close.

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More fun weekend activities with the phone cam.

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Sunday Morning with the Pundits

Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists


Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists Leftists

and no questions about the redistricting lawsuits.

Update: I'm not the only one who was appalled by this interview.

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December 19, 2003

whole memory


WaPo had an article yesterday about the sudden disappearances of online files from US Government websites. The big stink is over the removal of Natsios' statement that reconstruction of Iraq wouldn't cost the taxpayers more than $1.5B. First, we all knew those numbers were bullshit. We're not collectively that stupid are we? Second, the details are totally gone. Natsios does a mighty fine job of restating himself in a briefing at the Foreign Press Center and, it's available in realvideo. A mirror of the interview is here. Bless those Europeans.

WMDs, non-issue. Bad man, issue. It's good to see revisionist historians aren't just the media this time.

O'Reilly seems to have the world's largest stick up his butt. He so wants his book to be selling well he's willing to lie about it..............and then attack those who actually state sales figures. Amusing. Will we see an Op-Ed piece in the NY Times railing against the book list now?

Amusement and Holiday Gift Ideas
- I've got to get this formula............could guarantee me points.
- For the pirate in your life.
- For the pirate who needs to broadcast.......................I so need this.
- For the man who has everything.

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December 18, 2003

Take irony for granted

So 9/11 could have been prevented? Please don't tell these guys. Chances are the full scope of the inquiry will result in blacked-out documents (for sake of national security) or simply disappear altogether. Normally in business, torpidity begats punative measures. Should Condi retain her position? Should Bush?

The pundits, talking heads, embeds et al, seem to keep using different terms to describe the Iraqis who are attacking our troops. I can't keep up. What are they really?

- Citizens.
- Patriots.
- Insurgents.
- Partisans.
- Rebels.
- Terrorists.
- Radicals.
- Loyalists.
- Nationalists.
- Revolutionaries.
- Dissidents.

Can we actually apply any of these monikers to them without fully understanding whether they're still fighting for the previous regime, waging a jihad or fighting to remove the occupying forces? Just food for thought.

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Rock The Vote

This heavily funded, D.C. lobbying force and anti-gay site is conducting a poll, in an attempt to "prove" to Congress that most Americans oppose gay marriage. Since the poll is on their extreme Social Conservative website, of course, the results are heavily skewed against gay marriage.

Want it to reflect something closer to your opinion?

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December 17, 2003

Misuse of Grey Matter


  • This just in......there never was a promise of WMDs, it was not the primary goal. The primary objective was to um, well, um, FUND HALLIBURTON!....or something. Wasn't it just a few months ago that the POTUS was complaining about 'revisionist historians"?
  • Diane Sawyer could have posed more weak questions last night but after all the interludes and stroking, she ran out of time. I've not found a full transcript of the pseudo-interview yet, but this will have to do for now.
  • The offical success slideshow of Operation "Red Dawn". Cognitive Dissonance.
  • Skipping the Google Bomb for Unelectable, someone's jumped *right* to the punch.
  • Imagine, you go to bed one night comfortable in your skin and heritage and the next morning when you wake up, you're confronted with the fact that you're a THURMOND! That's got to suck.
  • Why does Robert Novak still have a job?

Other Interests

  • New Years plan. Since there won't be an exiting party, embarrassing moments, mass consumption of intoxicating beverages, or any real debauchery I think I'll take pics instead.
  • May this win #1 song of the year.

This random word/non sequitur spam is it makes for good google hits.

angiosperm espousal saga epidemiology cornucopia amtrak somers accentual dwight error contiguity deprive evidential analysis annapolis cult sham arrest warmhearted ostentatious agenda dinah oboe harsh statutory tyrant atlantis paranormal sensate cuckoo rachmaninoff blather whop evict diagnoses rollback circle resentful bail persia spade iniquity blackout ireland areaway cyanide kibitz serendipity square amid oxidant session pedagogy atrophy buddy thy forest dickson stack vitiate leila montevideo bewail dubious trill disputant bravo map clotho waxen incredulity torrent inadequacy carrot brockle somber granny mccullough dame bengal donate alton cavernous medicate tress derate aver shady coplanar snook worse o'brien sadist supplant schroeder snip indicate posy argue tigris herewith bergland blomberg covenant committing doubleheader charisma dominican marshal condemn carbine utilitarian barnyard exult nymphomania huckster compunction concurred boric doesn't emit ogre austere bluebook annihilate midnight cove savoy coproduct cheer brainstorm flu archimedes amputee armful kelsey pastoral puncture chartres accredit practise astatine quarrelsome irreparable augmentation aruba offprint opossum those loaf bucharest riyadh stake bin cocoa jitter criterion carrel beautify blast steamboat holmium mucus steelmake awe kigali common p's neptunium recondite circuit dyeing limousine celebrant lubricious byron beat schoenberg therapeutic treachery wind jason obstruent pompano recipient breton apology dentistry tibetan bizet keyboard luis presentation fudge basso auger chiefdom governance coauthor roebuck molly crept embower eumenides bufflehead headsmen introversion prop friedman buckeye cowbird profound abandon beret birdbath junction caption antipasto hardbake rose dud cube tenon cockatoo twitchy arizona noodle deus stewardess purchase iverson steadfast misanthrope pursue observant convert belmont degree degassing catalpa jugate born felix metalliferous oilcloth ferret parisian rim denture hypophyseal celeste approximant corp tanh chummy coxcomb aorta phenotype fixture under gladiolus tableland sowbelly bowel hurl shakespeare runty arrangeable dissociable rafferty swastika dietetic annals demography bureaucracy wavelet hetty avocate forgetting garner smoky mccullough skindive cannon diatom perception capacitance botany format premonitory spyglass glide monstrosity avogadro mcintosh raft suggestion happenstance vial septillion concierge traverse censor

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December 16, 2003

Operation Roadhouse

Is it just me or is there just a heapin' helpin' chunka irony in us naming the search for Saddam after the movie Red Dawn and the locations searched, Wolverine 1, 2 etc? Wasn't the movie about Russian invaders and the Wolverines were the kids who rose up against the occupation? Are they catering to the MTV generation or are they simply that clueless?

Keeping in the same vein, proposal names for new missions:

- Moving Saddam from one place to another; "Dirty Dancing".
- Risky missions that might incur US casualties; "Youngblood".
- Anything that includes paratroopers; "Point Break".
- Missions that require troops to pose as locals; "Too Wong Foo".
- Searches for known killers and lost money; "Ghost".

Update: More people noticed the irony.

When and if Saddam receives his trial, will his enablers be culpable? Can the US administration neocons afford to have him on trial for genocide? However this pans out, the clear winner is Halliburton/KBR apparently. It's got to be a good feeling to know you can screw over the US taxpayer, the US government, the citizens and interim Iraq government and still continue to secure contracts.

Other Stuff
- Texas once again rises to the occasion. pun intended.
- Quick color match tool for all your CSS needs.
- Tired of the Nigerian 4-1-9 scams. Fight back.

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Useless Quizzing

Quiz One

Bunson jpeg

You are Dr. Bunson Honeydew. You love to analyse things and further the cause of science, even if you do tend to blow things up more often than not.

Scientific inquiry, Looking through microscopes, Recombining DNA to create decorative art.
"Now, Beakie, we'll just flip this switch and 60,000 refreshing volts of electricity
will surge through your body. Ready?"
John Cougar Melonhead
"Quantum Physics: 101 Easy Microwave Recipes"
An atom smasher and plenty of extra atoms.

What Muppet are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Quiz Two

Seethru calculates that I am a 60% aging hypocrite. Woo Hoo!

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Alternate Headlines

Wish we could have see these on the news stand.

- "Ass and Hole in Ground"
- "Saddama Claus in the North Hole"
- "WMDs, Well Hidden"
- "41 Thanks 43 for Closure"
- "Osama Upset Over Iraqi Publicity Stunt"

what we got instead was, well, this. Read outloud for full effect.

Q -- about asking me the American people for it? And I have to ask you since we're here, sir, have you chatted with your Dad since Saddam was captured?

THE PRESIDENT: He called me -- let me answer your first question. I absolutely would have wanted the job. I have come to realize this job is a magnificent job, because you have a chance to use the position of the United States of America to achieve peace and freedom. And that is a rare opportunity for any person. I put together a fantastic administration to help me with this task. I feel very comfortable in the job because I've got great advice and advisors to whom I -- get good advice from great advisors to whom I listen. I am comfortable delegating the awesome responsibilities of -- in this administration's case, war two times to incredibly capable and brave people.

At home, this job affords the opportunity to capture what I call the American spirit, and to call people to serve in their communities and their neighborhoods, and to help people who hurt. It's a fantastic opportunity to try to lift up this country so everybody can realize its full potential. I absolutely would seek the office again, and I intend to do so in '04, by the way. (Laughter.)

I talked to my Dad. He called me Sunday morning. I got the call from Donald Rumsfeld Saturday afternoon and made the decision there until I was more certain about the facts that I would talk to very few people. I talked to Condi and asked her to call Andy. And I talked to Vice President Cheney. Because what I didn't want to have happen is that there would be this rush of enthusiasm and hope and then all of a sudden it turned out not to be the person that we would hope it would be. So I didn't talk to my family. I told Laura, of course, and pretty much went to bed early Saturday night. And Condi woke me at 5:15 in the morning, which was okay this time. (Laughter.) Just don't do it again. (Laughter.)

But she said that the Jerry Bremer had just called her and there was -- they were prepared to say this was Saddam Hussein, in which case we got dressed and hustled over to the Oval Office to start making calls.

One of the calls I did receive was from my dad. And it was a very brief conversation. He just said, congratulations, it's a great day for the country. And I said, it's a greater day for the Iraqi people. And that's what I believe. I believe that yesterday was a day -- or Saturday, when we captured Saddam, it was a day where America is more secure as a result of his capture. But, more importantly, Saturday was a great day for the people who have suffered under this tyrant.

I believe, firmly believe -- and you've heard me say this a lot -- and I say it a lot because I truly believe it -- that freedom is the almighty God's gift to every person, every man and woman who lives in this world. That's what I believe. And the arrest of Saddam Hussein changed the equation in Iraq. Justice was being delivered to a man who defied that gift from the Almighty to the people of Iraq. And justice will be delivered to him in a way that is transparent and for the world to see. And so I told my dad, I said, it's a great day for America, but it's a better day for the people of this country, and that's why.

Thank you all for coming. I'll see you Thursday, coats and ties. (Laughter.) This year, Gregory, don't take any silverware. (Laughter.)

END 12:03 P.M. EST

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December 15, 2003

Just a Theory

Yeah, might be right.

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More Weekend Phone Fun

Out and about with the Sanyo over the weekend. One snap went to

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December 14, 2003

fit to print and other stuff


  • We came, We saw, We spent $87B, lost 400+ soldiers, incurred 10K+ wounded and We, KICKED.HIS.ASS. Now what? Hague tribunal or are we going to be his judge jury and executioner?
  • Even running from us, Saddam took time out of his busy schedule to call home. What an AT&T commercial that would make.
  • In another approach to defining defiance, the administration's sending James Baker over to try and negotiate away Iraq's debts while eliminating the debtors from the reconstruction playing field. Which generated this weeks's quote: Asked by a reporter to respond to German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder's suggestion that there might be some issues of international law involved, Bush said: "International law? I better call my lawyer. . . . I don't know what you're talking about, about international law. Better consult my lawyer."
  • The Iraqi Army goes on strike and the US makes the decision to up their wages to retain them.
    Stunning. If when the $87B was being debated, would you have ever guessed that we would not only be funding Iraqi soldiers, but encouraging them to Unionize?
  • Shock and Awe used locally by VPOTUS on fowl. Saves ammunition when you hunt tame game.
  • Protesters in Iraq now have more freedom to march than US citizens at home.
  • Dear Robert Novak, STFU.
  • New view on national demographics.

In Other News

  • Amazing stories of feral children.
  • Paris Hilton video...........kinda.
  • I wouldn't buy stamps from Best Buy, but man they hired a good ad agency. This had me on the floor.
  • Speaking of good ads, St Pauli Girl.....NSFW
  • More commerce.......what wine compliments your order of pickled pigs feet?

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December 12, 2003

Friday's guilty pleasures


hour 1
Bronski Beat - Hit That Perfect Beat (12 Inch Remix)
Bronski Beat & Marc Almond - I Feel Love
Love And Rockets - Ball Of Confusion
Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Love Missile F1-11 (Remix)
Softcell - Tainted Love (Full Mix)
Wham - Shout
Wham - Wham Rap! (Enjoy What You Do)

hour 2
Junior Brown - Darlin' I'll Do Anything You Say
Junior Brown - Hong Kong Blues
Junior Brown - I Hung It Up
Junior Brown - I Want To Hear It from You
Junior Brown - Joe The Singing Janitor
Junior Brown - Parole Board
Junior Brown - Semi-Crazy
Junior Brown - Surf Medley
Junior Brown - Venom Wearin' Denim

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December 11, 2003



thanks atrios.

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On Friday, Paul Bremer announced that an increase in attacks against the coalition forces could escalate over the next couple of months. File under *DUH*! We're still at war, aren't we?

For the benefit of the Iraqi civilian population, I've built a handy dandy Iraq Homeland Defense color code chart. Use liberally.

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Lines of Distinction

Scott McClellan drew the distinction yesterday between the war on terrorism and the war in Iraq. Whether this was intentional or not, remains to be seen. In reference to who gets contracts and or special privileges he was asked about Canada and the level of support they've provided in resources and troops and why they would be shut out.

Q In the case of Canada, Canada contributed troops to Afghanistan, lost troops in Afghanistan in an accident by U.S. troops, which politically made it very difficult for them to contribute to Iraq. And they're being punished for not being able to provide --

MR. McCLELLAN: In the war on terrorism, there are a lot of countries participating in those efforts, and we appreciate that. There is a very large coalition of countries across the world that are fighting the war on terrorism and making sacrifices. There were -- there was a decision made by coalition forces on Iraq and there are a number of countries that have been helping from the beginning. There are a number of countries that have been sacrificing on the ground in defense of freedom and in an effort to build a better and safer world. And we're talking just about the U.S. taxpayer funding here, which is a significant amount of money from the U.S. taxpayers.

Does it not seem as if he's stating that supporting efforts in the war on terror is one thing but not sending troops to the frontline in Iraq is another? The reporter then followed up with;

Q Paul Martin, who becomes the new Canadian Prime Minister tomorrow, said that he cannot fathom this decision because Canadians are in Afghanistan dying alongside Americans, and because Canada has pledged $300 million to the reconstruction effort in Iraq. Are you not concerned that this is getting things off to a bad start with the new Canadian Prime Minister?

To which Mr. McClellan then alluded to the lack of "on the ground" participation and taxpayer dollars as the reason behind the exclusion but tap-danced around the financial commitment made by Canada.

So we're saying, "we'll accept your troops in Afghanistan but unless you're willing to die in Iraq, the companies in your country don't stand a snowball's chance in hell in making it to the bidding table"? Going into this war, the administration went out of their way to tie Iraq to "terror" and now that we're dolling out billion dollar contracts, the two are now, diametrically opposed concepts? That is some brilliant foreign policy.

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Dallas Democrats

The December Calendar of events has been updated. Go participate.

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December 10, 2003

quelle suprise

frivolous entry

theory slut

You are a Theory Slut. The true elite of the
postmodernists, you collect avant-garde
Indonesian hiphop compilations and eat journal
articles for breakfast. You positively live
for theory. It really doesn't matter what
kind, as long as the words are big and the
paragraph breaks few and far between.

What kind of postmodernist are you!?
brought to you by Quizilla

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amusing myself

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flavors of wackiness

- "Hey there, y'all ....could ya keep it down? I gots me a war to fight".

- Over simplification of communication or added complexity?

- Mapleleafphobia? The fear of nationalistic Canadians.

- How to tell if you're doing something right? Check your local listing.

- Here puppy puppy puppy....... I've got a nice bone for you. Wait, are we bait?

- Finger lickin' good.

- "The right to dissent is the right to remain silent, to disagree, to not participate." -- ok, since when?

- Dang and I've been using hemostats and safety pins all this time.

- Abercrombie and Fitch sells, what, again?

- The true meaning of Christmas.

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December 09, 2003

No more Delays.

Off The Kuff's got an interview with a Democratic hopeful, Richard Morrison, who has every intention of taking on Tom Delay. It's going to be a hell of a battle and I'm rooting for anyone who even has the remotest chance of unseating the exterminator. Give it a read.

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December 08, 2003

Monday's Headlines or 'dang what a mess'


  • In an effort to maintain the illusion of the "liberal media" the NRA is now attempting to establish itself as a news organization. When they speed by Fux News in the Nielsen, can we say, Number One with a Bullet?
  • When asked to make a statement on our progress in Iraq, prominent high ranking officials replied, "peachy" (or something similar). What they meant was, "it's under control now that we razor-wired Al Quaida-ville."
  • News Flash! Concern raised over an artificial likeness of a functional life form in Texas State House of Representatives. Unfortunately it's all flack over a tree and not those filling the seats.
  • All's fair in love and war.................and the economy. Ahnold's getting his first taste of politics with an overwhelming 34-0 f-you vote on his borrow to fund approach to California's problems.
  • If someone has a good way of getting bacon/porkchop breakouts of recent bills I could peruse, would you send me the links? The Salon article shows a small who's who at the trough but doesn't get detailed enough for my needs. update: had a bigger summary and links, some enclosed below.
  • Andrew Card got to go on TV this week and tout the administration's pre-war intelligence. "Intelligence is a collection of dots, and then an analysis on how those dots might be connected. Some of those dots may not be what they appear to be, and some of the connections may not have been what people would have suggested." I found the collection of connections and it just seems to be missing a hawk.
  • So Senator Kerry dropped the F-bomb in an interview with Rolling Stone. In context, it's not only appropriate, but most would be surprised if he didn't use it. The White House, of course, has their pious panties in a bunch. Thankfully Atrios helps set the record straight for those with short term memory loss.
  • Anyone else totally weirded out by this graph and the simultaneous "everything's lookin' up" statements coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Note to my European friends......come visit....the dollar's crap now.
  • And I thought we were metaphorically shooting for the moon when we decided attacking Iraq would instantaneously bring about democracy in the Middle East. If Yucca Mountain doesn't work out......this is probably what we'll be doing with our waste in 20 years.
  • Local Politics: Trinity project version 928743.0032 is now under review. What I've yet to see is the large jacuzzi, because Dallas voters are going to take a bath on this one and the jet spray would be nice. FWIW, it's important to sell out 100% when you become mayor in this city. Start by crawling under big business desks and finish by blaming ignored campaign promises on the City Council.
  • and....................just for fun, a Jack Chick parody.

    Here are some examples of the pork in the Omnibus spending bill:

    $50,000,000 to build an indoor rainforest in Iowa.

    $2,000,000 for the First Tee Program, to get young people into golf.

    $405,000 for industrial lubricants research in Iowa.

    $338,000 for the Alabama Beef Connection.

    $225,000 for the National Wild Turkey federation, a hunting concern.

    $4,000,000 for the International Fertilizer Development Center.

    $595,000,000 for Trilogy, an FBI information technology program.

    $397,700,000 for prison buildings and facilities.

    $6,000,000 for a Police Athletic League.

    $30,000,000 for the Southwest Border Prosecutors Initiative.

    $7,105,000 for construction of an international narcotics control
    law enforcement academy in Roswell, NM.

    Up to $120,000,000 for a classified Defense Department project.

    $250,000 for the General Patton Museum of Cavalry & Armor, in Kentucky.

    $225,000 for a shopping center in Adelanto, CA.

    $500,000 for the "Exercise in Hard Choices" at the U. of Akron, which
    attempts to replicate House and Senate meetings in which congressional
    members review a budget, and vote to include or exclude various options.

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Miserable Failure Campaign

I guess "Miserable Failure" is a relative term now that it's been successfully tied to the GWB bio page. The Google 'Miserable Failure Campaign' bomb planted and effectively detonated last week has not only been amusing to watch and snicker at, but astounding from the perspective of how many times some has emailed me the "type this in" quote. Poor Arbusto, the butt of so many undeserving jokes (wry grin). Even the media's running like mad with this one. With all the news that's fit to print these days, it must make some reporters quite happy to write a "Miserable Failure Campaign" column that makes people chuckle out loud.

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December 07, 2003

something about the holidays

It kicks off at Thanksgiving and passes after the New Year. That urge to bake like a madman. Sure makes me miss the old place.

Thus far:
~84 Chocolate Chip Cookies
36 Nut Crumble Cookies
1 batch of Orange Almond Biscotti
1 batch of Walnut Biscotti
1 batch of Pistacio Lemon Biscotti
2 batches of Chocolate Mocha Walnut Biscotti
3 batches of Jeweled Holiday Biscotti.

add 1 gallon of milk. mix well.

now, off to the store for more eggs and almonds.

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December 05, 2003

Questioning everything.

- If the turkey "served" by the POTUS in Iraq was only staged and not eaten, what might the fate of the one be that he "pardoned" earlier in the week? A trend like this could keep poultry up at night.
- Where are the WMDs? Iraq? No, they're just over in Tyler Texas. Too f-ing close to home for me.
- What Geneva Convention? We don't need no stinkin' Conventions.
- Is this a good idea? yes....but someone get them a faster server.

How about those 'merkin schools. That no child left behind ensures the best and brightest only. In Louisiana, children are punished for talking about their gay parents but in Florida the teachers get it for dispelling the myth of Santa Claus......super.

I love the concept of people being against stuff and having people be against people who are against stuff. Some times people who are against stuff are against people who are just against stuff but not people and against people but not against the stuff. It's the people against people against people who are against, sort of similar stuff but seem to be against something for some reason and the people who support it, that really do it for me.

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December 04, 2003

Excellence in Mediocrity

GWB's success in business has been unparalleled (as long as you don't count Neil). Once he's completed his task of raping the nation's bottom 90%, who's going to bail him out of his compassionate approach to excessive spending and Enron style management?

Our end goal is to install 'Merkin style Democracy in Iraq, right? We going to provide them with our approach to ensuring secure and accurate elections? Maybe that's what they're saving the flowers for.

Other Stuff
- This year's advent calendar premiers tomorrow......while you're at it, remember to tell incredibly awesome she is. mean it.
- In case I get holiday wander may find me in one of these spots. The photography is spectacular.
- Love telemarketers? Can't get them to stop. Play with them.
- My xmas list seems to be expanding.
- Help keep an eye on Fux News. It's important that they remain both fair and balanced and remember, they leave it up to us, to decide.

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December 03, 2003

Litmus test of a real fan

today mandates levity...............(thanks Forest)

hot sexy beast.....
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jedi mind trick

You need to support charity.

"Submit Bid". "Send purchased items to Typing Monkey". "These are not the droids you seek".

Ever wanted to give Bush the backdrop he really deserves. Now you can. My version is here......truth in advertising.

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December 02, 2003

sound bites for a short attention span audience

  • Quick primer on our success in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Success stories from the other side of the looking glass.
  • The much lauded piece on Iraq from the New Yorker.
  • Speaking of successful 'wars', check out these stats.
  • The precise type of freedom we plan on providing to the Iraqis.
  • Everyone needs a Starbucks.
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simply exhausting

Today, Bush lauded economic recovery.....what he missed in his sound bite was, *just kidding*. Damn, if those tax cuts don't just solve everything. How 'bout, he share some of that $750K he got while fundrasing in Michigan instead?

I'll be the first one to admit the troops in Iraq probably need some cheer about now. I can't however, see how his 2 hour puddle jumpin' turkey jerk will make the life-threatening risks they experience daily, actually worth it.

"We will prevail. We will win because our cause is just. We will win because we will stay on the offensive. And we will win because you're part of the finest military ever assembled. (Applause.) And we will prevail because the Iraqis want their freedom. (Applause.)"

aaaaaaaaaaand. you really need this photo-op to replace those "Mission Accomplished" deck shots, don't you, Arbusto Baby?

In other news this week........leftover cajun fried turkey is fiiiiiiine.

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December 01, 2003


My 26 Things entry is completed. *whew*.

In case you thought that giving a dog peanut butter was the most fun ever... you've not lived until you've given a 20th month old, a half a Tootsie Roll.

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