January 30, 2004

Google Bombing


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Thoughts & Quotes

What's been on my mind.

"Accustomed to trample on the rights of others, you have lost the genius of your own independence and become fit subjects for the first cunning tyrant who rises among you." Abraham Lincoln [1858]

"What luck for the rulers that men do not think." Adolf Hitler

Let's make em think. In 2000, just over 50% of the eligible voters, voted. In 2004, let's do everything we can to ensure that all of those eligible are both registered and then actually vote.........intellegently. If each registered voter, registered one person who wasn't and ensured they went to the polls we could have a real race that actually represented the true voice of the people.

- Candidate and policy comparisons.
- All Candidates. Some more unique than others.

The Price of Purchase

Assume for a second, I'm an independent. The GOP needs to recruit my vote. What, really are they trying selling me? What's the primary attractor, based on the current administration's performance and focus? Economic improvement, Financial stability, Equality on all planes, International relations, Domestic confidence, Military strength, Assurance of health care and Job retention?

Today they're selling:

  • peace with war
  • security with fear
  • health with entitlements
  • savings with spending
  • patriotism with jingoism

Who's buying and why?

Links of the Day

- Whistleblowing unethical monitoring in UN prior to Iraq action, punishable.
- Important Misleads: 1. WMDs. 2. NCLB. 3. Imminent danger.
- Comprehensive "I have a scream" website.
- In your face reality check.

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through the headphones

Nothing gets the report creation vibe going like music.

DJ Mickey Finn - 02_Amazon 2-Basslights
Harajuku - On My Own (Eurohouse Mix)
13 Stories - Dirty.mp3
TbO & Vega - House of music(LeBriscClubMix)
Diverse - Blade Runner-Andora
TechnoLoOp - Arachnophobia
Bang VelocityMadeRemix
Raver FX - Break-it-Down (Drum n Bass Mix)
Raver FX - Child Prodigy
Culture Beat - Anything
Raver FX - Darth Techno (Star Wars Dub)
Cartoons - De Do Do Do De Da Da Da
Polygon Window, remix: Aisys - Polygon Window (DirtyMotelMix)
Praga Khan - DJ Don & Svenson's Speed Garage Mix
Elvis Presley - Dont Be Cruel
E-Rotic - Fritz Love My Tits
Fasio - God Of Nothing 99'Remix
Moby - Honey
ill - No illusions "ukázka"
ill - Steamroller "ukázka"
Orbit - Images of Shiva
Cid Ellis - jam1
Raver FX - Jedi Knight (Star Wars Dub II)
Zilverstone - Landscape
sofasurfers - long_bone_remix
Praga Khan - Lords Of Acid Sinsational Mix
Orbit - Lunar Interceptor
Milk Incorporated 7'' Mi
303 Infinity - Missing Shadow
Moby feat. The Robot Of Pop - Feel Me Rock
Raver FX - Neon
TechnoLoOp - Never Ever (Dream again)
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Praga Khan - Baby Doo Remix
Praga Khan - Injected With A Poison (Digital Orgasm Rave)
Praga Khan - DJ Taucher Mix
Praga Khan - Milk Incorporated Mix
Praga Khan - Pat Krimson Mix
Prodigy-We Eat Rythms (remix)
Presidents of the US of A - Video Killed The Radio Star
Renmix - Respect Me Remix
Athena's Temple - Sacred (Sensuous Mix)
Cometz - Scooby dooby boy (radio edit)
scooter ass
scooter hyper
scooter last minute
Praga Khan - Space Frog's No Way Out Mix
Sasha - If You Believe
Orbit - Stargate
Trance Allstars - The first rebirth (Atb Mix)
moondawg - U.S.S.R. (X-Generation Remix)
Laboratoires Technique - Vitamin A
OutKast - Wheelz of Steel (LBC remix)
303 Infinity - Winter Rain 2
Cartoons - Witchdoctor
DJ Dado - X Files
Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400

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January 29, 2004

Primarily primaries

Kerry's definitely the front runner. He's captured the eye and heart of the ravishing and rabidly articulate Ms. Coulter. A Band of Vets seems to be pissed at him (course, they think McCain's a traitor and still refer to China as RED CHINA!) Can we safely assume that once you start to hear the high pitched squeal of an upset Republican, you're doing something right?

Couple of hints for Kerry;
- Go see Nader. Have a sit down, keep your yap shut and listen. He's got good points and if he's convinced the Donkeys are listening, he might stay out of the race.
- Hire Joe Trippi. Make him 'king-boofoo" of web management or something.
- Call Kucinich. Acquire a wee bit of his platform.
- Smile more and loosen up from the neck through the hips.
- Focus primarily on the incumbent and not the rest of the pack.

Take with as many grains of salt as you'd like and then kick some ass. February's going to be a busy month..

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January 28, 2004



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New Hampshire and more

Last night was much more of an upset than I would have predicted or had even hoped for. Thirteen point lead over Dean............wow!

Noted highlights from last night's surfing

  • Lieberman clinging to the belief that he was in a dead heat tie for 3rd.
  • Multiple pundits calling Dean, "John Dean".
  • Kerry's management of the CNN dork squad, primarily Ms. Woodruff.
  • The bar interview on "Hardball" where Kerry was noted as having "testicular fortitude".
  • Sharpton's showing...........oh wait. nevermind.
  • At 10:15 EST, in Dean's speech.... he called Bush on his use of the race card in reference to 'quotas'...............was the pResident awake to hear it?

My recommendations for the remainder of the primary race, FWIW

  1. Lieberman, hang it up and go back to work. Joe-mentum has waned.
  2. Kucinich, do the same thing. Before you go back to work, take 3 hours and have dinner with Kerry. He needs to really listen to a few of your finer points.
  3. Sharpton, dude it's your money. You spend how you want, this isn't buying you votes.
  4. Edwards, get your ass to SC now! You lose there, you are toast........ consider the VP option though.
  5. Clark, when did you morph from distinguished general to captain happy? stop it.
  6. Dean, much...much better speech. You're in a position to be a uniter, don't blow it.

News of the Surreal

  • I'm on the floor playing choo-choo with the rugrat and watching CNN, I look up and there are breakdancers headspinning in front of the pope. um, why?
  • The leader of the free world indicates possible economic recovery tied to rib consumption.
  • Chickenshitweaselass. Ok, that's harsh and I'm sorry. Dennis, no one loves you as much as you love you. Your Clinton schtick was funny........your free ride for Bush, makes you look like a pussy. HAND.
  • Customer service afterglow........or not.
  • Franken and Novak, tear it up. Bad news, not with each other.
  • The Bush cult of personality may be disapating with the far right.
  • It's important that sushi be fresh.
  • Vote DIO!

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Go Kerry

Without viewing any exit polling data or turning on the *TV for stats, here's hoping Kerry pulls out a double digit lead over all the others and outshines his own performance in Iowa.

*TV comes on @ 7.30pm

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January 27, 2004

SOTU Redux

1 week broadcast delay..........due to minor technical difficulties. Thank you for standing by.

The SOTU address this year was poignant, well articulated, heartfelt and really had it's finger on the pulse of the nation. The nation of Iraq mostly.

He then went on to frost the shit cake with a focus on domestic issues.

  1. Congratulating the populace on spending their $600 refund better than the government would have.
  2. Touched lightly on the brilliance of increased spending and reduced taxes.
  3. Lovingly stroked the Left Behind of the Child.
  4. Double-talked his immigration policy while tourists are being fingerprinted.
  5. Tickled Seniors with a 10% prescription discount card beginning in 2006. No accounting for COL increases or price spikes in the next two years.
  6. Wants to kick steroid's ass.
  7. Strongly recommends abstinence for everyone but his girls and Neil.
  8. Still declaring War on some Drugs with mandatory testing in schools. ($23M? couldn't that be used more effectively for education?)
  9. Thinks marriage between a XY and XX should be legislated. Neil not used as example.
  10. God will be guiding him through the next year. Mel Gibson wants movie rights to that too.

The best line of the address was:
"Already, the Kay Report identified dozens of weapons of mass destruction-related program activities and significant amounts of equipment that Iraq concealed from the United Nations. Had we failed to act, the dictatator's weapons of mass destruction programs would continue to this day. Had we failed to act, Security Council resolutions on Iraq would have been revealed as empty threats, weakening the United Nations and encouraging defiance by dictators around the world. "

Which was followed up later in the week with:
"David Kay told the New York Times in an interview published Monday that he now believes US intelligence agencies missed signs of disarray in Iraq's nuclear, biological and chemical weapons programs.
"I'm personally convinced that there were not large stockpiles of newly produced weapons of mass destruction," he told the daily.
"We don't find the people, the documents or the physical plants that you would expect to find if the production was going on. "

For further deconstruction and comparative studies of the SOTU vs reality go; Here, Here and most definitely, Here.

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January 26, 2004

Please to excuse

Posting has been slownonexistant...................the monkeys are all recovering from a massive Chinese New Year hangover.

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January 23, 2004

Friday's Tunes

Sixty-Six - Night & Day
Sixty-Six - Lonesome Train
Sixty-Six - Ultra Texan
Sixty-Six - Lonely Town
Sixty-Six - Kidnap You
Sixty-Six - '67 Cadillac Blues
Sixty-Six - Burnin' Hell
Sixty-Six - Hoodoo'D Love
Sixty-Six - Fall With Me
Sixty-Six - Swell Hell
Sixty-Six - Now That You'Re Gone
Sixty-Six - Texas Moon
Sixty-Six - Didn't I Tell You
Sixty-Six - Killed An Angel

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January 21, 2004


Cute, ain't he?

whatta guy

Shameless plug: My buddy Dan's put out a new book. BUY IT! Do not pass go, do not collect $200......rush out now and put this on the best seller list.

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January 20, 2004

Come Back Kerry

Moment of self congratulatory behavior.....

I called it!!!!! oh yeah.

However, if you had told me a couple of weeks ago that Edwards would come out as the #2 man in Iowa, I would have passed out from laughing. Here's to the fickle nature of the US voter.

On to New Hampshire.............

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Caucus Comments

Go Kerry!
Go Kerry!
Go Kerry!
Go Kerry!
Go Kerry!
Go Kerry!
Go Kerry!
Go Kerry!

or Dean.

random: yes, that's your toe tappin'.

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January 19, 2004

Fun with Headlines

Some days, you can find a sense of continuity in the headlines. (thanks Salon)

Dear Leader Dances to Prove Innocence
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Random Quizzing

"We reject the false doctrine that the church could have permission to hand over the form of its message and of its order to whatever it itself might wish or to the vicissitudes of the prevailing ideological and political convictions of the day."
You are Karl Barth!
You like your freedom, and are pretty stubborn against authority! You don't care much for other people's opinions either. You can come up with your own fun, and often enough you have too much fun. You are pretty popular because you let people have their way, even when you have things figured out better than them.

What theologian are you?
A creation of Henderson

and in other testing.....

- You got 8/10 spelling correct.

- You got 9/10 grammar correct.

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State of the Onion

The State of the Union
I'm convinced there is a conspiracy at work that prohibits me from viewing the State of the Union address in the comfort of my living room. Once again I'll be either watching it in a bar or in my hotel room in KC. Thankfully it'll be recorded for me to play pause&holler later.

For those who get to view it in the warmth of their own home and supported by the requisite bottle of spirits, the Drinking Game is available. TomPaine provides you with a scorecard and Democrats.com has a good previewing from real people how the state of the onion really looks when you peel back the layers of BS.

Other States

- The state of the environment.
- The state of wackiness.
- The state of apathy.
- The state of amnesia.
- The state of a quick buck.
- The state of history.
- The state of the opposition.
- The state of peace.
- The state of underemployement.
- The state of discourse.
- The state of Human Rights.
and........................... The State of Iraq.

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January 15, 2004

Spinning heads and other affectations

Midday Musings

- Kennedy speaks and Jonah Goldberg's head spins.
- "The Other" War, success stories. On the guilty before proven innocent front...............

Equal Time for Contrast

- Bush Quotes
- Rumsfeld Quotes

Find the Irony

Police took two protesters into custody and blocked the view of the others with buses.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan said the president's visit was a way to pay tribute to "Dr. King's legacy, his vision and his lifetime of service."

"This is a way to honor a lifetime dedicated to fighting for equal opportunity and equal justice for all people," he said.

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Braun Gone

- First Graham, now Braun, will we lose any more before super Tuesday? I'm disappointed simply for the flair she added to the debates. On a positive note, she's getting in behind Dean.

General Politics
- $1.5 Billion to promote marriage. Couldn't they just cut us all $600 checks again? Most marriages fail when there are financial issues/woes. Just a thought.
- WaPo comments on Shrub's 'short attention span' during foreign conferences. mildly amusing.

Other News
- AA pilot responds to photographing and fingerprinting law in Brazil. Joke not found funny.........samba dancers revolt.
- The GOP elite respond to snippets from Margaret Cho's piece during the MoveOn.org voting. Does knuckle dragging cause sparks?
- Irrational fear breeds stupidity.
- Investing in the future.
- Sean Penn goes to Iraq...............finds no WMD.

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Space Junk

To the Moon and Beyoooooooooooooooooooooooooooond!

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January 14, 2004

Confuse me with sound bites

Random news bits in 10 words or less......

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January 13, 2004

Ringing Endorsement or Random Selection

It's about time the typing monkeys take a stand for one of the Democratic Primary contenders. In order to come to a finite conclusion, a critical analysis needs to be done. It's up to you, the reader to determine the level of seriousness applied and the percentage of tongue placed in cheek.

In no particular order other than alphabetical

  • Braun, Carol-Mosely - Her chance of a nomination has the same chance as a snowball in hell. Ms. Braun is to the debates as Molly Ivins is to CSPAN's Book TV, adding a unique perspective and mostly avoided topics. Maybe a cabinet postion?
  • Clark, Wesley - A couple of Senate terms could serve him well. His role as a General put him in a position of having to be in line with the incumbent administration which causes his current platforms to be at odds with earlier statements. It's a shame that the media only sees the sweaters and not the man inside. Maybe VP?
  • Dean, Howard - The media hates him, Karl Rove loves him, the White House is watching him and he's got everyone in a tizzy. Must be doing something right. Question is, can he pull off a one on one debate with Shrub and win? Can/Will his grassroots support carry him through the primaries and on to the convention? President material? I can't tell yet. It's hard to get past the Used Car Salesman look.
  • Edwards, John - A puppy. One with good intentions but too green for my tastes. Experience goes a long way and simply disagreeing with Bush isn't grounds enough to warrant my vote. Maybe I'm too petty, but I don't want my president to look like a giddy school girl when excited.
  • Gephardt, Dick - The man needs some time in the sunshine. His stand on the issues is weak, his voting records are appalling and rolled over like a whipped pup in November of 2002. Seniority does not a candidate make. Acquire a spine and get back to me.
  • Kerry, John - President Kerry. I am so in love with seeing that written. It's a shame his campaign is imploding. In the age of pre-emptive war, we need a leader who has actually seen battle and respects the impacts of his decisions. Many years as a Senator and his ability to conduct himself well in a debate places him high on the list of qualified candidates.
  • Kucinich, Dennis - Oh please. The voters will never elect someone who's name they cannot pronounce easily. He's conceptually dead-on with regards to most policies and initiatives but comes across way too pissy.....and that hair, OMG, that hair. Give him Secretary of Health and Human Services.
  • Lieberman, Joe - Bush-Lite, end of story. The only Democrat who's less attractive is Zell Miller.
  • Sharpton, Al - Sorry Al, no one can get passed the Tawana Brawley fiasco.....that and you've never been elected to an office of any account. That's not to say that you don't bring a unique flair to the debates and topics most shy away from. However, not everything is a race issue, really.

So who am I endorcing?

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Rampant Revelry

- Rick Perry's at it again. This time it's the schools that he'd rather ignore. When you have the PTA is holding bake sales to raise money for textbooks, there's an issue. The school's administrations are, I believe, more focused on enforcing zero tolerance and dress codes more than they are actually educating the students.
Update: First hand account of NET SEND use.

- Paul O'Neill has balls. Period. Unfortunately, by the time this administration's done with him, he may not. C'est la guerre.
- Iraq analysis............................I'm still reading.

Random- Ever wanted to be a missionary but find yourself scared of the Congo, malaria or other possible maladies? Stick close to home.......witness to those who really need your help and are above all, a super captive audience.
- Proof postitive that the Girl Scouts are slowly working to kill off the public. Simply reading this data will add instant pounds to your butt.

Excerpt from yesterday's meeting with Vincente Fox:

Q Thank you, President Fox. President Bush, is it true, as your former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill says, that you started planning for the invasion of Iraq within days of your inauguration? Do you feel betrayed? And should he have released those documents?

PRESIDENT BUSH: First, let me say, I appreciate former Secretary O'Neill's service to our country. We worked together during some difficult times. We worked together when the country was in recession, and now we're coming out of recession, which is positive news. We worked together when America was attacked on September the 11th, which changed how I viewed the world. September the 11th made me realize that America was no longer protected by oceans, and we had to take threats very seriously no matter where they may be materializing.

And, no, the stated policy of my administration towards Saddam Hussein was very clear. Like the previous administration, we were for regime change. And in the initial stages of the administration, as you might remember, we were dealing with Desert Badger, or fly-overs and fly-betweens and looks, and so we were fashioning policy along those lines. And then, all of a sudden, September the 11th hit. And as the President of the United States, my most solemn obligation is to protect the security of the American people. That's my -- to me that's the most solemn thing an American President -- or any president -- must do. And I took that duty very seriously.

And as you know, not only did we deal with the Taliban, we gave -- working through the United Nations and working through international community, we made it clear that Saddam Hussein should disarm. And like he had done with a lot of previous resolutions, he ignored the world's demands. And now he's no longer in power, and the world is better for it. The Iraqi people are better for it; America is better for it; Mexico is better for it. The world is more peaceful as a result of Saddam Hussein not being in power.

And the task at hand, Mr. President -- and he and I -- he knows this fully well -- is to make sure that the aspirations of the Iraqi people are allowed to flourish. And we'll get there. It's a tough task right now. It's hard work, but we've done hard work in the past. And a free Iraq is going to be in the world's interest.

Is it just me or did he just slide the responsibility of Iraq plans to Clinton, stutter on about the sanctions and Iraqi restrictions, sidestep the question altogether and ............could someone tell me how Mexico is better off now that Saddam has been captured?

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January 12, 2004

Public transportation

The rugrat is quite the train afficianado. Nah, more of an enthusiast.......... scratch that, he's obsessed. Yesterday we decided to tie in two of his passions and took him to the zoo via the DART rail. I've not been on DART, whether by bus or rail since the early nineties when I rode it each day downtown to work. I'd forgotten about the unique array of persons you get to watch and interact with. Our experience yesterday was no exception. Why is it that the normal people have nothing to say, but the crazies feel you need some insight into their thought patterns?

The trip one way lasted about 25 minutes and throughout the ride, Toby was exclaiming to no one in particular, his exuberance..... Choo Choo....CHOO CHOO.......and vibrating with glee as we passed the rail line going northbound. There was a non-descript Hispanic man diagonally across from where we were sitting who, about half way through the trip, turned around and said "Boy, he sure is white.............pause pause pause............but, I guess you love him anyway".

How in the hell do you respond to this?

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Puttin' up and shuttin' up. Ok, mostly the puttin' part. After the LHWR Democrats meeting on Saturday, I donated my time directly to one of the local candidates. Nothing but grunt work, but *damn*, it feels good.

Monday's Random Links
- Be careful what you buy from Staples.........or who you tell.
- Marriage in America....................who's it *really* for?
- Mixed emotions. The recall Miller campaign failed to acquire enough signatures.... now the organizers are going to pray and seek guidance. How about donating some of that spare time to a soup kitchen?
- Paul O'Neill talks.
- How to get fired as a conservative talk show host.
- "Black Hawk Down" hero, downed.

Thought For The Day
"The concept of 'ladies first' was invented so that men could clandestinely watch women's butts while appearing chivalrous at the same time."

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January 09, 2004

Bare and Challenged

I've been accused of being unfair and unbalanced in the majority of my entries. Normally I would shrug this off but I feel I owe it to the 3.14159265 people who drop by daily to provide an alternative view. In the spirit of both Fair and Balanced, here's a F&B look at all the Democratic candidates for 2004.

To balance out that fairness, check out Clark's tax plan and this ad.

Catching up on Tejas politics.......................check out StoutDem's recent Austin update.

- Cool projects.
- Write your name, send a message or just draw a picture.
- Turn your words into pictures.

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completely useless quizzing

What Famous Leader Are You?

What Classic Movie Are You?
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Currently Spinning

Kosmonova - Dance avec moi
Mario Piu & Mauro Picotto - Ar
Aquagen - Partyalarm
Rank 1 - Airwave
Alice Deejay - The Lonely one
Jens - Psycho Strings
Sash! - Just around the Hill
Axel Konrad - H.E.A.R.T Beat
Jackofficers, The - Swingers Club
Dj Tandu pres. Ayla - Singular
Woody van Eyden - Feels like F
Armin - Communication
Karuma - Mindmachine
Lexy & K-Paul - Electric Kingd
Avalon - Bells of Avalon
Hi-Gate - Pitchin´
S2 - Instinct
Skydive - Freefall
Nick Beat - Technodisco
Quench - Dreams
Manola - U.R.Automatic
Taucher - Science Fiction
Aqualords - Witches
Moby - Natural Blues
14 Creation
Sunbeam - Wake up
Tyrell Corp. - Running 2.0
Spacekid - Tune
18-Hungry Ants
Shane - C´est Musique
Dolphin´s Mind - Into the Blue
Aya & Chika from D&D - Rise in my heart
Chinen Rina - Baby Love
Kymelle - MoveThat Body Baby

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January 07, 2004

Who knew?

I've been trying for sometime now to sort out all the hidden mythological and spiritual references in the Matrix. What I had apparently overlooked was that Neo meant Jew. Wow. Thanks to David Brooks in his NYT piece, the connections have all been linked.

"In truth, the people labeled neocons (con is short for "conservative" and neo is short for "Jewish") travel in widely different circles and don't actually have much contact with one another."

Now, which historical Jewish person is he supposed to be in the vaguely allegorical movie? Any theories?

On a totally unrelated topic. The WaPo has pictures of the WMD program. In addition to the incriminating spiral notebook scribbles, wonder if they found any Post-It notes with formulas, they could nail 3M for aiding and abetting. These pics really remind me of the doodles we did back in 8th grade when we were all trying to come up with the coolest spaceship or rocket. Does that mean my buddies and I had secretly instituted a WMD program?

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Anything Can Happen Day

Interesting links and reads, in no particular order

- Using scripture to make a point.
- Identifying the 'S' factor in the LCD approach to politics.
- The US now strongly encourages use of the First Amendment.....just keep it .5 miles away, behind barbed wire and under threat of force.
- Zell Miller is still undergoing his Kafka-esque transformation.
- The official site of cuddly people.
- Planning your allotted sick days.

more later.....

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January 06, 2004

Hitler, Shmitler

MoveOn.org's Bush in 30 seconds competition seems to have pushed the GOP over the edge. There were two submissions that compared Shrub to Hitler and the resulting fallout is the RNC going nuts with accusations of MoveOn itself being responsible for these pieces. The resulting irony is that MoveOn has already pared down the finalists and neither of the Hitler comparison submissions made the cut. The only place you can see the ads now, is on the RNC page.

Adding to the amusement is the NY Post article by Ralph Peters that compares the Dean campaign to WWII Nazis. Superior use of the pot calling the kettle ebony.

This all does bring to light the approach that the RNC plans to use throughout 2004. May their knees continue to jerk rapidly as we march to November.

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January 05, 2004

Blame Canada

Pissed Bovine War
According to the White House and it's loosely defined view of WMDs, ownership or the manufacture of chemical and biological warfare agents whether weaponized or not, are justification not just for sanctions but full on war. With this perspective in mind, BSE or Mad Cow Disease is a preventable condition and only exists when a human changes the diet of the bovine herd under his/her control. Given this is a willful act, would this not be considered biological terrorism? Should we then, using the Iraq invasion logic, take this deliberate act as one of terrorism by Canada?

Maybe it's time we took a look at the level of effort required to invade and occupy Canada. They've been huddled under our nuclear umbrella, soaking up our culture and providing us with discounted medication for too long now. It's high time we forced them to eliminate health care for all citizens and begin to acclimate themselves to Coors Light.

Just a thought.

In other news
This article got me all riled up this morning............it's nice to see the author swiftly debunked as a looney by her own actions.

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Catching up

Texas Politics
- Texas' 4th district just got a new Congressman. Well not so much new as in recycled. Ralph Hall just switched from Democrat to Republican over the holidays. Seems he believes that he'll stand a better chance of being reelected if he's a GOP member. What about the voters who thought they had voted for a conservative voice in the Democratic party? Someone needs to let his site admin know.

War and Threats
- Harpers compiled a great list of the Administration's reasons for war in Iraq and truthisms directly from the horse's mouth. Makes for great flashbacking.
- Do not fly internationally with children, Chinese women and Welsh insurance agents. You will be delayed. Could we start replacing "intelligence" with "hot tip". It might go a long way towards rebuilding credibility.......and it's really difficult to maintain a straight face when Mr. Beaver is talking about explosives being hidden in a woman's vagina.
- Dear Syria, We're not kidding. You're next.
- California's going to be an interesting fiasco to watch unfold.
- There are some interesting details now, coming to light with the 9/11 investigation. Article 1 and Article 2. Will we ever learn what the government really knew?

Just For Fun
- The KKK has lost it's touch.
- Seen ROTK? Here's the 'what not to do' list.
- Example of using the Force for good and not evil. NSFW
- File under the category "why would anyone?"
- Asute review of Atheism. Or not.
- VH1's list of 80's bands reuniting for live shows. Not to be missed, IMO.

And a special, congratulations to NASA for their successful deployment of the Rover on Mars. Way to beat the pants off the Brits!!!!

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January 03, 2004

John "Beat By A Dead Guy" Ashcroft

Sorta like "Where's Waldo"......................try and find the love.

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January 01, 2004

A Day in the Life

My sh1ft.org 24 hours entry is complete.

The walk through my mostly hum-drum day is here.

Not much in the way of excitement for this New Year, but I can safely say, I'm not hung over.

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