March 31, 2006

Saints Preserve Us


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Whatta Card - Art vs Life, Act II

Genuine Heartfelt Praise

Andy is respected by his colleagues for his humility, his decency and his thoughtfulness. GWB - 3.28.06

White House speech writer guidebook for departing members

Andy: Oh yeah, he's quite a guy, he's quite a guy. I could tell you some stories.
TV host: Tell us one.
Andy: Um.
TV Hostess: Andy, Herb tells us that he often picks records and programs the music at WKRP. Wouldn't that be your job?
Andy: Herb said that?
TV Hostess: Uh huh.
Andy: Well, you know, I go to Herb for advice, as we all do. He's just a good man to talk to. I would say that Herb Tarlek is a hard worker, a loyal husband, and all around fine person.
Venus: Herb is a hard worker, a loyal husband, and an all around fine person.
Bailey: Um, Herb Tarlek is a, uh, a loyal worker. No! He's a loyal husband. He's a loyal husband, um... um. He's a loyal...
Les, showing his awards: I won this one in 1975 when I broke the big soybean shortage story. Now over here - over here...
TV host: Say Les?
Les: What?
TV Host: What's Herb Tarlek like?
Les: Hard worker, loyal husband, all around fine person. Now this, this is the coveted Silver Sow Award. I'm sure your viewers would love to touch it!
Johnny: Hard worker, loyal husband, fine person.
Bailey: He's a loyal, all around...
Mr Carlson: Herb Tarlek is a hard worker, loyal husband and all around fine person.
Jennifer: Hard worker, loyal husband, and all around fine person.
Bailey: All around fine person. There! I did it!

Inspirational, ain't it?

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March 29, 2006

Putting the Luster, in Cluster

Redefining success one violent SNAFU at a time.

These vital principles are being applies in the nations of Afghanistan and Iraq. With the steady leadership of President Karzai, the people of Afghanistan are building a modern and peaceful government. Next month, 500 delegates will convene a national assembly in Kabul to approve a new Afghan constitution. The proposed draft would establish a bicameral parliament, set national elections next year, and recognize Afghanistan's Muslim identity, while protecting the rights of all citizens. Afghanistan faces continuing economic and security challenges -- it will face those challenges as a free and stable democracy. (Applause.)

As one of his close advisers admitted, George W. Bush attached great importance to this visit to Afghanistan to thank the Afghans for having chosen democracy and to thank Karzai. "We are very impressed with the progress your country has made, Mr President, and much of this progress is the result of your leadership," Bush said in homage to his fellow leader. "People all over the world are watching the experience here in Afghanistan. I hope that the people of Afghanistan understand that democracy is taking hold," he added.

U.S. President George W. Bush lauded Afghanistan as a model for Iraq on Tuesday as he tried to paint U.S. involvement in the Central Asian nation as a success in his run-up to the November presidential election.

Or, not.............

On Monday, hundreds of clerics, students and others chanting "Death to Christians!" marched through the northern Afghan city of Mazar-e-Sharif to protest the court decision Sunday to dismiss the case. Several Muslim clerics threatened to incite Afghans to kill Rahman if he is freed, saying that he is clearly guilty of apostasy and deserves to die.

Is there alimony from reality when you're this divorced from it?

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March 28, 2006

One Card Shy of 52

White House shuffling the deck?

WASHINGTON - White House chief of staff Andy Card has resigned and will be replaced by budget director Josh Bolten, an administration official said Tuesday.

President Bush was expected to announce the shake up during a meeting with reporters later Tuesday morning in the Oval Office of the White House.

The move comes amid a sharp decline in Bush's approval ratings and calls from Republicans for the president to bring in new aides with fresh ideas and new energy.

Now, can Rummy take a hint?

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Shorts, the non-Bermuda Variety

* Liberal recommendations for the Conservative media... or Benny Panacea.

* The bitch lied. Period.

* Corruption corrupts and absolute corruption corrupts absolutely.

* Protecting your freedomses here so we don't have to protect them overseas.


THE PRESIDENT: I think your premise -- in all due respect to your question and to you as a lifelong journalist -- is that -- I didn't want war. To assume I wanted war is just flat wrong, Helen, in all due respect --


But behind closed doors, the president was certain that war was inevitable. During a private two-hour meeting in the Oval Office on Jan. 31, 2003, he made clear to Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain that he was determined to invade Iraq without the second resolution, or even if international arms inspectors failed to find unconventional weapons, said a confidential memo about the meeting written by Mr. Blair's top foreign policy adviser and reviewed by The New York Times.

"Our diplomatic strategy had to be arranged around the military planning," David Manning, Mr. Blair's chief foreign policy adviser at the time, wrote in the memo that summarized the discussion between Mr. Bush, Mr. Blair and six of their top aides.

Methinks he doth protest too much.

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March 27, 2006

High Court Values

On the subject of the separation of church and state, Jesus said...

Jesus answered them, "Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's." They marveled greatly at him.

Scalia on the other hand...

BOSTON, March 27 (UPI) -- U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia startled reporters in Boston just minutes after attending a mass, by flipping a middle finger to his critics. A Boston Herald reporter asked the 70-year-old conservative Roman Catholic if he faces much questioning over impartiality when it comes to issues separating church and state.

"You know what I say to those people?" Scalia replied, making the obscene gesture and explaining "That's Sicilian."

They marveled greatly at his post service candor.

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Stop Making Sense-nbrenner

What a legacy on behalf of Compassionate Conservatives everywhere. In the last year or so he's been a very busy boy... making America safer from Americans.

He's tried to push a national id. Inserted himself in federal cases and attempted to influence judgements while pushing for harsher mandatory minimums.

Now he's busy etching new language into the base of the Statue of Liberty, "Fuck the tired, ignore the poor, got 'nuff inside.... now shut the door".

Livin' the 'Merkin dream...

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March 23, 2006


How far we've come regressed.

RIP WaPo - 12:00 AM ET, 03/21/2006


*look carefully

Update: 12 step recovery in place.

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I Just Don't Get It

Nude Britney Spears Serves As Pro-Life Monument

A naked Britney Spears giving birth to her son could be the new rallying point for the pro-life movement. What? Yes, a sculptor has created a Britney shrine for all to worship.


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Inarticulator in Chief

Bush joined that chorus, saying Iraqis had turned out in the millions to vote and expect their leaders to act. (ed. wow, us too. how painfully ironic)

"The people have spoken. And now it's time for a government to get stood up. . .. That's what the people want. Otherwise they wouldn't have gone to the polls, would they have?" he asked. (ed. Not only does he articulate ineffectively on behalf of Americans but he butchers English as a proxy for the Iraqi man in the street as well.)

Folks, this isn't cute. It's not folksey. It's painful, embarrassing and down right dangerous.

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Stay on Message

Nothing else matters, Saddam is no longer in power. Please ensure you're on message and use the scripts provided.

See examples below:

* Leading conservatives believe a change in management is needed. The fact remains that Saddam is no longer in power.

* The media's comfort to the enemy is increasing. The fact remains that Saddam is no longer in power.

* Strategic results in the war are beginning to eerily mirror mistakes made in Vietnam. The fact remains that Saddam is no longer in power.

* Public confidence is in jeopardy. The fact remains that Saddam is no longer in power.

* JesusBush hates polls and the people polled, more than Ann Coulter does. The fact remains that Saddam is no longer in power.

* The base really doesn't matter any more. Know why? Saddam is no longer in power.

* Troop lives are a worthy sacrifice. Because, Saddam is no longer in power.

* Corruption and incompetence reign supreme. The fact remains that Saddam is no longer in power.

This approach is applicable as well; to lower housing sales numbers, the stock market, overseas debt, the debt ceiling, trade deficits, low GDP, Social Security, insecure ports, porous borders, low tax revenue, mad cow disease, bird flu and all other inconvenient annoyances brought up by the traitorous media.

Please circulate as needed and remember always... Saddam is no longer in power.

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March 22, 2006

Half Cocked & Fully Loaded.

"Yeah, but to install Democracy properly, you have to hold the gun to their heads, like this".


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The Little People

"Why yes, that *is* your future I'm squandering".


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This Mortal Coil, the ride.

* Mamas, don't let yer babies grow up...

* Oh, the surprise, the feigned mock horror, you mean we *didn't* install freedoms in Afghanistan? Remember, Iraq was more important than finishing the first assignment.

* We got a government so twisted and bent... Bombs, tanks and guns is how our money is spent - (apologies to the RHCP)

* Vivesection of the "my country/my preznit", right or wrong. *shudder*

* Forbes, down grading the Bush Administration from 'cautious hold' to 'sell'.

* When your marriage goes South and you find yourself without good subject matter, attack the French. Don't forget the Democrat tie-in though.

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Choosin' Delusion

Rebuilding Iraq will require a sustained commitment from many nations, including our own: we will remain in Iraq as long as necessary, and not a day more.” - President George W. Bush, February 26, 2003

Setting an artificial timetable would send the wrong message to the Iraqis, who need to know that America will not leave before the job is done. It would send the wrong message to our troops, who need to know that we are serious about completing the mission they are risking their lives to achieve. And it would send the wrong message to the enemy, who would know that all they have to do is to wait us out. We will stay in Iraq as long as we are needed, and not a day longer. - President George W. Bush, June 28, 2005

A democratic Iraq is in the interest of the United States of America, and it's in the interest of laying the foundation for peace. And if that's the mission, then why would you -- why would you say to the enemy, you know, here's a timetable, just go ahead and wait us out? It doesn't make any sense to have a timetable. You know, if you give a timetable, you're -- you're conceding too much to the enemy. - President George W. Bush, June 24, 2005

Q Will there come a day -- and I'm not asking you when, not asking for a timetable -- will there come a day when there will be no more American forces in Iraq?

THE PRESIDENT: That, of course, is an objective, and that will be decided by future Presidents and future governments of Iraq.

Q So it won't happen on your watch?

THE PRESIDENT: You mean a complete withdrawal? That's a timetable. I can only tell you that I will make decisions on force levels based upon what the commanders on the ground say.

When you become President you cannot predict all the challenges that will come. But you do know the principles that you bring to office -- principles that should not change with time or with polls. I took this office to make a difference, not to mark time. (Applause.) I came to this office to confront problems directly and forcefully, not to pass them on to future Presidents or future generations. (Applause.) - President George W. Bush, October 16, 2003

Stay the course. With no solid plan, no timetable and the full expectation that this catastrophe will have to be cleaned up by someone else. Same MO he used in the military, his life and all his business ventures. Who again, didn't see this coming?

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March 21, 2006

Very Well Then, I Contradict Myself.

Bush, blowing through political capital like a crackwhore in an opium den.

QUESTION: Iraq's interim prime minister said Sunday that, "Violence is killing an average of 50 to 60 people a day and that if this is not civil war, then God knows what civil war is."

QUESTION: Do you agree with Mr. Allawi that Iraq has fallen into civil war?

BUSH: I do not. There are other voices coming out of Iraq, by the way, other than Mr. Allawi -- who I know, by the way; like; he's a good fellow.

President Talabani has spoken. General Casey the other day was quite eloquent on the subject. Zal Khalilzad, who I talk to quite frequently -- listen, we all recognize that there is a violence, that there's sectarian violence. But the way I look at the situation is that the Iraqis took a look and decided not to go to civil war.


But I believe the Iraqis -- this is a moment when the Iraqis had a chance to fall apart and they didn't. And that's a positive development.

Unless I choose not to.

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Never get lost in the wilderness with this administration. They will refuse to ask for directions, check a compass, assess the terrain, change course or concern themselves with the rest of the party.

WASHINGTON — Vice President Dick Cheney on Sunday dismissed suggestions that the Bush White House, hampered by a weak response to Hurricane Katrina and stumbles on policy questions, needs a shake-up.

"I don't think we can pay any attention to that kind of thing," Cheney said on CBS "Face the Nation."

"The president has got a job to do. ... He ignores the background noise that's out there in the polls that are taken on a daily basis."

Hear that Bush voters? You are background noise. The public servants you elected to serve you, think your concerns on the environment, oil prices, wars et al... are background noise. So, either get louder or be the subservient lapdogs they expect you to be and, shut.the.fuck.up.

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The Definition of Is, Is


Q Mr. President, at the beginning of your talk today you mentioned that you understand why Americans have had their confidence shaken by the events in Iraq. And I'd like to ask you about events that occurred three years ago that might also explain why confidence has been shaken. Before we went to war in Iraq we said there were three main reasons for going to war in Iraq: weapons of mass destruction, the claim that Iraq was sponsoring terrorists who had attacked us on 9/11, and that Iraq had purchased nuclear materials from Niger. All three of those turned out to be false. My question is, how do we restore confidence that Americans may have in their leaders and to be sure that the information they are getting now is correct?

THE PRESIDENT: That's a great question. (Applause.) First, just if I might correct a misperception. I don't think we ever said -- at least I know I didn't say that there was a direct connection between September the 11th and Saddam Hussein. We did say that he was a state sponsor of terror -- by the way, not declared a state sponsor of terror by me, but declared by other administrations. We also did say that Zarqawi, the man who is now wreaking havoc and killing innocent life, was in Iraq. And so the state sponsor of terror was a declaration by a previous administration. But I don't want to be argumentative, but I was very careful never to say that Saddam Hussein ordered the attacks on America.


With nuclear arms or a full arsenal of chemical and biological weapons, Saddam Hussein could resume his ambitions of conquest in the Middle East and create deadly havoc in that region. And this Congress and the America people must recognize another threat. Evidence from intelligence sources, secret communications, and statements by people now in custody reveal that Saddam Hussein aids and protects terrorists, including members of al Qaeda. Secretly, and without fingerprints, he could provide one of his hidden weapons to terrorists, or help them develop their own.

Before September the 11th, many in the world believed that Saddam Hussein could be contained. But chemical agents, lethal viruses and shadowy terrorist networks are not easily contained. Imagine those 19 hijackers with other weapons and other plans -- this time armed by Saddam Hussein. It would take one vial, one canister, one crate slipped into this country to bring a day of horror like none we have ever known. We will do everything in our power to make sure that that day never comes.

Very careful, indeed.

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March 20, 2006

Unwaivering Commitment - Visual Edition

"The United States will not abandon Iraq" - GWB 3.20.06

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Took a Wrong Turn at Albuquerque

Hellllllloooooooo CLEVELAND!!!!!!!

So, in addition to the daily outpouring of billions and billions of taxpayer dollars for a war few of us wanted, Bush is now cheerleading that successfully catastrophic decision on the anniversary of said war, all on the taxpayer's nickel. Wow, what an encore for the lifting of the debt ceiling.

Fiscal conservativism really needs a well written obituary.

CLEVELAND (Reuters) - President George W. Bush said on Monday he understands that unrelenting violence in Iraq has shaken Americans' confidence but pledged the United States will not abandon the country as the fourth post-invasion year begins. In a series of speeches, Bush is trying to convince an increasingly skeptical public that he has a winning strategy for Iraq amid widespread concerns that sectarian violence is turning into civil war.


"But it's important for the Iraqis to hear this: The United States will not abandon Iraq," he said.

"We will leave Iraq, but when we do, it will be from a position of strength, not weakness," Bush said. "Americans have never retreated in the face of thugs and assassins, and we will not begin now."

Ignoring the easy "what about Nam, maaaaaan" approach... let's check in with how our strength and unwillingness to abandon is going.

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Roadside bombings killed at least eight Iraqi policemen on Monday's third anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion, and authorities said they found 15 bullet-riddled bodies dumped in the capital.


Monday's violence took up where it left off Sunday, when at least 35 people were killed.

A large explosion rocked a coffee shop in northern Baghdad's Azamiyah neighborhood, killing at least three civilians and wounding 15, police said.

One of the roadside bombings Monday, just a few hundred yards from an Interior Ministry lockup in central Baghdad, killed at least three Iraqi police commandos and a prisoner, police Lt. Col. Falah al-Mohammedawi said. Four commandos were injured.

A second roadside bomb in a farming area in the so-called "Triangle of Death" south of Baghdad killed four policemen, police Capt. Muthana Khalid Ali said.

The 15 dumped bodies, including that of a 13-year-old girl, were the latest gruesome discoveries tied to the underground sectarian war being conducted by Shiite and Sunni Muslims as they settle scores in the chaos gripping the capital.

Freedom is on the march. Democracy is on the rise. We will stand down when they stand up. Don't fear the reaper. Do not remove tag under penalty of law. Contents may have settled during shipping. Do not puncture or incinerate. Void where prohibited by law. Have a nice day. Wash, rinse, repeat.

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Imbalance as a Way of Life

Ah, consistency. Saudi nationals attacked us so we bomb Iraq. GOP lobbyists and congresscritters get caught in with their hands in the proverbial cookie jar... time put restraints on 527s. Just in time for the 2006 elections too. These guys have absolutely no time for subtle do they?

As part of the House GOP proposals, "527" organizations that operate independently of the political parties would no longer be allowed to collect unlimited sums from individuals. Democratic-leaning 527s have accepted tens of millions of dollars from such wealthy backers as investor George Soros and insurance mogul Peter B. Lewis.

Instead, the groups would be governed by federal campaign finance laws that would restrict such giving to a total of $30,000 from individuals per year. By contrast, during the 2004 election cycle, Soros gave $27 million and Lewis gave nearly $24 million to Democratic-oriented 527 groups, according to PoliticalMoneyLine, a nonpartisan research company.

Republicans were excited at the prospect of crippling these groups. "We strongly commend these efforts as an important step towards much-needed reform," said a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee.

Time to call this "effort" what it really is, Corruption Reform. They're going to dance and talk until public awareness dwindles and then manipulate the law in their favor. Look for the wife clause to be added as a rider in the bill. (no wonder gays want marriage.)

Rep. John Doolittle's (R-CA) wife, acting as his fundraiser, was getting a 15% cut of contributions coming into his campaign. That sounds sketchy to us, but you never know in D.C., so we asked around to people who do know. The verdict: it sounds as bad to experts as it does to you. And a strong case can be made that Doolittle broke the law.

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March 19, 2006

Dismissing the Argument in Advance of the Declarative

It's all about the preemption, isn't it?

When the president starts a sentence with "some say" or offers up what "some in Washington" believe, as he is doing more often these days, a rhetorical retort almost assuredly follows.

The device usually is code for Democrats or other White House opponents. In describing what they advocate, Bush often omits an important nuance or substitutes an extreme stance that bears little resemblance to their actual position.

He typically then says he "strongly disagrees" — conveniently knocking down a straw man of his own making.

Bush routinely is criticized for dressing up events with a too-rosy glow. But experts in political speech say the straw man device, in which the president makes himself appear entirely reasonable by contrast to supposed "critics," is just as problematic.

Jon Stewart already nailed this a few weeks back on Larry King.

STEWART: You're literally asking me if I would prefer -- yes, Larry, what I'm saying to you as a comedian I want old people to suffer, old and poor people to suffer. That is -- that is -- what we want is -- what seems absurd to me is the length that Washington just seems out of touch with the desires of Americans to be spoken to as though they are adults.

I mean when you listen to Bush's speeches, and I'm leaving the Democrats out because I honestly don't feel that they make an impact. They have 49 percent of the vote and three percent of the power. At a certain point you go "Guys, pick up your game."

But Bush, you know the other day when he had the speech about us being addicted to oil, he says those things as though, you know, he just thought of it and we're disagreeing with him, like everybody's been saying that. Jimmy Carter said it I think in 1978.

And he comes out, "What people don't realize is we're addicted to foreign oil" and he's saying it like you're going "Get out of here." We're addicted. You don't get it people. You know he was the guy on the stump a few years ago making fun of hybrid cars because it wasn't manly.

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March 18, 2006

Last Throwses Up

flip line graph, for better results.


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Anniversaire Heureux - Arial View

Hot Shots Part Deux

After the terrorists were defeated in battles in Fallujah and Tall Afar, they saw that they could not confront Iraqi or American forces in pitched battles and survive. And so they turned to IEDs -- a weapon that allows them to attack us from a safe distance, without having to face our forces in battle.

GWB - 3.13.06

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The U.S. military said on Thursday it launched its biggest air offensive in Iraq since the 2003 invasion to root out insurgents near a town where recent violence raised fears of civil war.


A defense official at the Pentagon, who asked not to be named said it was a relatively large, but sought to downplay the scale of the operation. "It's not precision bombs and things like that," the official said.

Another official said it was "predominantly" a helicopter operation that involved UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters and other aircraft and the insertion of ground forces.

A military statement said "Operation Swarmer" involved more than 1,500 Iraqi and U.S. troops and 200 armored vehicles targeting insurgents active near Samarra, 100 km (60 miles) north of Baghdad.

This month marks the third anniversary of the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom. In 2003, a U.S.-led coalition liberated the people of Iraq from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein.

I also remain optimistic because slowly but surely our strategy is getting results. This month I'm giving a series of speeches to update the American people on that strategy. I'm discussing the progress we are making, the lessons we have learned from our experience, and how we are fixing what has not worked. This past week, I discussed the security element of our strategy. I spoke about our increasingly successful efforts to train Iraqi security forces to take the lead in the fight against the terrorists. And I described our strengthened efforts to defeat the threat of improvised explosive devices, or IEDs.

GWB - 3.18.06

IEDs, fighting them from the air so we don't have to fight them on the ground.

the inmates truly are, running the asylum.

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March 16, 2006

Corruption Prophylaxis

* Fun fun. Malkin's angry at Yale for allowing a Talibani to be a student. Me, I think it's a great idea, no one really knows how totally screwed up these religious fanatics are... getting to see one in action and up close might keep future presidents from making stupid financing mistakes.

* So much intelligence in this design, one might accidentally refer to it as the evolution of the planet.

* Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

* History, the 20-30 year repetition cycle... and here we are again, still learning.

* Nice mantra for true Progressives. Those who still have spines.

* Xenophobia: It's what's for breakfast in the heartland.

* Bush's real legacy.

* Disgusted by CNN these days? 20 questions we'd all like to see asked.

* Hey Scott, anyone in the current adminstration using the term Lame Duck, out loud?

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To Be or Not, To Be

It's hard enough being a Democrat these days and especially hard being one in Texas. However, to gain votes or to convince your constituents they should vote for you... sounding like a Republican, selling out one's values or lowering the level of discourse is no way to behave as a Progressive Democrat.

At a base level, the beliefs of a Progressive are at the core of the needs of the people/voters. There's no need to wrap oneself in the mantle of divisive rhetoric to appear tougher than the opposition. Mr. Roger Owen, the Democratic candidate in CD-01 has done just that. In an effort to both alert and inform Mr. Owen that not all Texas Democrats are willing to shed both decorum and a concern for *all* people, a considerable number of Texas Bloggers have co-signed a letter requesting that he refrain from using alienating language beyond what's already been said.

In support of both the candidate and the view that the Democratic Party be the "big tent", I signed, and ask each of you to contact Mr. Owen as well and share with him, your views on how you want to be represented by a real Democratic candidate.

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March 15, 2006

History Lessons

"Boy, back in the day... you'd be lucky to get this far".

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QOTD -Cutting Ladder Rungs Edition

Narcissistic Wanker

There is an underclass in America consisting of both blacks and whites that, I’m afraid, has been sold a bill of goods by liberals -- and that’s the belief that being poor, lazy and uneducated, constitutes an occupation for which they are entitled to be paid.

These characteristics are not mutually exclusive nor should they, on their own, be punative. Speaking of "entitlements", what is the revocation of the capital gains tax again?

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Civil War to Felonious Larceny, Your White House in Action

* Every Democrat who voted for Clinton's impeachment over lying about sex and is unwilling to support a censure motion against Bush for breaking federal investigative law, should be railroaded out of office. Their inability to thwart this administration's abuse of absolute power is due to their own willful ineffectiveness. They wear the mantle of minority party with milquetoast-esque pride.

* It'd be cooler and win Bush more points with the NASCAR dads if they'd just go ahead and host the AVN awards at the White House.

* AWOL, not just limited to Bush's earlier career choices.

* Critical review of Dear Leader. Would he, provided this level of detail had been provided to the voters, been elected in either 2000 or 2004?

* Strengthening American... and this is a red state even.

* Two hops, a skip and a stumble away from Soylent Green?

* Hand found in cookie jar, film at 11. Indicative.

* Last Throes, version

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March 14, 2006

Lest We Forget

Remember "Shock & Awe"? Bush doesn't. Apparently the former fighter pilot's unfamiliar with weapons launched from a distance to inflict massive damage and bodily injury without the requirement of face to face or hand to hand combat. The technological advances in military warfare that allow troops in Florida to operate drones in Iraq, the Navy's ability to lauch missles from sea and of course, the MOAB.

These terrorists know they cannot defeat us militarily -- so they have turned to the weapon of fear. And one of the most brutal weapons at their disposal are improvised explosive devices, or IEDs.

IEDs are bombs made from artillery shells, explosives, and other munitions that can be hidden and detonated remotely. After the terrorists were defeated in battles in Fallujah and Tall Afar, they saw that they could not confront Iraqi or American forces in pitched battles and survive. And so they turned to IEDs -- a weapon that allows them to attack us from a safe distance, without having to face our forces in battle.

Hopefully this isn't just a subtle way of restating the "Bring it On" mantra. He's not itching for another Fallujah, is he?

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Should I Stay or Should I Go Now

Oooh, a conundrum.

Republican candidates (and thinkers) have to decide whether to run with the Bush record, try to ignore it, or run against it. As one Republican pollster, Tony Fabrizio, told The Washington Post: "He (Bush) has no political capital. Slowly but surely it's been unraveling. There's been ... a direct correlation between the trajectory of his approval numbers and the -- I don't want to call it disloyalty -- the independence on the part of the Republicans in Congress."

Here's a thought. Instead of the incumbent Republicans running on the super fantastic record Bush has established, they should focus on their own mind-boggling successes. Who in the world *wouldn't* vote for the guys in white hats who gave us;

  • Bankruptcy "reform".
  • Rampant deficit spending.
  • Video diagnosis for the terminally ill.
  • A war with no set budget, oversight or end.
  • "Justfiable" domestic spying.
  • Tort "reform".
  • Tax breaks for oil companies instead of windfall profit taxes.
  • Security leaks.
  • Medicare prescription changes that cost more to institute than was saved.

To name a few...

What incumbent couldn't win with a record like this?

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March 13, 2006

Quiet Self-Loathing

Florida's favorite metrosexual motel minister quietly laments the birth of both his daughters, his failure to contribute the right XY impacting sperm and lack of opportunity to transfer his vast well of man-knowledge on genetically pure progeny.

Thankfully for the rest of us, properly raising boys is a subject on which he's a master jedi. Wielding his lightsabre of self-righteousness and man-grunts, he showers us with wit, wisdom and years of training.

Context modified somewhat

Look, if you’re a girl or a girlie man, well then . . . this is your day, Girlfriend. So, get on with your bad self. Girl power . . . girl power . . . girl, girl, girl, girl power!

If you're going to suffer from tourettes, pray you don't sound like a drunk drag queen.

If you’re the parent of a son and you want your kid to be a boy in the traditional, non-gender- blurred sense of the word, then you’re going to be busier than a one armed wallpaper hanger finding and keeping good masculine examples for your young son. As I stated in last week’s column, good luck finding holy testosterone in Hollywood, in government schools and in the ridiculously feminized evangelical world.

Simply put: Don't look to Hollywood for heros... That's what the GOP is for; fine examples of real men 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5. Hero's aren't born, they're made... right here in America!

One great source for rebellious inspiration comes from the Bible. The scripture is a great font for prissy, culture-defying fodder. In the scripture you see the men being men, and the demons being scared. You don’t have to wade very far through the holy text before God starts laying down His blueprint for the boys. You find God’s plan in book one, chapter one.

and in book one, chapter 38:

Genesis 38:9 And Onan knew that the seed should not be his; and it came to pass, when he went in unto his brother's wife, that he spilled it on the ground, lest that he should give seed to his brother.

and in book seven, chapter 16

Judges 16:30 And Samson said, Let me die with the Philistines. And he bowed himself with all his might; and the house fell upon the lords, and upon all the people that were therein. So the dead which he slew at his death were more than they which he slew in his life.

God’s initial earth boy was born to dominate creation and to exercise authority over the planet. God designed His first terrestrial son to be a leader, to take charge, to exert influence. Yaweh didn’t construct Adam to be a passive clod, some indolent handout addict who abnegates his responsibility to other people or institutes; but rather, Adam was to be a bold and imaginative chief. This is the very thing the misandrists hate in men and are trying desperately to curb in your kid, namely, this can-do spirit.

Parent, you should encourage your bambino to lead, compete and conquer. Whether it is subduing his backyard, his dirty bedroom or an opposing team, or mastering a musical instrument, a textbook or a chore—your son should learn to govern, be the champion and strive for excellence in accomplishment in all that he does.

...and he too can grow up to pre-emptively fuck up an entire region, riddle a nation with fear, confuse stewardship and dominion and ride the steed of jingoism into the sunset like the rough rider he wants to be.

Take God’s lead and show your son how to exercise dominion rather than how to get in touch with his feminine side. Maw and Paw, stand against the swill of society that seeks to erase this grand masculine trait from your little treasure and teach that kid how to be a constructive conqueror.

Nothing pleases God more than the destruction of his enemies; whether you're dousing them with napalm, white phosphorus, waterboarding, inflicting long term abuse through field use of DU or simply overcoming the random uppity uterus.

Withering in the face of feminism is heresy.

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QOTD -Sincerity Begats Irony

Feingold recommends censure for President Bush on wiretapping. Fully justified, totally warranted and a bloody long time in coming.

However, John Warner disagrees. Seems to believe it'll limit the Preznit's ability to do his job. Sort of debilitating, like a pretzel, a bicycle or a Segway.

Without any sense of intentional humor we're treated to;

"Presidents must act instantaneously in the security interests of this country," he said.

Yeah, no shit.



Having it and using it are vastly different concepts.

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When they say...

Isn't it lovely that the GOP converged on Tennessee this last weekend to plan 2008? All the love and compassion of a field of prickly pears.

Romney, the first presidential hopeful to speak, embraced conservative principles including opposition to gay marriage. ``Every child in America has a right to a mother and father,'' he said. McCain was speaking Friday night.

Wedge issues. So very very early, even.

How about this for 2008? Single response for every 'wedge issue':

1. Gay Marriage: Less goverment intrusion in personal lives.
2. Abortion: Guaranteed healthcare for all living/viable children through high school.
3. Immigration: Competitive wages - reversal of outsourcing through tax incentives.
4. Gay Adoption: Number of heterosexual adoptions done outside our borders due to red-tape nightmare stateside.
5. Euthanasia: Quality of life assurances for all citizens.

Do not deviate. Stay on message and drive home the worthlessness of hyper-focusing on issues that serve only to divide.

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March 10, 2006

Open Letter

Dear Howard Dean,

Fix This.

Increasingly, Americans can't distinguish Republicans from Democrats on key issues. Oh, it's easy to discern some strident ideological differences between the most conservative and liberal Senators and Representatives, and the Party Platforms are notably different. Yet on the role-of-government issues -- those which, historically, have divided the two parties -- the "great middle" of the legislative branch falls into the "distinction without a difference" category. Indeed, while lawmakers identify themselves as Republicans and Democrats ideologically, their actions are, for the most part, indistinguishable.

Thank you.

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1st Amendment of Irony

* Townhall, where the juxtaposition of a flag burning amendment and freedom of speech for bloggers doesn't create cognitive dissonance.

* Buyers remorse? For those who found comfort in the Swift Boat Vets, your punishment should be more that pangs of regret.

* Is Bush's travel calendar going to be completely blank for October of 2006?

* Stem to stern, the Bush Administration is 100% faith based.

* Political appointments, now come with plenty of "adult supervision".

* Air America: Gateway drug to Terrorisms.

* Ok, maybe it's not incompetence... maybe it's just willful dereliction of duty and a palpable desire to ignore the needs of the populace. Bush *can* get things accomplished, they're just always the *wrong* things.

* Bush apologists. Sad little people. Definitely a faith based initiative.

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March 09, 2006

QOTD - Confidence Building

Bush finally makes it back to New Orleans....

The first part of the strategy is to make sure these levees are strong, and we fully understand that if the people don't have confidence in the levee system, they're not going to want to come back. People aren't going to want to spend money or invest. I just got a briefing from the Army Corps of Engineers that said we're on schedule to repair the damage by the June 1st deadline. They're identifying and correcting design and construction deficiencies so, as we go into the start of the hurricane season, the levees will be equal or better than what they were before Katrina.

Wow, equal to or...? Fantastic fucking planning.

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Rhetorically Questioning

* Shouldn't all educators be this progressive and passionate?

* Does karma really work this well?

* Can willful ignorance and blindly acting on it be punitive?

* If we can't get anything else to stick, does talking impeachment make sense?

* When you're under indictment for money laundering, how big do your balls have to be to party with lobbyists on election night?

* Isn't it amazing that Cindy Sheehan keeps getting arrested but Cheney got an apology from his shooting victim?

* Will behavior & policy ever change as long as the party of corruption maintains absolute power?

* Thought 1984 was just a novel?

* Who?

* Will we see a cohesive message from the DNC this year? If not, what will it take?

* Can the nation inflict more insult and injury on New Orleanians?

* Is this illegal or just unethical?

* Bad ideas breed like unchecked rabbits, don't they?

* Are the voters such sheep that they can't differentiate between righteous indignation and negativity?

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March 08, 2006

QOTD - Scarborough Country Style Lemonade

Sign it's the end of the world; when censures are callling for debate classes to cease and desist tackling tough subjects. The Virgin Ben and Joe tag teamed a New Jersey principal for allowing a debate team to argue the possibility of our Preznit as a war criminal. Not only is this a viable subject but oh so very relevant.

SCARBOROUGH: No doubt about it. Thanks so much. I appreciate everybody on the panel being with us.

Friends, let me tell you what I think. We‘ve got a system across America, where you‘ve got school teachers, you‘ve got liberal unions. You‘ve got liberal principals. They‘re going in and they‘re polluting our children‘s mind and guess who‘s paying them to do that? You‘re paying them to do that, and I‘m paying them to do it.

Meanwhile you‘ve got people sitting back like the town council who are saying, “Hey, you know what? It‘s free speech.” No, it‘s not free speech. It‘s perverse. It‘s completely wrong.

I mean, why don‘t they try our Founding Fathers for crimes against African-Americans? Oh, wait. This teacher and this principal and this school district is doing that next. They‘re going to try our Founding Fathers for war crimes against humanity. They are a disgrace.

And you know what? If you sit back in your chair and let your local school district do this type of crap, then you get what you deserve. And I know you‘re not going to do that. I know that‘s why you‘re watching this show. Because we‘re going fight back. We‘re going to change our high schools. We‘re going to change our colleges. We‘re going to change our country. We‘re going to take back our educational system.

When did it become criminal to tackle tough subjects? It's high time someone put a high school level, American Government module together on; "How to accept funds from questionable sources, remove blood from the carpet of your campaign headquarters, score a primetime spot on MSNBC and then maintain an air of detached superiority over everyone without ever being called out".

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Calling BS

From Olbermann's "Oscar Wrap-Up" Monday evening.

OLBERMANN: Was that it in an essence there to some degree, Michael, that you can‘t be all snark? If the segment is about how Hollywood is supposed to be serious or tried to be serious, you can‘t destroy the moment even if you have a good line. Don‘t you have to be a little respectful under those circumstances?

MUSTO: I guess so. And you also have to kind of lie to feed into that self importance, which is out of control. I mean, Hollywood has really done nothing for social issues. They come out with crappy sequel after crappy sequel just going for the “cha-ching.” And George Clooney in his speech I thought went overboard when he said Hollywood was the first people to talk about AIDS. They were the last people. They didn‘t make an AIDS movie until 93. He also gave credit to the Academy for giving an Oscar to Hattie McDaniel in 1939 when blacks had to sit in the back of the theater.

Oh, really? Hmmmmm.

Parting Glances 1986

Gay yuppie Robert (John Bolger) accepts an assignment in Africa that will put his strained relationship with his lover, Michael (Richard Ganoung), in limbo for the next few years. Michael, meanwhile, tends the needs of his ex, Nick (Steve Buscemi), whose punk band's video is getting MTV airplay even as he battles HIV and bittersweet memories in a claustrophobic apartment. After a farewell dinner thrown by Robert's foppish boss and his luminous wife, Michael and Robert fret and frolic with a host of Manhattan hipsters at a party thrown by their artist friend Joan (Kathy Kinney). These various crowd scenes set the stage for a series of one-on-one interactions that explore the romantic and other tensions of early AIDS-era Manhattan without offering too many easy resolutions.

Anyone else tired of stupid people getting air time or is it just me?

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Security Blanket with Holes

The poetic beauty of blind faith.

"After careful review by our government, I believe the transaction ought to go forward," Mr Bush told reporters.

"I want those who are questioning it to step up and explain why all of a sudden a Middle Eastern company is held to a different standard than a Great British company. I am trying to conduct foreign policy now by saying to the people of the world, ‘We'll treat you fairly.'"

Reacting to the controversy that is becoming a major headache for the White House, he said the seaports arrangement was "a legitimate deal that will not jeopardize the security of the country."

Alrighty, how about these excerpts from the Zacarias Moussaoui indictment?

Al-Hawsawi and Fayez Ahmed (#175) Open UAE Bank Accounts

57. On June 25, 2001, Mustafa Ahmed al-Hawsawi used a cash deposit to open a checking account at a Standard Chartered Bank branch in Dubai, UAE.

58. On June 25, 2001, at the same Standard Chartered Bank branch in Dubai, UAE, Fayez Ahmed (#175) used a cash deposit to open a savings account and also opened a checking account.


The Hijackers Return Excess Money to Al-Hawsawi in UAE

91. On or about September 6, 2001, approximately $8,055 was wired from Fayez Ahmed's (#175) Florida SunTrust account to the Standard Chartered Bank account over which Al-Hawsawi had power of attorney.

92. On or about September 8, 2001, an Arab male retrieved the package from Mohammed Atta (#11) at FedEx in Dubai, UAE.

93. On September 8, 2001, Mohammed Atta (#11) wired $2,860 to "Mustafa Ahmed" in UAE.

94. On September 8, 2001, Mohammed Atta (#11) wired $5,000 to "Mustafa Ahmed" in UAE.

95. On September 9, 2001, Waleed M. al-Shehri (#11) wired $5,000 to "Ahamad Mustafa" in UAE.

96. On September 10, 2001, Marwan al-Shehhi (#175) wired $5,400 to "Mustafa Ahmad" in UAE.

97. On September 11, 2001, in UAE, approximately $16,348 was deposited into Al-Hawsawi's Standard Chartered Bank account.

98. On September 11, 2001, in UAE, at about 9:22 a.m. local time (the early morning hours of Eastern Daylight Time), Mustafa Ahmed al-Hawsawi moved approximately $6,534 from the $8,055 in Fayez Ahmed's (#175) Standard Chartered Bank account into his own account, using a check dated September 10, 2001 and signed by Fayez Ahmed; Al-Hawsawi then withdrew approximately $1,361, nearly all the remaining balance in Ahmed's account, by ATM cash withdrawal.

99. On September 11, 2001, in UAE, approximately $40,871 was prepaid to a VISA card connected to Al-Hawsawi's Standard Chartered Bank account.

No jeopardy here, move along. Remember, we're allowed to flip-flop. Two months after the Taliban bombed the Buddahs, we gave them $43 million dollars... then 3 months later 9/11... two months later we were bombing the shit out of them. It's all about timing.

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March 07, 2006

Variation on a Theme.


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Moo Moo Buckaroo

"This ain't one of those *mad* ones everybody's been tawkin' 'bout, is it?"



* In lieu of site seeing, Bush "hangs with locals".
* Holy Cow meets Bull-Headed.
* White House takes controlled townhall setting to new level.

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Short Shorts

* Pig in a Polk.

* Artificial Security, no waiting.

* Corruption mudslide?

* Serf's Up!

* Yay, Freedoms.

* Outsourcing, good for America.

* Change the debate, call it an un-Civil War.

* Darth Vader requests light sabre.

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For the People & By the People

Texans, go vote today

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March 06, 2006

QOTD -SpokesMEN for Women

CHICAGO (Reuters) - The governor of South Dakota on Monday signed into law severe restrictions on abortion, in a direct challenge to the Supreme Court's legalization of the practice 33 years ago.


"In the history of the world, the true test of a civilization is how well people treat the most vulnerable and most helpless in their society," Gov. Rounds said.

"The sponsors and supporters of this bill believe that abortion is wrong because unborn children are the most vulnerable and most helpless persons in our society. I agree," the Republican governor added.

All the help we can muster until they're born and unfortunate enough to be poor and or needy. Damn them if they wind up on welfare, medicare/medicaid or need affordable post-natal insurance.

Virginia Sen. George Allen's (R) chief of staff, Dick Wadhams, a national GOP strategist, said Allen "has consistently supported the rights of the people in their states to pass laws which reflect their views and values." A spokeswoman for Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) said that if Romney were the governor of South Dakota, "he would sign it. [Romney] believes that states should have the right to be pro-life if that is the will of the people."

It's not the *will of the fucking people* until there's a referendum put directly to the voters.

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Caught off guard

File Under:

  • Amazing.
  • Unbelievable.
  • Humbling.
  • Improbable.
  • What Were They Thinking.

Somehow, this wee blog managed to be nominated for a 2006 Koufax (Best Blog - Non-Prof). I'm very honored, as well as completely and totally blown away that anyone would think my inane screeds would be worthy of anything larger than the occasional chuckle.

Constantly impressed and in fawning awe of my "competition" I would like to strongly encourage any potential votes for me to be given to either; Jesus General, Tbogg, Blah3 or Crooks&Liars. They are the Wall Street Journals to my Grit.

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Oscar Wrap Up

Imagine the crushing disappointment the hyper-conservative pundits are feeling right now... Brokeback Mountain didn't sweep the Oscars and they don't have quite the anti-gay fodder they'd been hoping for this week. Even lil' Ann "gay has to win" Coulter's prediction was right at 50% accurate, for the ones she chose to speculate on.

Best FilmBrokebackCrashmiss
Best DirectorAng LeeAng Leehit
Best ActorHoffmanHoffmanhit
Best ActressHuffmanWitherspoonmiss
Best supporting actorClooneyabstain
Best supporting actressWeiszWeiszhit
Best ScreenplayGood NightBrokebackmiss

Guess it's back to focusing on which precinct she's registered in for now... leaving Oscar predictions for those who actually *see* the films.

Update: Or not

Now she's offering sex and unhappy that there were dresses that cost as much as *one* of her engagement fees.

On behalf of red state America, let me be the first to say: "Screw you, Hollywood."


This may have been the most American Oscars yet, if America consisted of beautiful airheads in $50,000 dresses.

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We Loves Us Some Freedoms

* Doubling the number of sealed Federal courts cases in 3 years.

* Working to make Nixon look like an open book, the White House is "clamping down" on leaks.

* Missouri surges ahead into the past, attempting to install the first state of Jesus.

* Willful ignorance breeds eventual surprise.

* Pull out! Stick it back in! Pull out! Stick it back in!

* Stop thinking of it in terms of Big Brother... more a caring yet horribly invasive father figure.

* The more clued into Bush's unparalleled failures, the more ineffective he becomes.

* Empathy, the unwillingness to substitute semantics for understanding and defend failure to save face.

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March 03, 2006

By Definition Alone

The trouble with sitting on your hands and not speaking up is that the loudest voice in the room rules the conversation. Unchallenged definitions become the accepted answer. However unhinged the delivery or how vitrolic the ad hominem attack, when unmet by a rebuttle, the silence indicates acceptance and consent.

As long as the Democrats/Left/Liberals continue to roll-over when challenged or simply refuse to engage, they're quietly arming the opposition.

Isn't it curious though, that the "mainstream" pundits on the left don't even come close to this level of base discourse, even when they're talking in general terms about the right?

  • These professional hit men (and women), along with their ideological cousins in the Democratic leadership ... Limbaugh
  • The foaming-at-the-mouth fanatical fringe gets news coverage... Manzi
  • From journalism one drifts into Democratic politics. From Democratic politics one drifts into journalism (...) It is as though they were members of one of those weird California cults. (...) ethics of the mainstream journalist -- the liberal, Democratic journalist -- are, well, rubbery. Tyrell
  • blathering of America’s leftists. ...liberals are annoying because of what they say, but because of the way they say it. Prelutsky
  • is apparent Democrats are no more sincere in regards to national security than were they worried about gun safety as they pilloried Dick Cheney. Adamo
  • Democrat opportunists who have turned into tough-sounding profiling advocates... Malkin

...and this is just a small sampling of 3 days worth of articles in a week when the President's numbers are in a free fall and the loyalists are questioning their loyalty... minus the few who share their maturbatory fantasies.

The frosting on the cake, was Ollie North's declaration of what should take priority in the media...

The masters of the media could have focused in-depth on one of the most important overseas trips President George W. Bush has made during his tenure. His meetings with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Pakistan's Pervez Musharraf are likely to produce long-term benefits for the U.S. economy and the Global War on Terror.

Apparently the network and newsroom royalty found all of this beyond their ken. So the barons of bombast chose instead to devote countless column inches and hours of air time to the "civil war" in Iraq, recriminations over a hurricane that hit Mardi Gras city six months ago, a Playboy centerfold sashaying into the Supreme Court; Jane Fonda and Babs Streisand blathering about "impeachment," and a Hollywood flick about homosexual cowboys. And they call this stuff news?

Shame on you media... instead of stroking the Bush and yanking the Dick, you focused on domestic issues that affect millions and millions of Americans and that silly wittle war that's bleeding the national coffers dry. This from a man who needed a pardon, right? Traded arms to Iran, right? Ok.

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March 02, 2006



Jan. 24, 2006 — Documents released today by Congress show that two days before Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, the White House received detailed damage forecasts from Homeland Security officials predicting that the city's levees might be overtopped or breached.

Yet in the days after the storm struck on Aug. 29, federal officials, including President Bush, said the levee breaches could not have been foreseen.

Embattled former FEMA Director Michael Brown said, "I think we were all taken aback by the fact that the levees did break in so many places and caused such widespread devastation."

Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff said, "I will tell you that really that perfect storm of combination of catastrophes exceeded the foresight of the planners and maybe anybody's foresight."

And on Sept. 1, Bush told "Good Morning America": ''I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees" that flooded New Orleans.


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20 Watts Shy of Full Illumination

For your Brain

* It's cute when Bush says he doesn't pay attention to polls as his team of thugs behavior demonstrates precisely the opposite.

* For a woman with such a prominent adam's apple, you'd think Annie'd be more tolerant. Like her audience.

* America though the eyes of others.

* Crooks & Liars plays, "Lest We Forget".

* Eminent Threat. Theocratic Foothold. Call it what you will, it's a slippery slope.

* Abdication of duty. Pure and simple. Bush hates America.

* Yes Virginia, it is a war.

For your Ears

* F the FCC

* Bad Attitude

* VP McBoomBoom

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March 01, 2006

Misunderestimated Much?

Lamest Duck Ever

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Officious Hegemony


* Bush sneeks into Afghanistan, likes new embassy... strong, like ox.

* Safety is job #2. Cronyism is job #1.

* The albatross isn't big enough.

* Homeland insecurity.

* Katrina... killing less people than an Iraqi civil war.

* Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it... others are just pleasantly surprised.

* Lieberman: Don't you miss him being called Loserman?

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Via the mailbag

No time like the present for a good chuckle

You Know You Are Still a Republican If ...

  • You are more upset about Brokeback Mountain than Abu Ghraib.
  • You can't stand Hilary Clinton's hair but you have no problem with Tom DeLay's.
  • You think Global Warming is no big deal but environmentalists are a major problem.
  • You support the "war on drugs" but think Rush Limbaugh is being prosecuted unfairly.
  • You think professional athletes make too much money but Sam Walton's kids deserve everything they have.
  • You like the way George Bush walks.
  • You think Al Gore is "wooden" and Donald Rumsfeld has charisma.
  • You think CNN is biased but Fox News is neutral.
  • You like the sound of Newt Gingrich's voice.
  • You are sure the United States has the best education and health care systems in the world.
  • You think Dick Cheney is a straight shooter.
  • You think Michael Chertoff's beard makes him look distinguished.
  • You think the problem with our health care system is lawyers.
  • You think it was more important to locate Monica Lewinsky's blue dress than to locate weapons of mass destruction.
  • You don't believe "terrorism" has made Rudy Giuliani an incredibly rich man.
  • You believe freedom of speech covers everything Pat Robertson says and does, but burning a flag should be illegal.
  • You can be in the same room with Brit Hume.
  • You have yourself convinced that the country and world are better off now than 5 years ago.

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QOTY - Osama picked favorite to win

The Court of Public Opinion wins again.

"What does it mean? Is it going to help? Is it going to hurt?" Bush told Sammon of the bin Laden tapes. "Anything that drops in at the end of a campaign that is not already decided creates all kinds of anxieties, because you're not sure of the effect.

"I thought it was going to help," Bush said. "I thought it would help remind people that if bin Laden doesn't want Bush to be the president, something must be right with Bush."

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