June 30, 2004

championing apathy

* Still wrestling pigs. When there's a call to repeal funding for NPR due it's "liberal bias", can the public demand a recall of the Limbaugh broadcasts on Armed Forces radio? Maybe we could just eliminate it altogether as it's not a needed use of tax payer dollars. [eyeroll] Funding for NPR from the government covers less than 10% of their overall yearly budget and from what I heard throughout "Reagan Week", it sure didn't seem like the last bastion of liberalism to me.

* It's going to be neato when we remove the 'separation of church and state', install a single religion and persecute the non-believers. Nothing says the love of Christ like a good god-induced smackdown. Preaching bigotry and devisive messages from the pulpit narrows the chasm between fundamentalist Christians and say, oh....the Taliban.

* Speaking of doing unto others. Slate has a great dialogue that deconstructs the new GOP ad which invokes the heck out of Godwin's law.

* If there's no oversight, can there be corruption? Tree falls in forest, no one hears it............

* Issue 37 of GYWO is out. Man he's fast.

* Leave em laughing.........and don't forget to turn out the lights.

* Suspend disbelief among other things.

* Yes, nits are being picked. Each time the GOP decides to dredge up the past, it should be fully acceptable to do the same for the opposition candidate.

* Dumb. Dumb dumb dumb dumb...........and wouldn't they just secretly love it? When someone's primary news source is Drudge, assume they need medication.

Food for thought

* Why are there 150,000+ coalition troops in Iraq and only 6,500 or so in Afghanistan? Why does Hamid Karzi always have to sound like he's begging for help?

* Bloody old news, but....... what if the government outsourced the GAO or say, the IRS to a private company in Bangalore? Wouldn't that be cool?

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June 29, 2004

Tejas Martes

Local Politics

Today's Texas Tuesday focuses on Jake Gilbreath. It's a three-parter and does a profile, district review and has a Q&A. I don't personally agree with some of his stances on the issues, primarily the response given to the incarceration question (no comment on prison and inmate reform) and his reply to the Robin Hood tax issue seems a bit disjointed. However, being a school/property tax payer in his district (with no voice) I agree that the taxes are way too high for what the citizens are getting in return. It is, above all, important to shift the lopsided balance of power in Austin this year, especially for the lower per capita earning counties.

More Rather Local News

* Welcome to Dallas, where peace love and prosperity reign supreme where the crime rate can't be beat and the taxes outpace the nation. Where intolerance and local corruption are supported equally by incumbents from both major parties. Where you can spend a week this fall attending an anti-anti-Bush film festival and not only see red, but wear red, be red and vote red. Join us, won't you?


* The NYC service industry is swiftly ramping up to support the massive influx of repressed clientele. The responsibility for the health and well being of these highly charged seasonal vacationers rests on their shoulders alone. Volunteers are needed now. Confidentiality agreement required.

* Nostradamus I'm not. But I have to say.......my Iraqi civil war comment last week, doesn't seem too far off the mark now, does it?

* Are you a religious fringe group, heavy with dogma and light on clout? Has the upswell of liberal activism and left-leaning media got you down. Feel your voice isn't as loud as it should be, even with god on your side. Rest your head, Karl Rove's given you a quick path to the Oval Office. One stop shopping for all your repressive concerns. Don't hesitate to call, night or day.

* Cognitive dissonance and celebrated intolerance on a site called Agapepress? Agape = love that is spiritual and selfless in nature.

* Kathleen Parker's stunning the masses today with her self-indulgent spew on gay marriages. Seems she's unsteady in her own relationship to the point that she fears the very fabric of the marriage will errode the minute homosexuals are not mandated into a second class status by the Constitution. She neglects, of course, to point out the 1138 perfectly good reasons the courts should allow gays to lovingly form a life long commitment supported by their government.

* I'm happy my parents weren't this bloody lazy that they'd fend me off to strangers to adjust my behaviour. When did outsourcing family problems become so popular?

* Michelle Malkin's rallying the mouth-breathers. I love her warm inclusive tone so often found amongst those blogrolled on the left column. I must have missed that point in time when objective journalism morphed into op-ed-ity.

* Dennis Prager napped through the late nineties, woke up after the 2000 election and is now scolding the media for prying into the sex lives of politicians. WTF? Does the name Gary Hart ring a bell? How about Monica? Heyzeus Kristo.

* Minimum wage earners, lucky duckies every one of them. Bruce Barlett fails to show his math. Yes, wage increases are larger percentages for someone pulling down $5.25 an hour. A 5% raise for someone making $40 an hour is almost a 39% raise for the minimum wage earner. Make the distinction on the facts of where the dollars have to go to support a family of 3 or 4 people on this type of salary and .......if it hurts too much to make the leap, compare it to the $7 an hour minimum wage. Who believes Wal-Mart would pay $5.15 to their workers if they could get away with $3?

* Um, no. No no no no no no, not quite, no way and other than sharing the same office and CIA director, no.

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Good Reading

Everyone's diving into good political writing at our house these days.

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June 28, 2004

holy moly

Iraq gets 55.908745987% of their country back and Canada goes to the polls.

* Yellow Cake is in the news again. Everyone needs an agent this good. The FT's report is here and TPM's breakdown is here.

* MoDo captures the pure essence of Dick-boy.

By playing on the insecurities of an inexperienced leader, Mr. Cheney has managed to change W. from a sunny, open, bipartisan, uniter-not-a-divider, non-nation-builder into a crabby, secretive, partisan, divider-not-a-uniter, inept imperialist. Vice is bounding around the country, talking to his usual circumscribed audiences of conservatives, right-wing think tanks and Fox News anchors. No need to burrow in the bunker when you've turned America into one.

* If the primary result of F-911 was to get a large part of the nation's panties in a bunch, it has surpassed it's target.

  • The vast majority of film critics liked it.
  • All the whiney butts complaining about the flick need to either see it or STFU.
  • Supposedly, Dale Ernhardt Jr. liked it and commented that his pit crew should go see it. Freepers went nuts and then deleted their own thread. Odd.

* In frustration over the Jack Ryanscapade, there's a call to release the divorce records for John Kerry's first marriage. Fine. Bring it on. Next we'd like to see the following;

  • All of the records from Bush's time as the Texas governor.
  • Tom DeLay's financing and PAC details.
  • The divorce records from every GOP congresscritter who's ever been divorced.
  • Medical records from Cheney's last checkup.

* If you haven't seen the interview with the Irish White House correspondent yet, do so. If you haven't the time, read the full text here. Friggin painful. The White House has demanded an apology and those were softballs. Geeeeeez. The best part is, he had 3 days advance notice of the questions. Preznit Rokit Skience.

* From the interview above; "THE PRESIDENT: Well, I think, first of all, you've got a democracy in Turkey. And you've got a democracy emerging in Afghanistan. You've got a democracy in Pakistan. In other words -- " The reality is......................NO

* Enjoyed the full benefit of your $600 tax rebate yet? The war in Iraq's going to cost you 5x+ that amount. Brace yourself.

* I've been struggling with what to get my wife for her 40th birthday this week and durned if I don't find this. Hubba Hubba.

* Dear Mr. Bremer, how heavy were those suitcases you loaded up this morning? Bonus? For sake of argument/discussion, what's boiling that made them accelerate the handover by two days? Most projects use slack time in the critical path to catch up the finite details. Most.

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June 27, 2004

Take^H^H^Handover in T - 3

* Mmmm mmm mmm and they don't taste a bit like Mrs. Bush.

* In a show of unique defiance this week, Cheney expands the use of his middle finger and describes what he thinks of the rule of law in Iraq.

* Faux News this week released a poll that shows a majority of Americans would rather vote for the candidate with the best grasp of international relations.

In Ireland:

"Tomorrow I will travel to Turkey for the NATO summit," he said. "Actually, today I will travel to Turkey. Tomorrow is the NATO summit."

"Let me finish," Bush said. "Let me finish, please. Please. You ask the questions and I'll answer them, if you don't mind. "

* In other polls though, there's a contradictory school of thought.

* Money talks, bullshit walks.

* Cheney wishes he's said, poopy-head and feels bad about his behaviour. Nah, he's defending it. Had you going though, didn't I?

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June 25, 2004

Now, with 50% less tar

News in no particular order of importance

* Hallmark is missing out on a fabulous opportunity to expand their card selection.

  • Sorry about that whole nudity thing
  • I was just following orders, don't take it personally
  • You were only winged, be happy I wasn't shooting high
  • Bread and water under US custody beats steak under the Taliban

* Parking tips. Real punch line is at the bottom.

* Voting recommendations. One and Two.

* The Bush campaign platform. In 2000 he convinced the nation he was compassionate. In 2004 he's going to convince them he's a success and on their side.

* 1138 reasons why Gay Marriage is a good idea. *IF* you really believe in the "every man is created equal" thingy.

* Karl Rove's kickin' butt now. They're running on the premise that the Democrats are pissed. Who are they trying to convince?

* Rumor Bill Clinton has a book out or something. Has something to do with oral sex and buffalo wing conspiracies or whatever. I recommend reading it and drawing your own conclusions. In some circles that's the preferred method of prep-work required before hacking up the great green hair ball of partisan vitrol.

* How Ann Coulter views herself.

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F'ing Good

Cheney loses it with Leahy. Film @ 11.

This from the guy who should be celebrating after the Supremes let him off the hook. More medication please. Maybe he's spooked they'll expand the Enron investigation and use his policy meetings to build some of the case against Lay.

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June 24, 2004

T minus 6 days to Cherry Turnover

* The public has spoken..........kinda. Surprising given the hosting site.

* Go vote. The GOP are ahead of the Islamic fundamentalists as the "greatest threat facing America".

* Re-review of the "Contract With America".

The Gingrich Republicans were a heroic bunch. They did a great service in turning around our economy and our government after two years of the totally dimwitted tax-and-spend policies of Clintonomics. The Contract with America contained policy changes of great consequence.

Amazing. After 8 years of Reagan, 4 of GHWB, Clinton f*ed it all up real good in only two years. Skills like that are so wasted in the public sector.

* Whittling away at Roe V Wade bit by bit.

* The rabid attacks on Michael Moore and his flick are that it's "slander, libel, factually inaccurate, packet of lies, etc."..... if this is the case, why are they working so hard to block it and its ads? Can't the public just go see it and judge for themselves or does Ignorance truly equal Strength?

* Buget's overrun, war in multiple countries, no healthcare for everyone, schools are in tatters and our congresscritters are worried about P2P software and file sharing. Mmmmm mmmm dats gooood corporate cock, ain't it?

* New and creative attack on Kerry. He should forfeit his salary, resign from office and be spanked in public for missing votes while campaigning. Of course, when he does make it to Capitol Hill for a vote, they postpone it. Maybe he should resign
during the 2004 race..............as should his opponent. Doesn't anyone remember the super effective job Bush did as Governor in Texas while running for office? Hrm.

* Nader's quite the enigma this go-round. On the upside, he's recommending voters cast for Kerry in a tight race and on the downside, he's swiftly losing credibility on his attempt to get on state ballots.

* Limited autonomy. Restricted sovereignty. It's all yours boys, minus the stuff we're keeping and those permanent military bases. Wonder what the month of July is going to look like after we're only partially in control? Can it get worse?

* Burnt Orange Report begins the dissection of the Texas GOP Platform for 2004. It's bad, but not unexpected.

* Ann's in rare form today. The Clinton book's got her thong in a twist. Rather than deconstruct her spew, I send you to this hysterical review. If the mental image of Ms. Coulter having sex disturbs you, don't click.

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June 23, 2004

Altruistic Narcissism


* Michael Reagan has gone above and beyond the call of duty honoring his step dad. His gallery of photos seemed almost complete but yet missing something unique, something special, something that captured the tone of the Reagan era. Then I clicked on this. It's true. A picture is worth 1000 words.

Trouble with Wrestling a Pig

* Hollywood sighed a collective sigh of relief today. Michelle Malkin won't be attending or reviewing any more movies. She's upset that Brad Pitt and George Clooney won't sign up to fight in Iraq like Jimmie Stewart and Glenn Miller did in WWII. Pissed that there aren't enough rah-rah pro-war movies being produced that celebrate combat with the same sense of realism that you get by actually *being* in combat. Nothing rallies the nation like a good dead actor, cut down in the prime of his life half way around the world. It's a shame Mel Gibson's not free to serve these days, huh? Fallujah, could really use a healthy dose of "Martin Riggs".

* Benny Benny Benny. If you spent as much time nuturing a normal relationship with a woman you wouldn't have to focus so much energy freaking out about whether to hold a cab door open for a transgendered person. Get laid, cupcake..............unless it's the fear of making an error in judgement that's holding you back. In that case, see rosie.

* Townhall's expanding it's suite of tolerance these days and letting their interns take a shot at the ever-expanding oh so threatening liberal cabal menace. Dodgeball is a conservative movie with a conservative message that cannot be mistaken for the liberal agenda because if it had been written by a liberal......... "Liberals don't understand the difference between a victim and an underdog. The American dream is about the underdog." Go see this flick and remember the conservatives are all about big red balls and winning.

* Mike Adams disappointed his readers last week and left it all up in the air regarding how much he despises homosexuals. This week he works extra specially hard to ensure you walk away from his message with no confusion. The agenda is clear.................by 2010, everyone will be gay and there will be no free toasters to give away, you have been warned.... the threat is real.

* It's not nice to taunt others. Really. Somedays it's just hard to say no.

"I believe that the Republican Party promotes values that make this country great. It stands for the average citizen and treats all people regardless of age, sex, race, and religion equal."

"I am a Republican for one simple reason....COMMON SENSE! The Republican form of government is explained in those two words."

"I am a proud American of Mexican descent. My parents voted Democrat because they were always told the Republicans were wealthy people who didn't care about us, the poor folks. What a lie! Thank God I grew up, opened my eyes to see the truth as did all 4 of my siblings. We are all proud, hard working Republicans now."

I'm weeping from the sheer beauty of it all.

* Tom DeLay's still under scrutiny and now so is Frost. When they're all done, who's going to have the most mud or the worst damage?

* Pretzels to go, the Supreme Court to do my bidding, Karl Rove to attack, and Cheney to lie for me, yes. But make no mistake about it, "I have never ordered torture. I will never order torture."

* Fines up for indecency on radio. Rush gets a "get outta jail free" card for classics like, "I love blonde jokes because I am inherently a sexist, and a chauvinist."

* WWJRD? Bwa! Hahahahahahahahahaha. *snort*

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June 22, 2004

Texas Tuesday & more


Today's Texas Tuesday is focusing on local Texas district candidates. It's absolutely imperative that we recapture what was lost in the number of state house seats. Go check them out......donate time and or money if you can.

* If there's any question as to how important it is to show your support this year, check out this article on the love shared in Collin County.

* One more reason to reduce the cronyism in Texas. Kenny-Boy.

In other news

* Aren't we experiencing a shortage of troops? Voluntary enlisted men and women willing to fight and die for our country. According to this, we're not, "We need to defend the law, and the law says that homosexuality is incompatible with military service," Donnelly said. "There is no shortage of people in the military, and we do not need people who identify themselves as homosexual."

* Iraq talking points, courtesy of Atrios. Sounds just like every frigging talk show rat hole in the nation, don't it?

* Christopher Hitchens wets himself with glee at the opportunity to tear Michael Moore's flick a new one. However, he invokes Godwin's Law at the end of paragraph 2 and renders the remainder, invalid. HAND.

* More crazy liberal judges with their own agenda. Oh wait, no........this one's just illegitimate.

* Another 5-4 vote removing yet another element of privacy. Surprise ripples across the nation. When asked, I'm Glenn Reynolds.


Remember your put-upon
conservative friends in their time of need. They're under attack by the nasty liberal cabal and need a life-line. This administration needs love too and your dollars can help fuel the fire needed to burn away the liberalism that's eating your tax payer dollars and national media.

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thought for food

Old usenet compilation (updated to reflect current ongoing activities) that's still relevant today.

This test consists of one (1) multiple-choice question (so you better get it right!) Here's a list of the countries that the U.S. has bombed since the end of World War II, compiled by historian William Blum:

China 1945-46
Korea 1950-53
China 1950-53
Guatemala 1954
Indonesia 1958
Cuba 1959-60
Guatemala 1960
Congo 1964
Peru 1965
Laos 1964-73
Vietnam 1961-73
Cambodia 1969-70
Guatemala 1967-69
Grenada 1983
Libya 1986
El Salvador 1980s
Nicaragua 1980s
Panama 1989
Iraq 1991-99
Sudan 1998
Afghanistan 1998
Yugoslavia 1999
Afghanistan 2001
Iraq 2003-04

In how many of these instances did a democratic government, respectful of human rights, occur as a direct result? Choose one of the following:

(a) 0
(b) zero
(c) none
(d) not a one
(e) zip
(f) a whole number between -1 and +1
(g) zilch

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June 21, 2004

2004 50% over.

Minor Correction

* Maybe not. I may stand corrected on my assumption Saturday that Pakistan and Saudia Arabia were our friends. They seemed like such nice boys.


* Just in case prayer really works........double up.

* Call it Soma, make it mandatory during non-productive hours and let's just enter our "Brave New World".

* Ah, Catholicism.....no body of Christ for Kerry....please pass the juvenile.

* Kerry vacationed for Father's Day. Accountants are all over his assets. I miss the Shrub days, when a president could vacation in Maine and Texas on the same weekend, yacht some and cut brush with no one ever questioning how much it cost the nation. Those were the days. Update: Daily Howler does it better.

* Either I possess the naivete of a potato chip or need an extra set of ears. I totally missed the part of "Meet the Press" yesterday where they tied OBL to Iraq and justified the war. I did though catch the Clenis circle jerk. Eight years in office, he writes a 900+ page tome and all they can talk about is Monica. Novak should have his press pass revoked.

* Kudos to the bravery shown by CBS. No more kow-towing to the liberal media. They're on the straight track to salvation and redemption, using precious air time to run..................anti-Clinton ads. Folks, the horse might not be completely dead, but let it get up first before you start back up with the beatings.

Dancing in muddy water

* cat Mike Adams |sed 's/gay/black/g -- This is 2004 still, right? He missed the recruitment/toaster lie too. Update: Pandagon rips Mike a new one.

* Our God is a pre-emptive God. No more namby pamby-ness. Remember Jericho, the Philistines, the Old Testament set the behaviour standard. Live by it.

* There's a simple rule that seems to have slipped into obscurity. When you have nothing to say, shut up. Miss it, I do.

* Do knuckles spark when dragged across lineoleum? The O'Reilly factor, offering; No Spin, No Logic, No Reasoning and No Taste....... brought to you by Faux.

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June 19, 2004

wit us or again us

President Bush said the execution "shows the evil nature of the enemy we face."

Pakistan = friend, Daniel Pearl, beheaded
Iraq = under occupation, Nick Berg, beheaded
Saudi Arabia = friend, Paul Johnson, beheaded

Apparently we're having a hard time identifying enemies these days.

Saudi Arabia responded with the killing of a major Al-Qaeda leader in response to the brutal killing of Paul Johnson. Removing fully the possibility of an investigation. If they truly were focused on assisting the US, they would relax their immediate eye for an eye approach to justice and root out the entire lot of terrorists.

Not being an isolated event, just widely publicized, there seems to be a trend in Saudi Arabia recently, putting all foreigners, not just westerners at serious risk. The House of Saud may possess all the wealth, but seems to possess little of the power needed to maintain security.

Truly grusome here at home, are the insensitive journalists reporting live from out front of the Johnson family home, from which the family has fled. F*ing vultures.

What if we were spending $200+ billion dollars to hunt down these types instead of invading rogue, but non-threatening nations? ROI, anyone?

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June 17, 2004

and the hits just keep on coming

Yesterday's post seems to have hit a nerve with the FOF cavalry. Inspiring witticisms, all of them. It takes all kinds.......that's the beauty of having freedom of speech.

* Usurped. Alan Williams got to Ann Coulter's scatagorical diatribe before I did. Kudos to his summary.

* The Dallas Morning News showed it's true colors this week at the MOB rally. Read StoutDem's take on this outrageous abuse of journalistic license.

* Is there no end to this insanity? Vegas pool odds on Rumsfeld's career are?

* The trouble with facts, they make it hard to keep the story straight.

* Ben Shapiro has outlined why Jews must vote Republican. He really needs to get laid.

* Why you have to love Sean Hannity. He's pure entertainment.

* Separation of Church and your state of mind.

* Sunday night's mandatory viewing.

* Cell phone spamming's already kicking the crap out of the access equipment now we have to worry about viruses too?

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June 16, 2004

smoke em if ya got em

* Maxspeak's competition is over and the king boofoo wingnut has been chosen. It's unfortunate that they closed the voting so soon. They missed Mr. Fleming's stupendous post where he shows off his shooting skill, guns and expresses his desire to be mugged while packing his wallet sized pistol. You cannot make this stuff up.

* In another show of brilliance, our Orator in Chief celebrated the Clinton legacy at the unveiling of the portraits of the former residents. In welcoming them back to the White House, he stated, "Thank you all for coming back. Thanks for your service to the country. And welcome back to the White House.We're really glad you're here. And I know the president is, as well." Forgetting of course, that he, is......the um, President, isn't he?

* The FBI is threatening the Blackboxvoting.org people and attempting to subpoena their records to find out..........................what? All this effort to harrass someone who's uncovering flaws in our voting machines and still, no identified leak in the Plame incident? We so have our priorities straight.

* Reserve your copy today "How to Wear Leather that Accentuates Your Adams Apple" by Ann Coulter. The best part is the clever way she shows off her depilatory skills.


* Returning both honor and dignity to the White House has turned out to be much more daunting task than either Bush or Dick imagined.

* Ashcroft saves the day!!!!! After holding a bombing suspect for 7 months and notifying the public that threats and chatter have increased for the summer months, they're parading their latest cap feather. Minus silly things like plans, bomb material and other trivial stuff. At least we know they're busy.

* Lopsided \Lop"sid`ed\, a. Unbalanced; poorly proportioned; full of idiosyncrasies.

* "In an overview of al Qaeda released in a separate report earlier this morning, the commission also found "no credible evidence" that al Qaeda collaborated with Saddam Hussein's government in Iraq on the Sept. 11 strikes or any other attacks on the United States." Would someone let Cheney know? He seems confused.....maybe he's just getting mixed signals on his pacemaker.

* FAUX News gives 'Fahrenheit 9/11' 1.97653 thumbs up.

* Popular vs Electoral. It may not fly, but at least the dialogue's there.

* "We can do nothing about this chaos," said a policeman who declined to be identified by name. "These people would eat us if we tried to force them to leave. We have no authority, not enough weapons to protect ourselves. . . . They accuse us of being collaborators, so how can we convince them to obey us?" Civil War by 2005?

* Fiscally Conservative. You don't always get what you pay for apparently.

* No parallels here, move along.

* DeLay is above the law. PSA, for those who didn't get the memo. RIF YWBA.

* A picture and a thousand words, give or take.

* Just when you think there's an end to monumental stupidity, you're proved wrong.

* Well meaning Mississippi student mad at God for making political statement with rainbow, following storm.

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June 15, 2004

Collected Shorts

News in 10 words or less

* 26 more things in July.

* Prager on Reagan Happiness; Religion, God, Religion, God, Religion Het-Marriage.

* Clinton praised on Townhall, brace for earthquake.

* Does Bush have to give the pistol back too?

* Torture isn't, if the abuser doesn't enjoy it. Explains much.

* Just declare martial law and be done with it.

* Ron Jr spanks George Jr in rhetorical icon smackdown.

* Installing freedom throughout worldwide, spreading love and peace for all.

* Six numbers and one lottery ticket away.

* Compassion has to come from somewhere.

* Gay marriage ripple effect impacts portly pundits. film at 11.

* What Would Jesus Do? Kick his ass out.

* Logical. What about the WOsD budget?

* Who has this much extra time?

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June 14, 2004

Assisted Perpetual Motion

The Week of Mourning is Over, Back to Work

* Mike Adams hones his diplomatic skills and desire for international understanding while lamenting missing the nomination for US Ambassador to the UN.

* Mr. Powell, Mr. Secretary..... Please don't use phrases like "Happy Camper" when expressing disappointment on Meet the Press. Just don't. Thanks.

* Warm milk and a blanket not giving you that fuzzy security feeling you need that allows you to sleep peacefully at night? Remember, John "Beat by a Dead Guy" Ashcroft is on the job. blink blink.

* Meglomania? Sadistic? Grandiosity? They can't be talkin' 'bout our little Georgie, could they? For shame.

* The term is 'vote of no confidence'.

* Please adjust your logic. It's now so called life, reduced liberty and the futile pursuit of happiness.

* Reality is much more amazing than fiction. You can't make this shit up.

* To all the hawks who declared that detainees we guilty and deserved their treatment(s) at Abu Ghraib, why did over 1680 just get released? Were we simply pleased with 'time served'?

* Bumbling Methodist requests assistance from Vatican. Response; "Yeah, we'll get right on those gays as soon as we're done with these altar boys here.

* At least now there's no question as to who's jets are tweeked about the Michael Moore flick.

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Flag Day Mayhem

Bob Novak's trying out new comedy material today.

Speaking of the Bush Campaign, he notes:

"Most likely, the president will advocate Social Security reform during this year's campaign, wait for a second term to reform taxes and not venture at all into Medicare's troubled waters."


"Medicare is the issue he almost surely will forgo. Senior administration officials privately admit that last year's prescription drug bill was a disaster substantively and politically. The golden opportunity for Medicare reform was squandered. "

then this morning on the AP wire;

"After a trip Monday to Liberty, Mo., to promote Medicare prescription drug benefits, Bush meets at the White House on Tuesday with Afghan President Hamid Karzai on fighting terrorism. "

at least someone's paying attention.................

** Remember **

Today is Flag Day. Help celebrate by yanking one of those post 9-11 faded and beat up flags off your neighbor's car. Peel off those "These Colors Don't Run" stickers from your car. You know, the ones where the colors did run and you failed to notice the 'made in china' on the back? Before you rush off and replace your tired and worn tributes to our national symbol, brush up on the laws regarding the treatment of the flag and remember what statment it is you're trying to make. While you're at it, get that damn Stars and Bars off your truck too.......it's just weird.

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June 11, 2004

Logical Conclusion & Required Mourning

Love is Blind
Ray Charles is Blind
God is Love
Ray Charles is God
God is Dead.

As is truth in history apparently. My ear's still ringing from the screaming fit I just encountered on the phone. My need to see 110% of all the coverage from the Ray-Gun funeral broohaha means my wife has to suffer through all of it while it records on the DVDR. Seems CNN called Bernie Shaw back in to fawn and drool over the corpse and scold the media on their shameful treatment of President Jelly Bean throughout his term(s). Where was Bernie from '92 --> '00? I guess they should be tickled on the free ride the press is giving the recently departed this week. Here's hoping the full legacy is grounded in truth rather than fiction.

other stuff.

* Out there on Fantasy Island, Bush and Putin met and had what appears to be another heart to heart. This time, Putin looked into Bush's eyes and saw *his* soul. The soul of a man who could have been a spectacular KGB agent with the ability to distance himself far enough from the impact of his decisions that he doesn't have to feel regret. Then scolded the American people for disagreeing with Bush's Iraq policies. Um, FU dude.

* New (or new to me) Texas Politics site. Check it.

* Folks, please send Karl Rove rope. 13 knots not required to be tied in advance.

* Durham? The mayor of Durham? Take the test.....did this one screw up your score too?

* Dear Iraq. You're next. Freedom's been redefined.

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Lessons Learned?

Absolutely inspiring presentation. At what point did the Secretary of State decide to start round-filing some of these concepts? Lesson 15 was my favorite.

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June 10, 2004

obfuscate & prevaricate ...if that fails, make shit up.

Random Surfing................trying to avoid the Ray-Gun fawning. remember, as long as that C-Span camera remains locked onto the casket, it's not on Bush.

* Poor Ray Charles. It's like Mother Theresa dying the same weekend as Princess Di...............page 10 news.

* All 80s all the time. Flashback moments and random trivia you forgot you knew.

* Ok, not totally Ronnie free. Just a few White House press conference memories from the 80's.

* Misplaced affection. Serious therapy needed.

* I've been under a rock apparently. I remember hearing something about this in passing................ the skeptic in me doesn't want to believe but there's a hint of truth in a lot of it. Just check it out.

* Still perusing.

* Thank you, come again.

* WMDs found...........................................in Jordan. Let's nuke em!

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June 09, 2004

sweeping generalizations and other household tasks

* Feeling generous? Share your thoughts. Not feeling generous, share that too. These guys are going to milk this grieving thing dry.

* A fitting tribute. Set down that glass of whatever you're drinking first.

* I love Blah3. A Ronald Reagan Stem Cell Research Bill. Brilliant idea. Too bad Daschle would soil himself before he'd have the balls to submit it.

* More on the OptiGipIcator.

* My idea for a tribute to Reagan is not the dime, not the ten dollar bill, not an addition to Rushmore, but a well orchestrated and aesthetically pleasing bas relief blasted out of the Nevada desert that can not only be seen by planes at 25,000 feet but from outer space as well. Nothing says art like a piece of work that only makes sense from a distance.

* Ashcroft's performance yesterday in front of Congress was exceptional on so many levels. In case you need a primer as to how the laws "work" within the Executive Branch, check this out. It helps explain John "beat by a dead guy" Ashcroft's logic.

* Eliminate the surprise. Plan ahead.

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June 08, 2004

Tejas Tuesday

This week's campaign focus is Martin Frost. Check out the posting on Texas Tuesdays. Give if you can. Remember, time is as good as money in a campaign. The 32nd is a very important race in Texas this year if for no other reason than to prove Tom DeLay's theory wrong.

From today's DMN.

Mr. DeLay said Mr. Frost's reputation as a tenacious campaigner and fund-raiser would not make a difference in the race.
The 32nd District was considered one of the strongest Republican districts in North Texas.
"He can work hard and raise all the money he wants," Mr. DeLay said. "But that district wasn't drawn for Martin Frost."

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Go Dog, Go

Catch Up

* Yesterday's Salon has an incredible interview with Eugene McCarthy. Check it out. His one on one with Bob Dole for the D-Day remembrance on C-SPAN was also very good and worth watching.

* He said what? This type of deviation from the unrealistic optimism required for White House staffers could result in a need to spend time with his family.

* It'll be nice now for the Bush campaign to have Reagan now as a memory they can manipulate for their comparison needs. Once they begin the Dubya = Gipper rhetoric, have this in your back pocket.

* Setting the behavior standard to which all nations should aspire. Billmon's done a more in depth analysis.

* When they start forcing SOMA on the populace in the evenings to maintain passification, it's too late. (the article is sponsored by Nexium. irony noted)

* When Reagan showed up at the Pearly Gates and was confronted by all of the AIDS victims from the eighties, you think he's offered up any apologies?

* Comprehensive reference sources. This should be handy.

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International Relations

AP (France)
This week in the international funny face face-off finals the competition was fierce. Georgie II and Jackie countered first with the tried and true monkey in heat face then switching to controlled anger. In the final round they both pulled out the 'frustrated leader' look and wowed the gallery. Not willing to create an international incident, the judges decided to declare a draw and both contestants took home the prize.

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June 07, 2004

Great Gobs of Gipper Goodness

In Remembrance, sort of
1980-1988: The entire Reagan era was all of my high school and college years. Due to bad timing on my parents part and much to my chagrin, I missed the opportunity to vote for Mondale in '84. Reagan's perceived legacy is of course the touted end of the Cold War and the build up of our military with a sprinkling of Reaganomics and warm feeling for the country tossed in for good measure. Missing of course are the finite details of the impact of Nicaragua, El Salvador, Iran/Contra, lack of action on AIDs, ballooning deficits during peace time etc etc. Warms fuzzies about one's country doesn't go far when you've lost your job due to deregulation in your industry.

In Reagan's defense, he was a polished orator despite being pitifully bad at speaking on policy off the cuff. Being the 'Great Communicator' was not enough to endear him to those affected by his mis-directed policies. He does, in retrospect look like a bloody genius and something much less than a hardline conservative when compared to the current incumbent. My hope is that, out of his death and illness, something comes of Nancy's push for stem-cell research... something more than the endless stream of pundit fawning and historical revisionism that we're seeing now.

in other news

* Abu Ghraib, not just the work of 7 errant troops, we have a pattern forming.

* When moving protestors 1-2 miles from an event isn't enough, there are other methods for deterring opposition.

* More tolerance for intolerance from Hannity & Milquetoast.

* A lot of flack over a couple of words. When are they going to wake up and understand 'clarity in the message' is key to international relations and ensuring a speech does not offend is important?

* David Limbaugh interviews Ben Shapiro. I have neither the time nor the energy to deconstruct this little mutual masturbation party. It is though worth the read. Remember they're serious

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June 04, 2004

Freaky Friday

Stop making sense and start making trouble.

* Gay Marriages. Not the solution. Instead, convert them all to heterosexual bible thumpers. Nothing the Southern Baptists need, more than an influx of well dressed worshippers who can dance.

* Um, ok. Then what?

* Hannity's repetitious talking points deconstructed better than anywhere I've seen. Very well done.

* Online version of Crossfire minus Novak's teeth.

* Bush knew about the Plame leak? Karl Rove imitates Montgomery Burns, "Eeeeexcellent".

* Was Robert Ludlum right?

* Condi is now mixing the kool-aid. Bush != statesman.

* My place in hell is reserved now. I took my 2 year old to see Shrek 2..... he's now been exposed to cartoon drag queen bartenders. For shame! Well, that and he also caught the opening bathroom scene in Femme Fatale last night.

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June 03, 2004

All over the board


* When you're a Republican, it's not flip-flopping, it's appropriately creative judgement adjustments due to unforeseen and shifting situations and not, misplaced ideology.

* Negativity from the Bush campaign? No, say it isn't so. You want to see negative, this is negative... but clever and endearing (if you're a deluded white-bread rant freak).

* Justice might actually get served. Anyone seen a flying pig lately?

* Please tell me he didn't compare Iraq to WWII.......... "Like the Second World War, our present conflict began with a ruthless, surprise attack on the United States." Does anyone really still believe Iraq attacked us on 9/11? The fact that the majority of the hijackers were Saudi and we're still sucking their proverbial dicks ought to have this entire nation up in arms...... but, I digress.

* " Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" ..... or the ex-military anti-Kerry league are digging deep into the petty bucket. Shouldn't there be a similar organization on the other side, maybe the "AWOL Drunk Guardsmen Sons of Prominent Leaders for Truth"?

* "There Ought to be Limits to Freedom!" --George W. Bush 05/21/1999.

* Chalabi? Just some fringe wing-nut that just hung around White House staffers, not really much of an inside guy. Like Clarke and O'Neill, he was way out of the loop. Tenet, the minute he signs a book deal, he was out of the loop too.

* How long before they set up the Fund a Fundie campaign (better known as Bush/Cheney legal defense fund.)?


What Video Game Character Are You? I am a Light Cycle.I am a Light Cycle.
I drive fast, I turn fast, I do everything fast. I even breakfast. I tend to confuse people with my sudden changes of heart. Sometimes I even confuse myself, which tends to cause problems. What Video Game Character Are You?

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Bye Patsy

"I will miss him," Bush told reporters after accepting Tenet's resignation in a White House meeting. Whimpering quietly to himself over the loss of his stool pigeon.

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June 02, 2004

Taunting the other side

Fair warning.......surfing the right wing today for personal amusment

* Dear Leader's losing Kathleen Parker........... to Powell and the left keeps getting slammed for not being cohesive?

* Joel Mowbray's deluded enough to think our liberal media isn't doing enough to defend Chalabi. Maybe it's the loose lips and sunk ships that keep them at bay.

* Dennis Prager, (god I love this guy), scolds the masses in their collective failure to dress up for god and other special occasions. Blaming it of course, on secular thought. Argyle socks are the slippery slope into depravity, you have been warned.

* Jay Bryant stops just short of recreating the 'Axis of Evil' as Iran, Iraq and John Kerry. Don't forget, in 2004 a vote for a Democrat is a vote for Osama.

* Robert Novak laments our failure to maintain a quality presence in Afghanistan. Gawrsh, you mean we refocused our troops too soon? Maybe the presence of the DEA agents on the ground will allow us to be as effective there as we are with the War on Some Drugs, here.

* Beat your chest, toss out that gay quiche, rid yourself of those pansy habits. God wants you to be a 'Wild Man'. Remember, man was created to be a lion not a cow......which I guess, gives you license to kill your young and have a pride of females?

* Shock and awe in the presidential race. Kerry has allegedly given the finger to Ted Sampley at the Vietnam Memorial. Just one? Kerry's other hand must have been otherwise occupied. Where was the press photographer?

Sliding back to the other side of the aisle

* Congratulations to the state of South Dakota on their new Congresswoman.

* Historians review Bush's presidency, comparing his performance to other 'less than stellar' presidents. As a stated student of history, one would think Bush would choose to emulate some of his more successful predecessors.

* Prescription drug discounts for the elderly made simple. Just follow this flow chart and we'll get your nitroglycerin tabs out to you in 6-8 weeks.

* On the topic of health care, why isn't the VA protesting on the White House lawn?

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June 01, 2004

June Fools Day

What a month this is going to be........all the ups and downs of installing our own little democracy, complete with a chosen leader by month's end. Here's to the ultimate non-CIA, CIA coup.

* The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself. Who better to actualize that reality than Ashcroft? It only seems fair to combat emotion with emotion. Terror with Fear. (if the link fails, check out the 5.27.04 post)

* Stunning, shocking, appalling, words can't effectively describe the surprise that rippled through the monkey house this weekend when Cheney was found to have contributed to the Haliburton contracts in Iraq. Who would have ever dreamed it? Now, on to the Energy Policy setting team.

* It's good to see the DicknBush campaign setting the low water mark for performance. Here's to staying above the fray..... you hear me Kerry?

* The spoils of war. File under petty MoFo, who's juvenile approach to celebrating the capture of a foe is to wave the acquired weapon around in the Oval Office/study. Check out Rudepundit's view. There may be some laws being broken here.

* Political discussion was had over the weekend in which the comment was made that this administration was ignoring the evironment. To which I replied, "A rapist does not ignore his victim". Case in point.

* Missed this policy decision. Time to incorporate the monkeys and get an H2. Or not.......and people still believe this administration's not oil driven?

* Short term memory loss segment. Yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of the declaration by the pResident that the WMDs had been found. Why again is it that Judith Miller is still employed?

* Dear Sudan, Find oil fast. Sincerely, GWB

* Further proof that the liberal media really does exist. How else could an unsubstantiated rumor spread so fast? People really do miss Monica.

* Speaking of missing prominent politicians..............Ann Coulter's battling a serious case of panty moisting over the latest anti-Clinton tome. At least all that hate's making someone some money somewhere.......seems a waste not to capitalize on it.

* Tax cuts begat spending cuts. Which will affect you more, the proposed spending cuts or the tax savings?

* Go read. Tears are not required but may be generated.

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Texas Tuesday and Texas Sky

Folks, it's Tuesday. That means it's time for Texas Tuesdays. Today's candidate is incumbent, Chet Edwards. The write-up by Byron covers both the candidate and the district race as a whole. Do your part to force the GOP to spend more money in Texas.

Speaking of Texas, the sky here is so magnificent you can even capture it with a cell phone.

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