August 31, 2004

Cracker Barrel

RNC Drinking Game for Sober People

1 bottle of scotch (make it a single malt)
1 shot glass
1 TV
4-5 free hours

When you see a non-white, drink. Press, RNC staff and scheduled speakers not included in game.

Relevant Figures

Men 57% 50%
Women 43 50
White 85 92
Black 6 1
Union 3 12
NRA member 24 12
College grad 77 33
Married 78 68

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$64K question

This just in..................

* Mitt Romney Surprise on Wednesday? Other than coming up with some more issue free dirt to cloud the waters, what could Mitt have to offer the delegates? Theories? link, via a reader

* Bush declares the War on Terra winable. Yay! Just yesterday it wasn't. Can our national emotional state handle this type of rollercoaster? Could someone request it be changed to the War on Terrorists to a. see if Bush can master multiple syllables and b. stop this brutal attack on language? If not, when can we start the War on Apathy and the War on Pissy?

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Tuesday Already?

This week's profile is Stephen Frost, a young up and coming progressive with a vision for how Texas should be represented. The newly drawn district covers the majority of the Northeast region of the state and has historically gone to Democrats. Help win the ongoing redistricting fight DeLay began.

The Race Intro is here.
The Candidate Interview is here.

While we're celebrating Texas candidates, pop by Katy Hubener's site and congratulate her on the Dean nod, then donate.

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12/16/20 or One Size Fits All

Nuance and Rhetoric Primer

For those who swallow the sound bites whole without taking the time to examine what's being fed; the $87 Billion dollar vote is a red herring. The initial bill called for $60+ billion to fund the military forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and police in Miami with the remaining $20+ billion for rebuilding, contracts and reparations in Iraq designated as a loan to be paid back to the US taxpayer. This is the bill that Dubya said he would veto. This is the version that John Kerry supported. See, he didn't feel the US taxpayers needed to shoulder the burden of rebuilding the schools, hospitals and infrastructure in Iraq without repayment. The threat of the presidential veto and the majority not wanting to seem like they don't support our military rushed back into rewriting the emergency budget addendum and took out the part where Iraq's oil is used to pay us back. This version is the one that John Kerry opposed. So the truth here is, Dubya was willing to chuck all of the funding for the military over ensuring the US taxpayer wasn't burdened with the rebuilding of Iraq and John Kerry was so sure that our citizens shouldn't carry that load that he was willing to be one of the few voices of dissent over the financial impact to the people of the United States.

He changed his mind. For.Good.Reason........... the taxpayer impact.

Kickin' Townhall's Doors

* The Iraqi Olympians are ingrates..... we give them freedom, cluster bombs, civil unrest and they have the audacity to snub the leader of their invading force. Feh, Dennis Prager reserves the right to piss on their heads.

* Joel Mobray attended the march in NYC Sunday. Hundreds of thousands showed up, minute fractions were arrested but what caught Joel's eye was a flaming dragon, a couple of signs and some girl's fake tits. Priorities.

* Phyllis Schlafly thinks Alan Keyes is a brilliant orator and from Massachusetts she's 0 for 2.

* Larry Kudlow's in favor of 527s. Apparently because they're doing such a good job of focusing the nation's attention away from the issues. Nothing beats rabid controversy to degrade the level of discourse even more.

Convention-al Wisdom

* Rudy Giuliani did a fine job with the ol' 1, 2 punch on John Kerry and his campaign last night. Trouble with Rudy is, although he played the brief role of hero during the 9-11 saga, he's still missing key elements in his credibility. As much as he'd like to ride the tragedy wave, it will eventually wane and his city readiness planning leaves much to be desired. Remember, he's the poster child for family values and art appreciation.

* John McCain. *sigh* It's like watching the most loyal puppy dog get kicked repeatedly and then keep coming back for more because the desire to be appreciated is stronger than the desire to leave. Wouldn't it be cool if before he criticized F-9/11, he had actually seen the movie? His comment (still looking for transcript) on Hardball last night was interesting, he lauded field service in Vietnam over those who chose other avenues to avoid the war. Whoops.

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In Awe

Unbelievable, spectacular, inspiring.......I've got chills. When you kick things off with Dennis Hastert's vibrant personality, there's nowhere else to go but up. Ron Silver's passion regarding Bush's policies on Terra and the wide diversity in the attendees, really gives the voter a sense of the direction the GOP is taking us all. How about that rousing tribute to Gerald Ford, all that glory with no words. Brilliant still shot editing, felt like he was there.

was the garage band part of the tribute?

back to TIVO.

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August 30, 2004

Measurable excitement

* Photo-Op of the Week. Cheney speaking in front of vast dozens of well vetted supporters before dashing off surrounded by a bevy of SS agents without shaking a single hand. Ellis Island grass saved from mass trampling by apathy.

* Flip-Flop-sweat.

* Ben Barnes got his reciprocated benefit from the Texas Lotto Commission, tat got it's tit and now the chickens have come home to roost? Good enough local lingo fer ya? Which network's going to ignore it first?

* Bush, in an amazing display of honesty, admitted he'll be handing over the War on Terra to the DEA who know how to drag out an unwinnable and protracted war at the expense of taxpayers.

* Catastrophic Success and other nonsensical bits of stunning wisdom from the man who would be king..... and the GOPs worried we'll get a man in there who might change his mind?

* Laura Bush speaks out on Compassion, Conservativenessosity and What it means to Turn the Other Cheek. or not. Don't forget, W stands for Women.............and sits for no one.

* For all your convention needs it's Bloggers x 2. The Feed from the Right and the Feed from the Left.

* Who's polling this group? Durn spoilers.

* A bit over the top semantically, but if they wind up doing a good job of discrediting Missy M's diatribes, I'll excuse the name.

* 527's. Bush signed the law and now is against the law. flip flop? you be the judge.

* McCain got the memo from Laura Bush stating that Kerry's pre and post war efforts were fair game. Does no one get it that questioning the government's actions, especially men and women in uniform are dying for those actions, is as patriotic as fighting? Ironically, our president's done neither.

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RNC Humor

Start the week with a chuckle

Schedule for the opening day of the REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION

6:00 P.M. - Opening prayer led by the Reverend Jerry Falwell

6:30 P.M. - Pledge of Allegiance

6:35 P.M. - Ceremonial Burning of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution (excluding the Second Amendment)

6:45 P.M. - Salute to the "Coalition of the Willing"

6:46 P.M. - Seminar 1: Katherine Harris on "Are Elections Really Necessary?"

7:30 P.M. - Announcement: Lincoln Memorial Renamed for Ronald Reagan

7:35 P.M. - Trent Lott - "Resegregation in the 21st Century"

7:40 P.M. - EPA Address 1: "Mercury: It's What's for Dinner"

8:00 P.M. - Vote on which country to invade next

8:10 P.M. - Call EMTs to revive Rush Limbaugh

8:15 P.M. - John Ashcroft Lecture: "The Homos Are After Your Children"

8:30 P.M. - Round table discussion on reproductive rights (Men Only)

8:50 P.M. - Seminar 2: "Corporations: The Government of the Future"

9:00 P.M. - Condi Rice sings "Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man"

9:05 P.M. - Phyllis Schlafly speaks on "Why Women Shouldn't Be Leaders"

9:10 P.M. - EPA Address 2: "Trees: The Real Cause of Forest Fires"

9:30 P.M. - Break for secret meetings

10:00 P.M. - Second Prayer led by Cal Thomas

10:15 P.M. - Carl Rove Lecture: "Doublespeak Made Simple"

10:30 P.M. - Rumsfeld Lecture/Demonstration: "How to Squint and Talk Macho Even When You Feel Squishy Inside"

10:35 P.M. - Bush demonstration of trademark "deer in headlights"stare

10:40 P.M. - John Ashcroft demonstration: New Mandatory Kevlar Chastity Belt

10:45 P.M. - GOP's tribute to tokenism, featuring Colin Powell & Condi Rice

10:46 P.M. - Ann Coulter's tribute to "Joe McCarthy, American Patriot"

10:50 P.M. - Seminar 3: "Education: A Drain on Our Nation's Economy"

11:10 P.M. - Hilary Clinton Piñata

11:20 P.M. - John Ashcroft lecture: "Evolutionists: A Dangerous New Cult"

11:30 P.M. - Call EMTs to revive Rush Limbaugh again

11:35 P.M. - Blame Clinton

11:40 P.M. - Newt Gingrich speaks on "The Sanctity of Marriage"

11:41 P.M. - Announcement: Ronald Reagan to be added to Mt. Rushmore

11:50 P.M. - Closing prayer led by Jesus Himself

12:00 Mid - Nomination of George W. Bush as Holy Supreme Planetary Overlord

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August 28, 2004


Former Lt Governor of Texas Ben Barnes, apologizes for getting Bush into the National Guard.

Go Watch.


courtesy of

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Through the looking glass

From the What Are They Up To files

* Peter Kirsanow over at the last bastion of truth, the National Review, poses a series of questions and follow-ups he'd like Kerry to speak to. For Peter, I'd like to ask; has our incumbent *ever* answered a series of questions that dig this deep, has the WH press corps ever asked and then followed up to this degree, were you this interested in Bush prior to 1999? If not, then STFU. This isn't to say that I believe Kerry shouldn't provide answers, why not.. he should have nothing to lose by responding. I do though, have major issue with the free ride the press gives the Son Of Privilege and the extra degree of scrutiny assigned to his opponents.

* From the Citizens for Separation of Church and State, comes a new flick not to be missed.

* Chuckie Krauthammer nails the Democrat's issue on the head. "They cannot bear suffering not just a bad presidency but an illegitimate one." Then he spins out of control and whines that the last two years have been wrought with Democrat anger causing Bush's polls to go down. Chuckie, here's a question, "what direction were Bush's polls were headed *right* before we lost less citizens to Saudi terrorists than we lose in a year to the flu?" hint: South.

* Mike Adams revised: The “man” I am referring to suffers from what I call Fucking Assholes With A Column (FAWACs). These types tend to assume that anyone gives a rats ass how pissed they are about things that don't affect them directly get under their skin. Their lack of control causes them to strike out and fill up pages and pages on how tweeked they are without providing rational dialogue or solutions while pretending to be on the side of justice. They're most commonly found ranting to walls in their later years......or they become Bob Novak.

* I'll defend to the death, the son of the man who covered my ass. I will fight the good fight against this usurper who's trying to steal the White House from my boy. I owe this family my life and this, this, this Frenchman.. nothing but scorn and rancor. -- Ollie North.

* How to get a job with MSNBC: Be a Republican Congresscritter, find a dead woman in your office, resign quickly and apply. Condits need not apply.

* Alice Cooper clarifies earlier statement.......not about being a moron.

* Bush still convinced the popular vote got him in office the first time. Plans to "win" again, 5 justices agree.


* Rational logic prevails amongst the screaming ninnies.

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August 26, 2004

Bang head on Desk

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

* Share in the celebration of our victories. Only you can fight terrorism, through shopping.

* Does your baby look good in camouflage? Show your love with some of these.

* Keep an eye on the witty banter from Townhall.

* TIVO poised....... nothing beats a great Brooks & Dunn concert.

* Holey Doley.

* $50 says Mike Adams will be marching.

* Well duh, you stupid yutzes.........why did no one study Texas politics prior to the election in 2000 and then ignore the need to connect dots until now. Sheesh.

* Commentators United for National Truths.

* New sites of interest: DoYouFeelSafer and Osamasurprise.

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nothing to see here

Max Cleland goes to Crawford to deliver a letter asking Bush to condem the Swiffer Wet Boys. Instead of being met by a member of the cabinet or staff, he's met by Jerry Patterson, Texas State Land Commissioner. Who's number one contributor is (drum roll please)....... Bob Perry, primary funder of, the Swift Boat Wankers Against Kerry. No ties here, move along please.

Question: If Jerry is on active duty right now.....who's our Land Commissioner and what's he doing hanging out in Crawford?

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August 25, 2004

Jane, you ignorant...........


* RNC & Courting the Catholic vote.

* More Swift Boat rhetoric. Asinine is an understatement at this point.

* On Rummy's needed removal: "If the head of a department had to resign every time anyone down below did something wrong, it would be a very empty Cabinet table," said panel member Harold Brown, secretary of defense under President Carter." Hello, Mr. Paige, can I see you for a second?

* Will "I 'heart' NY" shirts be modified to "NY 'circle slash /heart' GOP delegates"?

* What a flip-flop looks like.

* Capturing truth, real time.

* An evil 527 looks something like,........... this.

* Dole, stick to Viagra commercials. thx ADW

* Cheney's courting the daughter vote. With little scooter in trouble, is Bush going to pick a new VP?

* If attacked by Filipino Islamic militants, we need to start by locking up the ones with dual citizenship.

* Trouble with kicking dirt, some might land in your own eye.

mini Soapbox

Accuracy in media. Rumor has it that John Kerry is criss-crossing the nation and attracking unparalleled crowds; speaking out on such topics as healthcare, the economy, the national debt, trade and labor issues, education and even security. How the hell would we know? Instead of focusing on these monumental occasions, the large majority of the news programs are giving John "Nixon and Colson's Waterboy" O'Neill is getting more air and face time than the candidate. This failure of our media, who use our airwaves, are in effect providing 100% free publicity to the questionable facts and scurrilous attacks from the SBVFT embedded in the Bush campaign. With one (French) playing 6 degrees with Kerry, another having to quit the campaign and their attorney having to step down from a consultation role with the Bushies, haven't they lost credibility enough to not warrant the focus? Pssst, O'Neill was in Cambodia, his words, not mine. Does that not add enough credibility to the fact that John Kerry may have received orders that required him to be there as well? I'm over-simplifying...........but it appears as if the general public needs a force feed pablum approach to information. Bring on the debates, please.
off box

For Fun

* Hoax? maaaaybe. Cool? Definitely.

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Certs, Get Closer

Eat your heart out Ted Kopel.


*bonus: Bush was right, trial lawyers are up to no good.

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No Connection?

From and it's mirror, Mostly video, the other links have no content.

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August 24, 2004

potent pulchritude

Slow Vets for Stupidity and other gems

* Dear Bob Dole, your interview with Wolf ShBlitzer was what we usually refer to as a CLM. Your job as a part-time commentator during the election cycles are, for the most part, entertaining and fun. The hatchet-man role no longer suits you and when you criticize your peer for that which you yourself have experienced, your credibility evaporates. Don't Nader yourself.

* Uno Mas Swift Boat vet speaks out against the SBVFT. Breaking down the semantics of served with versus served *under*.

* Serving Honorably. Compare and contrast, courtesy of kos and Juan Cole.

* Plame indictments? oooooooooooh, wow.

* 527's led to the failure of 100% of Bush's business ventures, caused him to fail to file insider trading of options with the SEC, forced him to change drivers license numbers before running for governor, impacted his imminent domain land grab for the Rangers and forced him into war with a country who had the potential for planning to think about putting together a plan to look into attacking the US. They must be stopped.

The Other Guys

* David Limbaugh has a blog. No comments, no direct links and is sprinkled with neato love letters from his fans. He's also reading Missy M's book this week. Cute.

* Bruce Bartlett sums up why you should vote for Bush. Convincing, ain't it?

Thus, realistically, there is unlikely to be a second term agenda for Bush, regardless of what he may announce at the convention. There is simply nothing in the pipeline, and it’s too late to start something new.

* Moderates Only Need Apply. Isn't Club For Growth a 527? Doesn't Bush want to rid us of this evil blight?

Stephen Moore, president of the Club for Growth, acknowledges that his organization's goal is to make moderate Republicans an endangered species. "The problem with the moderates in Congress is they basically water down the Republican message and what you get is something that infuriates the Republican base,'' Mr. Moore said.

* Sometimes it's just easier to let Bush Supporters speak for themselves. From Alice Cooper, the last bastion of high quality entertainment speaks up for the moron vote.

Cooper is one of just a handful of high-profile musicians who've proclaimed support for Bush.

Why are we rock stars? Because we're morons. We sleep all day, we play music at night and very rarely do we sit around reading the Washington Journal."

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Day 3, Week 35

Once again it's time for Texas Tuesdays.

This week's profiled candidate, David Leibowitz is one of the few Democrats who stand a chance of winning their seat and even the GOP are close to writing off District 117. A look at the candidate is here and a review of the overall district is here.

In a Hill Country district with multiple military bases and significant environmental needs, as well as the swiftly expanding hispanic voter base in San Antonio, it's important to have someone focused on the issues important to the people and land being represented. Go show some love.

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International vs Domestic Policy

excerpt from "Let's Stop Beating Around The Bush" by Jim Hightower. **

In 2003, Bush offered the Turkish government more money in a bribe to get them to send troops to Iraq than he provided for American schools to help them implement his No Child Left Behind Act.

It's not about what you say, folks it's about what you do.

** causes insomnia

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August 23, 2004

Yellow Gox Box Socks

Swiftly Vetting Truthisms

* Bush steps up to the plate (after the damage is done) and comments vaguely on "That Ad".... mexed missage mush? Maybe he was worried about stuff like,

“I was not prepared to shoot my eardrum out with a shotgun in order to get a deferment. Nor was I willing to go to Canada. So I chose to better myself by learning how to fly airplanes." George W. Bush on why he joined the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam War, 1990.

and the rest of his commentary regarding his service. Missing the point completely, he continues the rhetoric of his handlers and attacks 527s with a broad brush.

* More critical reviews of the Swiffers from Josh Marshall and Here's What's Left..... shock, they're being sponsored by local Republican parties.

* Free for the taking, chapter 6 of the SBVFT's book. After this many years, these guys are still harboring a grudge against Kerry speaking out against the war. It's so *not* about his medals, they're a red herring. This being said, is anyone asking them if they were 100% in support of the war?

Evolution of Discourse

* In this new age of politics and media there's apparently a new rule. Anyone with a microphone or audience can say whatever they want about someone else and it's up to the subject to prove what's being said is incorrect. We no longer believe someone's word and prefer to rely on the game of gossip for sources and refuse to accept any other explanation no matter how reasonable it may seem. In the spirit of this new approach I submit the following;

  • Rove receives nightly fellatio from Andrew Card.
  • Condi Rice attended Young Communist meetings as an undergrad.
  • Laura Bush failed her first Dewey Decimal system exam.
  • Karen Hughes prefers life as a woman.
  • Ed Gillespie used to have a chin, he's a victim of bad plastic surgery.
  • The Bush Twins do not support their dad's belief in abstinence.
  • Rush Limbaugh has a commitment and drug problem.
  • Trent Lott carries a Log Cabin Republican membership card.

Truth or not, it's not up to me to provide proof.

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August 21, 2004


Overheard at next table by myself while having lunch at TGIF in Far North Dallas as a car with a John Kerry and Martin Frost pulled into parking lot.

That’s the second car with a Kerry/Frost bumper sticker that I’ve seen today. “Those Democrats are getting so uppity

via: Charles

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Are your childs learning?

The dumbing down of our students.

The Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) is currently reviewing health textbooks for use in public high schools. The books do not mention condoms or contraception as effective methods in preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or pregnancy, focusing exclusively on remaining abstinent until marriage. Health education should teach abstinence for young people as the best policy for avoiding pregnancy and STDs, but it should also include reliable information on contraception. Approximately 50% of Texas high school students will have had intercourse by the time they graduate and Texas has the nation's highest teen birth rate. Texas teens need all the facts!

Textbook Update
At the first public hearing on July 14, more than 100 Texans voiced their opposition to the lack of complete sex education in the textbooks. Now we have learned that the textbook publishers, under pressure from far-right groups, have agreed to make changes to the textbooks that will make the books even worse. One publisher now equates unprotected and protected sex, calling them both "high-risk behaviors" for acquiring sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Glencoe/McGraw-Hill agreed to change a passage in its Health book. The passage had listed, "engaging in unprotected sex" as a high-risk behavior for acquiring an STD, but now the passage reads, "Engaging in either unprotected or protected sex," [is a high-risk behavior].

None of the publishers added information about the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of condoms and other contraceptive methods, as required by Texas' curriculum standard for textbooks. Yet they were quick to add even more information on remaining abstinent until married.

Read more here and contact your SBOE member, here.

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* Maryscott O'Connor over at mydd debunks much of the Swiffer Wet boys and asks;

I do not know if printing this will be any more effective than screaming into a tornado; I can only hope that it is comprehensive enough -- yet concise, as well -- to make it onto a few mass email lists.

Answer: get more people to scream. It's about volume, right?

* Compassionate conservatives demonstrate their view on the first amendment.

* Despite the opinion that taunting Michelle Malkin seems to some as bigoted or sexist, for the record, I'm an equal opportunity snarker. As long as she continues to put herself in the public eye and spew her rhetoric, she's fair game for scrutiny.

* Bush 2004 the "Closed to Dissent" Tour. Vote Ferengi this fall (see: #34 and 41).

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August 20, 2004

caffeinated somnambulist

* Oliver Willis breaks out the Swiffer Wetsuit Wearers for Justice's ties to the racists over at Regnery Publishing. Guess now we know where Ann Coulter's getting her dates these days.

* I stand corrected. I stated the other day that Jesus would have voted for Nader, apparently he's more closely aligned with the Democrats. Maybe it's his rejection of funding from sources he was idealogically opposed to.

* From the category of 'what are they *really* saying', the White House goes on the attack against 527s ....................and other aspects of free speech. Creepy.

* August 10th, 2004 was a good day in Iraq. Why are we hyper-focused on shrapnel in Kerry's leg and Bush's glazed look when we're still losing troops?

* Quick local focus piece that's making national news. Frost vs Sessions in the battle over campaign signs. No matter how you slice this, Petey looks bad. Going back to the nastiness of 2002 and knowing Pauline Dixon, this isn't just bad, it's reprehensible. Just bidness as usual in Texas.

* Is Iran calling Israel's bluff or ours.................or are the lines so blurred it's the same threat? Is the push, to get Sharon to start dicksizing to the point that he has to admit he has nukes?

* Ungrateful Iraqis angered by Bush's exploitation of them in his campaign. We bomb democracy into their hearts and this is how they respond? Shame.

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Real Swift Boat People

* Bush found someone who remembers his service in the TANG. Still no one from Alabama, but wow..... how exciting is it that it may be the Verizon guy?

Q Can you hear me now?

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, ma'am. I like the cowboy boots, strong look.

Q I thought you might like that.

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, yes, it's strong.

Q Actually, 33 years ago I was working with the Texas Air National Guard.

THE PRESIDENT: Oh, fantastic.

Q From October of '71 to May of '72, you and I knew each other. So you were there.

THE PRESIDENT: Oh, thank you. (Applause.) Thank you. (Applause.) Good to see you again. (Laughter.)

Yes, sir. Thanks for your service, Sergeant.

* Swiftly Boating for Truth, Thurlow's been making the rounds and self contradicting so badly I found myself feeling sorry for him last night. The sensation passed quickly.

* It's like, I think it and the NYT gives me what I want. So very cool. I was bitching last night about the fact that no one's created a follow the money chart that effectively maps out the cash trail for the SBVFT party boys.

* More attack ads and promotion flicks for Bush may have crossed the FEC line. Like film in a darkroom.........developing.

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Self Inflicted

MM's "John Kerry shot himself" face.



Transcript of the exchange is here and you can find Missy's take on it on her site. You be the judge on whether or not her indignation is warranted based on the rumors and innuendo she brought to the table.

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the real source of anger

Why is no one talking about Moqtada al-Sadr's man breasts?

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August 18, 2004

Love Missile -- Arbusto43

Campaign et al

* Bush spent some quality time yesterday touting the importance of his missile shield program. The big bad rockets, designed to intercept crazy ex-military nut jobs in Ryder trucks, militants in commercial aircraft and assorted wackies with surplus C4 waiting in the wings for the right opportunity. Requesting an extra $1 billion in funding, Bush went on to explain the push for subsidizing the delivery of GPS units to Iran, North Korea and China so real life would imitate the military's testing.

* Take a moment and go visit BAN's image snag of the week. Alan Keyes visits his people and faces Obama........his support base are holding up his signs. Question: What do the people attached to those hands think about his stand on reparations?

* English as a second language, nuances missed, hyperboles scattered, wounded metaphors everywhere and still 2.5 months to go. At least he's consistent.

* How about that tax cut? Happy now? Expect the economic blog-gurus to have a field day over the next week or so.

* From behind the curtain, it's the great and powerful OZ!

* This is what is known as an Atwater moment.


* An ambassador to the unborn? Makes for some one-sided negotiations, don't it?

* Random political flash crap.

* Rick Santorum's wife wrote a book on manners. Wonder if it addresses ad hominem attacks on people who differ from you? Apparently it does talk about pansies.

* Jesus might have voted for Nader.

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Meat The Press.. glossy style

Something's been bugging me about Sunday's MTP, starring Andrea "not subpoenaed" Mitchell. They wittily banter back and forth on the issue of John Kerry's semantics and his use of the word 'sensitive'. Blatantly ignoring or completely missing the irony in her one sided debate ....she segued from that subject to the next one with

MS. MITCHELL: Of course, George Bush has also used the word "sensitive," but that gets kind of glossed over. Anne Kornblut, you've been out with the Kerry campaign. You've watched him in action. Why is he having such a hard time explaining his vote on Iraq?

and never blinked as she herself glossed over the facts and moved on to Kerry's "inability" to communicate...........MAYBE IT'S BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT LISTENING!!!! Then they break for commercial....time for your 60 second soft focus injection of love from GE and ADM. Well, that explains the glossing.

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August 17, 2004

belligerently obsequious

The Campaign, such as it is

* Kos compares the RNC line up to the DNC line up....... my question is, 'where is Gerald Ford?'. Ironic how the talking heads slammed the DNC for staying positive and yet there's vastly less discussion about the choice to go "middle of the road" with the RNC. Still plan to TIVO it.

* How long before the "Ask pResident Bush" sessions get renamed to "Circle Jerks with George" and they start passing out lotion and tissues?

* Being wrong is hard to admit. It appears as though my perception of the last 3.66789 years has been incorrect. The answer to "are you better off now than you were four years ago" is yes. I had no idea. I can't thank the king of optimism enough for clearing that up for me.

Random Bits

* The Gadflyer debunks the 'most liberal' claim against Kerry & Edwards. Not that it should matter a bit, history's shown that the economy and the public at large benefit more when a Democrat's in office. They should be wearing this charge as a badge of honor.

* I miss the days when we uprooted foreign governments with US tax dollars via the CIA instead of using subversive non-profit organizations. Possible level of US interest if Venezuela had no oil?

Regarding MM

* For those popping in from Atrios, welcome. To those who are desperately attempting to read anything more into the post, than it being a direct taunting of a sad little winger who lost her cool when a broadcast audience laughed at her vapid stream of logic........ you have a right to your opinion but it's wrong.
update: blah3 got creative with the images of lil missy.

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si c'est mardi, c'est le Texas mardi

Once again it's time to focus locally. This week's profile is the race in the 137th which is growing more and more demographically Democrat despite the recent Gerrymandering land grab we experienced recently. Scott Hochberg is the man of the hour and despite the odds being considerably in his favor, still needs the support of locals to ensure a win.

The district and race profile are here and the brief candidate blurb is here.

Let's keep our money in Texas.............where it's needed the most.

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August 16, 2004

this, about that.


* There seems to be a trend that no good news exists without bad news of equal or greater force smacking it down. Example: News out of Florida is that the voter roles are up significantly for 2004 over 2000, mostly for Democrats. The bad news of course is that it looks like there are examples of voter intimidation occuring unchecked at the same time. On the upside, it appears as though the younger/new voters are trending towards the Democrats.


* Audience with the pope requires which hand to be kissed?

* In lieu of the changes suggested for the dime, an equally useless minted piece of mined metal has been forged with the visage of Ronnie the Memoryless.

* Bush indicates early on his approach to "playing fair".

* WaPo feigns sympathy with Ms. 'in the butt for $400 please' Washingtonienne while collective eyes roll nationally.

It's 10 p.m. on a Wednesday. She is going out. On the way to Saki, an Adams Morgan nightclub, Jessica seems uncharacteristically forlorn. "I had six boyfriends, and now none of the guys really want to have anything to do with me," she says. "I guess none of them really cared about me in the first place."

* How the Olympic games prefers you quote their news. Oh, I'm sorry.... there's an olympics going on right now? How quaint.

War on Terra

* Those nutty Abu Ghraib college type prankster guys have equally zany friends. Seems if you tell on them, they get all heady and require the military equivalent of a restraining order. WTF?

* We're yanking 100K troops out of Europe and Asia and bringing them home for what; backfill new deployments to Iraq, Iran readiness, martial law, election protection, or are we anticipating threats to our other bases overseas?

Your Taxes

* The CBO being the last bastion of liberal ideology has shot an unborn whale baby across the bow of the USS Trickle Down in an attempt to politicize your hard earned taxes. Shame on them for telling us we got screwed. To the blind sheep who's collective butts hurt, "that wasn't an exam".

On the Trail

* GWB Love Fest 101; the "We Love Intimacy Tour". There aren't any no's when you can't hear anything but yes. Bless them all in the Shrub Bubble.

* Kerry on the other hand, seems to pull in crowds that triple expectations, cause overflows and those that can't get in, don't go away. 60K in Portland? Magnificent. wonder what a trip to Dallas would look like?

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August 15, 2004

Put on a happy face

The split seconds it takes for Missy M. to squelch her desire to tell Bill Maher's laughing audience to Cheney themselves and regain her composure. And they call *us*, the Coalition of the Wild-Eyed?

freak bitch






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August 13, 2004

Outlook Fuzzy


* Tossing my $.02 into the fray, I concur with BOR, Kuff and others who are supporting the Texas Democrats request to keep our dollars local rather than sending them upstream to the DCCC. With all the detrimental redistricting and the need to work tirelessly to unseat DeLay and his cronies it's important we keep as much money and volunteers here locally and focus on the races that affect us directly. Plus we need to defeat this type of dirty pool. Now, go find a candidate or a cause and donate.

Other Stuff

* Bush on Kerry and his 7 minutes of contemplation.

Bush said his opponent is justifiably proud of his record in Vietnam, but said the question is who can best lead country in time of war, declaring "I think it's me. Because I understand the stakes."

I think he meant steaks.

"I was collecting my thoughts and I was sitting with a bunch of young kids, and I made the decision there that we would let this part of the program finish," he said.

The US is under attack and it takes the pResident 7 minutes to collect his thoughts? How long does it take for less pressing issues? Is the analogy something akin to a hand snagging a guppy in a large body of water?

* GOP convention + TIVO * Britney Spears / Kid Rock = FUN for the whole family.

* The Kerry tax numbers really do come close to really adding up........ minus the Congressional factor.

* Seems there's more to the NJ Governor story than meets the eye. No matter how you slice this, the squanders opportunity is close to criminal.

* Not done deconstructing the "sensitive" quote from Kerry? Click here. He's (shock) not the first official to use the word in relation to the War on [insert emotion].

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* Like the title? Create your own word.

* When flippin' and floppin' ain't enough, just go complete back on your word and call it a success.

* We're at war. Oil's through the roof, the stock markets in a downward trend and jobs are still being lost. It's time for the citizens to buck up and do their part.

* Indicators of success with the Bush campaign. Interesting POV from ABC. Reasons to vote for Bush.

* Cheney spent some valuable stump time slamming Kerry for using the word sensitive regarding the War on Terra.............. apparently he's not paying attention to the words coming out of the mouth of his boss.

* It's the little differences that may affect the end result. Color me surprised to see this on the news.

* As a nation we really need to stop calling it "Intelligence" until it starts to resemble anything close to accurate.

* Here's an interesting trend........not waiting until death to name a building. Be a trustee and name it after yourself. I'm waiting for the Laura Miller Shopping Plaza.

* Danger: Driving while Okie.

* Oh neat, the new Gallup Poll is out. According to 0.001002% of the number of people who voted in 2000 and 0.000347% of the US Population, Bush has a 2-3 percent lead over Kerry depending on the Nader factor with a +/- variance of 3 points. Of these polled, only 71% were "likely voters". Why does *anyone* pay any attention to this shit? I'm so, in the wrong business.

* Note to self: in the Michelle Malkin spirit of over-generalization nationalities, don't piss her off.

* Fox has to keep O'Reeeeeeeally on the air. It keeps Media Matters busy and maybe, just maybe..... Bill can be forced to spend all of his on-air time defending his own spin instead of spinning.

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August 12, 2004


The Governor of New Jersey just announced his resignation........... because he's gay?'s because he had a "gay' affair.

In a stunning declaration, Gov. James E. McGreevey acknowledged that he had an extramarital affair with another man and announced his resignation Thursday. "My truth is that I am a gay American," he said.

Couldn't he have said something that made him sound less "SouthPark-ish"?

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Secretly replacing Folgers Crystals

It's all news to me

* "You take the good you take the bad, you take them both and there you have, the Facts of Life". One fact they seem to have overlooked was the super duper side benefit of hot sauce in child mangement. The WaPo's article on the use of Capsaicin as a manipulative tool for alternate behavior modification took me by surprise. Which, is hard to do, give the creative punishment I endured as a child. As a lover of all things hot, I believe this to be more of an affront to spicy foods everywhere than a deplorable act of cruelty on the part of the dipshit parents participating. This could negatively affect kid's love for Thai, Mexican and Indian foods forever. Uggabugga has an even better breakdown of why this is an incredibly stupid approach to punishment and takes on other more monumentally moronic stunts as well. Having experienced the impact of the use of the Bible as a form of punishment (writing scripture over and over) I can attest to the long term blowback effect dogmatic punishment can have on one's belief system. Wonder what brand of hot sauce Jesus would use?

* For all your 'Greater Goss' needs, please see Billmon's review of the new GOP candidate for intelligence. His other qualifications are noted by Atrios.

* Bush is a lot of things. He, according to his own words, is also, not a lot of things.

* Either this guy is lying or someone beat me to the puch. I sent him a perfectly funny Canadian joke and still haven't heard back.

* Funny thing about turning too many corners, you wind up right back where you started. Wait, that's akin to flipping and flopping.

* Political dry humping. I can't figure out which part of this image bothers me the most.

* Make sure your meal has fully digested before clicking here. Four days in and he's already making, um, news?

* Those crazy activist judges are at it again. Screwing up the institution of marriage. This time they're granting unrequested annulments for gay marriages in SF. Wanna lick? Psych.

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August 11, 2004

fun with photos

Fear the Flying Rummy


Making Up


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Texas Tuesday + 1

This week's profile is Herbert Vo, a Vietnamese immigrant who's living proof of the reality of the American Dream.

Go read the Q&A and then the Profile. Let's force the GOP to invest in districts where they've been able to be complacent in the past.

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warp and woof

* Bush, absolutely the best the GOP can offer.

* Campaign strategy no-no. Booting undecideds from your rally and closing access to anyone who may think differently. Can we rename it to the 'bubble tour 2004'?

* Powell will not be in NYC for the RNC. Think Keyes will go?

* The campaign to build sound bites around hypothetical questions heats up this week when Bush and Kerry remotely debate the choice to invade. Relevance questionable.

* Jonah Goldberg seems to have spilled his koolaid and is questioning some of the weirder aspects of GOP policy. Is this allowed?

* Ben "please get me laid" Shapiro offers up a piece of truly insightful rhetoric this week with his indepth analysis and comparison of Lenin to Moore and offers a stark warning to the American public.

"Let there be no doubt: Michael Moore is a threat to the American way of life."

Remember, if your favorite brand of grits isn't available at the A&P, it's Michael Moore's fault. If your Direct TV signal fades during a rainstorm and you lose 15 minutes of Midget Dating blame the fat man in the baseball cap.

* My money's on a repeat of Chicago in 1968. I'd rather it not be, of course, but stifling dissent only builds an inevitable pressure cooker. Free Speech Pens......... seem anachronisic while we're trying to sell freedom to the Middle East.

* Carville gets a little medieval on John Corsi last night on Crossfire. A little. Novak comes across as clueless (quelle surprise) and questions James' sources. How's this or this, Bobby?

* Once again, critical thought takes a back seat to irrational screeds as Instashit continues to drone on about Kerry's war record. Failing to find the irony that while there seem to be vast numbers of retired troops willing to talk about Kerry's time as a sailor (good and bad), no one has collected the $10K Gary Trudeau's still got on the table for someone who served with Bush.

* Worse case scenario? Maybe. Still wouldn't be the mandate he still thinks he's operating under today.

* Iran's asking for a pre-emptive ass kicking. Film at 11.

* What's the logic behind the vitrolic hatred for Kerry. I know many liberals who disapprove of Bush, his cabinet and policies but reserve hatred for those like OBL who actually deserve the level of energy hatred requires.

* Completely random............... If this get's anywhere near what they estimate it's worth to be, I may need to add a rider to my homeowner's insurance.

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Ultimate Business Card

Jesus left his business card on our windshield.....apparently, English isn't his first language.

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August 10, 2004

F-102 National Guard Vets for Fiction

Odd Bits

* September is National Preparedness Month. Are you ready? Get your duct tape and plastic and head on down to the NASCAR event.

* Michelle Malkin extends her internment logic to note a moment of sympathy for the enemy that occured on the slightly inhabited Niihau after the Pearl Harbor attack. She's actually warning us that should the radical Islamic fundamentalists from the Philippines decide to attack the US, there's a chance she might side with the 'homies' and become a security risk. Don't say you weren't warned.

* Kos catches what at first appears to be a Freudian slip but under additional scrutiny was more than likely, what he meant to say.

commenting on Kerry supporters, a Bush loyalist said; "I just look at them and smile," she said. "They're damn lucky to be in this country because they would be backslapped if they lived anywhere else. I just pray that they will open their eyes."
yeah, like.........Canada.

* If you say one thing and then do another, is it flip-flopping?

* Think the Illinois taxpayers will pony up the money needed to cover Keyes debts?

* The leading indicators that privatizing the government wouldn't be a change or an improvement over the current administration.

* Winning the War on Terror-ists, one stupid bumble-f**k leak at a time.

* Free speech isn't just an exported concept, derived simply to placate the newly occupied Iraqis.......... is it?

* It ain't all wine and roses down in the trailer park, what with the broken down car, problems with alcohol and now a baby on the way. S'ok though, Bush'll pull em through.

Regarding Kerry

* Debunking Cheney's "most liberal senator" screed.

* Kerry's history on the issues and investigations.

* Debunking Kerry's military "cuts". Pretty sad when has to get involved.

* Bob Novak puts down the sauce for two seconds and has what seems to be a moment of Kerry clarity. The SBVFT guys aren't as relevant to this race as they think they are. Neither are facts over fiction, though.

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Some well meaning member of the self-love pop group, "The Freepers", needed a picture of John Kerry in a cowboy hat. Another one of the super happy fun ball kids, offered up a picture of my son and embedded it in their thread. Gawrsh, I'd just love to help out and all, but I'm just not feeling that charitable this season.

One file name changed and an image replaced..........scroll for effect until thread gets edited.

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August 09, 2004

Looks like someone's having a Monday

* We're winning the War on Terra thanks to outsourcing all of our infiltration of cells and arresting suspects to Pakistan. Oddly enough, we assigned the Keystone Cops to leak retention and the office of stupid stunts. Think they'll send Valerie Plame over, it'd save a step in the outing process.

* Ms. "glad my parent immigrated when they did" Malkin's really making waves with her warm reflections on the internment of persons of interest during war time.

* I would have lost the bet on this. UN observes US elections. Bush approves? Smelling salts please.

* Chalabi's not just out of favor but being charged in Iraq. Boy, that'll blow a holiday in Iran. Holiday in Iran? Who does that? From golden boy to whipping boy in just 4 months. That's got to be quite the rollercoaster ride. One noted solution was, ship him off to Jordan and rebuild Iraq's relationship.

* Bush was right. The Iraqi government does hate freedom. Oh, wait... he meant the previous government. What was I thinking?

* So the Illinois GOP missed the mark with their parade of candidates to pit against Obama Barak. Due to an inability to find a black Republican in the greater Chicago area, they decided to import one from Maryland. With carpetbag in hand, Alan Keyes decended upon the state to announce he has accepted the challenge and reminded voters that this is not reminescent of past history where powerful white people imported blacks to do work they could not or would not do. Pasty white boys with webcams disagree.

2000 flashback
"I deeply resent the destruction of federalism represented by Hillary Clinton's willingness go into a state she doesn't even live in and pretend to represent people there, so I certainly wouldn't imitate it."

* In Washington state the GOP needs contenders so badly, they're willing to waive background checks on candidates. Beats Florida where even reinstated felons can't vote. In Tennessee, they seem to have plenty of neato candidates.

* I wondered when the first instance of this would hit the news. Seems some Bush supporters are more rabid than others..........thankfully. Being smack dab in the center of Shrubland, I've been wondering what the risk is to my vehicle and if my insurance would cover that type of vandalism.

* Oklahoma used to be OK. Now it takes a microscope to discern the differences between the D and R candidates. Oh, wait..... no. The R candidate thinks it's ok to kill abortion doctors. My bad.

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Mistakes were made

John Kerry's single biggest mistake has to have been his decision to go to Vietnam.

In retrospect he should have stayed home, used ties to get into the National Guard, sluffed off his primary responsibilities, failed a few physicals, surfed the family name in order to attract investors in failing oil businesses, cheated on stock option filings, snagged a eminent domain land grab for a baseball team, became governor over a key state that limits that role to less than railroad commissioner, made millions on the sale of said team and then run for president in one of the most vicious campaigns in history.

Instead of getting real life experience and working through the school of corrupt cronyism, he chose to practice law, serve in the state house, then became Lt. Governor and went on to spend 19 years as a public servant in the US Senate.

Talk about wasted opportunities.

It's a good thing we, as a nation, aren't too hyper-focused on the distant past of our candidates and so eager to create vicious slander campaigns that we lose site of the present. It's nice to know we learned from the Clinton years how detrimental it is to the nation as a whole when we divert our focus and tax dollars away from governing and ensuring the safety of the American people and invest all of our energy and resources chasing ghosts in the hopes of uncovering a scandal (or manufacturing one, as the case may be). Here's to restoring honor and dignity to the nation.

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sense of completion

One trip to the emergency room, one set of x-rays, a smashed finger with some nail loss 4 prescriptions 33% over budget and 5 months of pure sweat, it's still only about 85% done.

not the best photo edit panorama, but it'll do.

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August 06, 2004


* New talking points for the Bush campaign. 32K new jobs!!!!

* Speaking of Bush. Click and have fun.

* New site for tracking the fluctuations in the Electoral College.

* Swift Boat Veterans with a change of heart. This is so messed up. At least McCain's willing to criticize it all.

* Ms. Jacobsen is bound and determined to get Syria's Wayne Newton sent to Gitmo, ain't she?

* The Kerry Plan.

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Age before Beauty

My god I feel older. I guess it's official, I'm a prime number and in my late 30's now.

Interesting timelines shared.

Remember 8.6.2001?

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August 05, 2004

Getting in Touch

I'm a model you know what I mean
And I do my little turn on the catwalk
Yeah on the catwalk on the catwalk yeah
I do my little turn on the catwalk

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Null and Void

The loyalty oath from Cheney's rally........... not going to be too binding. Seems there's a bit of a linguistics issue.

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timing is everything

Pick o' Litter
* Bush is going to win. No he's not. Yes he is. No, he's not. Infinity. No backs.

* The subservient president is officially creepy. Try typing in "Bend over bitch, I'm going to Abu Ghraib you from here to eternity" or "lie to me".

* Doubling up on campaigning in a single city. Good for crimes. The long term FDIC impact yet unknown.

* Yay! Iraq gets mo money, mo money mo money. It's like a yearly trip to Vegas. You go in, totally prepared to come home with nothing and get what you planned for.

* "John Kerry is a poopy head." "Yeah, what he said." "Me too." "Big poopy head." "I once saw him in the distance, outlined by the setting sun....looked poopy like." "Satan supports John Kerry." "Yeah, no kidding." "Don't trust Kerry, cause we SAID SO!" now, if we could just find this many people who served *with* Bush.... we'd have balance, right?

* Get Out of Jail Free Card for all CEOs? Nah, just the one's in charge of policy. But but but..... Bush said Tuesday, "We have a responsibility in government to do things to help overcome recession and corporate scandal."

* Tiggers truly are fun fun fun fun fun.

* Freudian slips for everyone, courtesy of the Commander in Chief.

Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.


"Washed Up Rockers And Has Been Country Girls Against Bush" .......

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August 04, 2004

Boo YAH!

Fit to Print

* The friendly folks at Blah3 bring you an episode of "Eating CNN's Lunch, starring John Kerry".

* Feeling lonely? Tired of screaming at your TV and getting no feedback? Have an urge to just go one on one with someone who shares none of your views, sign up now!

* Courtesy of ADW, a web site that sucks you in like a whirlpool. Varying quantities of salt required.

* In his eleven years in Congress, Cheney really made an impact. Non-membership type link here.

* Washington Times --> Moon --> Submarines --> N. Korea --> Nukes --> Fear?

Reader Contributed

Thus the neoconservative Project for a New American Century made the case for empire in the Middle East in the name of American security. Yet the connection between the two is far from obvious, and in fact there is more likely an inverse relationship between American security and the exercise of American hegemony in the Middle East. Phase one of the neoconservative plan, the invasion of Iraq in 2003, has served American interests in no identifiable way. The United States is more diplomatically isolated than at any time in recent memory. The secular regime of Saddam Hussein, detestable as it was, was nevertheless among the more liberal states of the region. As many observers predicted at the time, in the absence of Saddam it may now be replaced by an Islamic state. That is what American security and the “American national interest” have gained from a conflict whose financial cost alone will surpass the cost of America’s share of World War I sometime next year.

Interesting reading from the right without a perceived agenda.

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skip to the loo

Ain't they cute?

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August 03, 2004

flip flop sweat


* The definition of a flip-flop is to change ones mind or to reverse an earlier decision. I'm not a linguistics expert by any stretch of the imagination but to me it would seem that if you flip and then flop, you're simply back where you started. Experimenting with a sheet of paper here on my desk keeps turning up the same result. To the delight, I suspect, of the GOP..... there's already a JK flip-flop.

* Speaking of flip-flops, when it comes to foreign policy or as we know it, "bombing the crap outta brown folks", we're in no danger of our leader flipping anything but the bird. His response yesterday to the question "If you knew then, what you know today, would you have gone into Iraq", he stood firm.

President Bush declared Monday that "knowing what I know today, we still would have gone on into Iraq," signaling that revelations of flaws in the prewar intelligence had not changed his mind about the wisdom of attacking and removing Saddam Hussein from power.

which was followed up by;

"Statements like this by the president only lend credence to the charges that he was determined to attack, no matter what," Cook said.

Yeah, pretty much. Critical analysis or root causal analysis isn't big in today's administration. Introspection is for pussies.

* Click & enlarge. Convince me this isn't genocide.

* Feeling safer with the removal of Saddam? Reeeeeeeeeeeally?

* "Positive information" doesn't spread itself. It takes you.

* Again with the voting stuff. Yours can be stolen. Don't let it happen.

* The politically incorrect side of my brain laughs at this. The other side is pissed at the dismissiveness.

* At a cost of $220 billion, couldn't we have provided our troops with a little more constructive R&R?

Asked if he had determined why the U.S. soldiers had abused the prisoners, Arthur said: "Basically it was just for fun ... and to vent their frustration."

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Day 2 Week 32

It's Tuesday. Like every Tuesday, it's TEXAS TUESDAY!

This week is a two-fer You get Charlotte Coffelt and Wade Weems, both are running tight races in primarily red districts. Go visit and give what you can. Remember, you're responsible for being an educated voter.

Weems intro | Weems interview
Coffelt intro | Coffelt interview

Don't forget about the $15K in 14 days push ...................... this will do more for your candidates than a bumpersticker on your car.

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Nothing rhymes with Orange Alert

Duck and Cover

The increase in security around NJ and NYC appears to be based on intel compiled before September 11, 2001. Tom Ridge's announcement seems to blur the reality from the truth.

Since September 11th, 2001, leaders of our commercial financial institutions have demonstrated exceptional leadership in improving its security. However, in light of new intelligence information, we have made the decision to raise the threat level for this sector, in these communities, to bring protective resources to an even higher level.

I have no issue with elevated security across the nation in the interest of protecting the people. I do, however, take issue with it being done under what appears to be false pretense and winds up cheapening the threat levels. When all alerts are critical, none are critical as they all receive the same attention and are assigned the same weight. Releasing the information and making the change so close to the end of the DNC only increase the suspect nature of what should be an altruistic move on the part of the DHS.

Clipped Right Wing

* Dennis Prager hollers, what about the chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiildren? Because a 12 year old who starts her own political action group couldn't be anything more than a puppet.

* Matt Towery wonders why no one is as frightened by Hillary Clinton than he is. Maybe we're grounded in reality?

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August 02, 2004

Mandatory Meds

Sunday Reflection

Zell Miller was off his medication on Sunday's MTP with Tim Russert. The normally staid Russert seemed slightly perturbed at Zell's reasoning, logic and curiously random answers to some important questions.

SEN. MILLER: This is a man who voted to cut every single one of the weapons systems that won the Cold War.
MR. RUSSERT: But aren't you...
SEN. MILLER: This is a man that voted against the weapons system that we're using to fight the war on terror. This is a man who voted against increases in intelligence funding. He wanted to cut intelligence funding.
MR. RUSSERT: But on defense and intelligence authorization bills, you have the same voting record as John Kerry.
SEN. MILLER: I didn't try to cut--now ultimately he came along and voted for some, but I sure didn't try to cut this defense budget.


MR. RUSSERT: The other prime-time speakers--Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rudy Giuliani and John McCain--are all pro-gay rights, and Schwarzenegger and Rudy Giuliani are pro-abortion rights and pro- anti-gun rights. Should they be speaking to a Republican convention, and are they out of sync with your thinking?
SEN. MILLER: Well, of course, I disagree with them on all those issues, but sure they should, because the Republican Party has become the party where diversity is accepted. You know, they talked about diversity at the Democratic convention. There was no diversity in ideology whatsoever.

um yeah Zell.

Other News

* Pay attention to the rhetoric on the campaign trail in the next month or so. The IRS/tax code trial balloon and attack on Kerry's record are going to be interesting to watch, but the one tag line that caught my ear was "Army of Compassion". Please tell me we're not talking about our international efforts.

* Remember, it's your vote. Treat it with the same protection you would your drivers license or SSN.

* Kerry's positions via NORML. A positive step in the right thought direction but this ship's going to be hard to turn.

* The holy grail of the Republican party has established a litmus test for the true assessment of a "real" president. Why is it all based on war? War != the true test of leadership.

* The Reagans are distancing themselves from the Bush campaign. Minus the red-headed step child of course.

* American Airlines grinds to a halt due to a computer glitch and affects all national travelers..........and two people who's wardrobe choice offended a flight attendent. I predict a new dress code to be implemented.

* Michelle Malkin will now be moonlighting as a Border Patrol agent on the Texas border. She'll be manning a tower and the mounted 50mm with an order to shoot all moving objects on sight.

* The DHS raised NYC's threat level and increase security around major financial institutions. What are the odds this directly impacts freedom of speech for protesters during the RNC later in the month?

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August 01, 2004

color management

We're goin' orange. Fear coverage @ 2.

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trail blazing

On the stump this weekend, after sleeping through the Kerry speech, Bush returns with gusto.

The President, polite in recent weeks, slammed Kerry on his voting record. Bush says, "After 19 years in the United States Senate, my opponent has had thousands of votes, but very few signature achievements."

Nah, no achievments too big, just little ones. Like ones, that spawn investigations which cause the president's papa to have to pardon members of the current administration.

keep em talking.

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Seeing Dick

Want to attend a Cheney Rally? Just sign a loyalty pledge and give them your drivers license number and you're golden.

An endorsement form provided to the Journal by Random says: "I, (full name) ... do herby (sic) endorse George W. Bush for reelection of the United States." It later adds that, "In signing the above endorsement you are consenting to use and release of your name by Bush-Cheney as an endorser of President Bush."

This ought to bring in the undecideds and moderates by the droves.

courtesy of TPM

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My 26 Things project is done. whew. Just waiting now for to post the forum.

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