May 30, 2006

Applying Logic Doesn't Help

* The line between extremists has officially become too blurry to navigate.

* Correction, the great uniter *has* been successful.

* Your information is free to the NSA, but not to you.

* Whistleblowing: Now with punitive measures.

* What if terror, (an emotion) wins?

* Brace thine self.

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Unfair Comparisons

Bush May 2006.

Q Mr. President, you spoke about missteps and mistakes in Iraq. Could I ask both of you which missteps and mistakes of your own you most regret?

PRESIDENT BUSH: Sounds like kind of a familiar refrain here -- saying "bring it on," kind of tough talk, you know, that sent the wrong signal to people. I learned some lessons about expressing myself maybe in a little more sophisticated manner -- you know, "wanted dead or alive," that kind of talk. I think in certain parts of the world it was misinterpreted, and so I learned from that. And I think the biggest mistake that's happened so far, at least from our country's involvement in Iraq is Abu Ghraib. We've been paying for that for a long period of time. And it's -- unlike Iraq, however, under Saddam, the people who committed those acts were brought to justice. They've been given a fair trial and tried and convicted.

Enlightening, but not substantial. Chris Matthews, any thoughts?

A little bit of Lincoln there, I think. Keith?

Um, no.

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth, upon this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that "all men are created equal"

Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived, and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle field of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of it, as a final resting place for those who died here, that the nation might live. This we may, in all propriety do. But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate -- we can not consecrate -- we can not hallow, this ground-- The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have hallowed it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here; while it can never forget what they did here.

It is rather for us, the living, to stand here, we here be dedicated to the great task remaining before us -- that, from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they here, gave the last full measure of devotion -- that we here highly resolve these dead shall not have died in vain; that the nation, shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people by the people for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Why does the MSM feel their first priority is to insult their viewers?

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No Snow in Forecast

With John Snow stepping down, does this signal an end to the CSX subsidies and tax breaks that allow a multi-million dollar corporation to get yearly refunds?


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May 28, 2006

Pondering Rules

* Tony Blair shouldn't be allowed to laud the benefits of preemption until he's willing to face his own people and demand that the UK's contribution be higher than 5%.

* In this post-Freedom Fries world, it's surprising how similar the Republican anti-immigrant rhetoric parallels that of the extreme jingoists in France.

* Bush does not admit mistakes; noting that a cowboy vernacular might be construed as taunting and glossing over the fine point that his administration's policy decisions were the cause *and* justification for the behavior at Abu Ghraib does not an apology make.

* Congress can not ignore and excuse warrantly monitoring of citizens and cry foul when their offices are searched as part of a corruption investigation.

* Clinton's penis is no longer relevant to the current political climate. The number of times Hillary's willing to unthaw and give him some good lovin' is also, none of anybody's business. Next question.

* Saddam was a bad man... why are we undermining that message?

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May 26, 2006

One is a genius, the other insane


The Brain: Are you pondering what I'm pondering?
Pinky: Woof, oh, I'd have to say the odds of that are terribly slim, Brain.
The Brain: True.
Pinky: I mean, really, when have I ever been pondering what you've been pondering?
The Brain: To my knowledge, never.
Pinky: Exactly. So, what are the chances that this time, I'm pondering what you're pondering?
The Brain: Next to nil.
Pinky: Well, that's exactly what I'm thinking, too.
The Brain: Therefore, you ARE pondering what I'm pondering.
Pinky: Poit, I guess I am.

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bit & pieces

* Bankrolled mouthpiece.

* Inevitable culpability.

* Misunderstood satire.

* Quiet racism.

* Blind faith.

* Vanilla Bean.

* Fair game.

* So sorry. bit late

* Go. Laugh a little.

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May 25, 2006

White Bread with Sliced Adams Apple

Who said...

I don't care what liberals think. I don't care that they're spineless suck-ups. Just don't insult my intelligence by telling me they're brave.

Bravery comes in many forms as exhibited by everyone from FDR to MLK to JFK to RFK to the likes of Wellstone and Murtha... it's rarely though, used in sentences to describe persons who sought deferments, travel with bodyguards due to their divisive and vitrolic speeches or trot over to Liberty U to suck up to the Religious Right.

Isn't it though, odd that the woman who wrote "How to Talk to a Liberal" doesn't care what liberals think? Either her research was done in a vacuum or she meant "at" vs "to" and failed to inform her publisher.

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Got Lay-ed?

HOUSTON - Enron founder Kenneth Lay was convicted today of all six counts against him, including conspiracy to commit securities and wire fraud.

Former Enron Chief Executive Jeffrey Skilling was convicted of conspiracy to commit securities and wire fraud.

Justice was served in Texas today.

now, pray Bush doesn't pardon Kenny-Boy.

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QOTD - Fawning, the 'how-to'

May this thought linger with you all day.

Frist smiled and spoke unremarkably from the lectern, reeking of silverback testosterone.

Cheaper than Jovan musk and ten times as effective.

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Degrees of Importance

Today in the studio we have with us, G.O.P. Congresscritter. We'll be discussing the upcoming 2006 election, the important issues affecting Americans today and how the Republicans intend on maintaining their majority in all three branches of government.

Monkeys: Good morning Representative Critter, glad to have you with us.

GC: Glad to be here.

Monkeys: In this mid-term election cycle, the Democrats look to be in good condition to reclaim one or both houses of congress due to the impact of the president's popularity and a plethora of looming scandal within the GOP. How do the Republicans plan to leverage the nation's dissatisfaction?

GC: Tax Cuts, Abortion, Foul Language & Gay Marriage.

Monkeys: So, your opinion is that, as long as you continue to tout wedge issues as family values, you'll overcome the perception that absolute power does corrupt absolutely?

GC: Tax Cuts, Abortion, Foul Language & Gay Marriage.

Monkeys: I'm getting a sense that we're in danger of making little progress here. With the war still raging in Iraq 4 years later, its effects draining the nation's resources fiscally and emotionally, a weakened support infrastructure designed to respond during catastrophic events, durable and disposable good prices sky-rocketing, the cost and price of oil beyond anything we've seen in past history, education on the decline as mandated testing squashes creative learning in the classroom and global warming moving from the crank to the reality column... how do the Republicans plan to address the needs of Joe American Voter.

GC: Tax Cuts, Abortion, Foul Language & Gay Marriage.

Monkeys: Can I see the talking points you brought with you?

GC: No.

Monkeys: Ok, let's continue. Recently a vast number of scandals have rocked, not only the Republican party, but the inner circles of power once thought to be inpenatrable. From DeLay to Abramoff to Ney to Hastert to Rove to Cheney to Cunningham not to mention the number of Governors that have had to step down. Key White House officials are on trial for everything from shoplifting to money laundering. Will this have any impact on the voters decisions on which box to check in November or maybe even, stay home in apathetic protest?


Monkeys: Agreed, there seems to be some corruption on either side but until there's a ratio that's less than say 20 to 1, Republican to Democrat, don't you think there's an uphill battle to regain a solid footing from which to champion values and the push to reclaim America for the conservatives? Bush's choices to grow government larger than any previous adminstration, declare himself decider of all that he can see and ignore the rule of law while writing riders to each of the bills he signs, does it not appear that the GOP have become the party they ran against?

GC: Tax Cuts, Abortion, Foul Language & Gay Marriage.

Monkeys: Thank you for your time, this has been a most enlightening interview.

GC: Contract with Americaaaaaaa!

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May 24, 2006


Rule of the Right #79845435: It's not nice to fool Mother Mangalangdadiddlylangda.

Some idiot apparently made an anti-war video, fooling some of the people some of the time. Michelle's panties are perma-twisted so you know she got to the bottom of this tomfoolery.

Meet "Jessie MacBeth." He's the latest cause celebre of the anti-war Left -- a "former Army Ranger and Iraq war veteran" who accuses his fellow troops of committing a litany of atrocities against innocent civilians. Anti-Vietnam War veteran John Kerry and the Winter Soldiers cast a long shadow.

yadda yadda (...)

Anti-war zealots initially defended the bogus soldier's tale, but are now moving quickly to cover up the MacBeth stain. The video was yanked Tuesday afternoon. But not to worry.

I hear former CBS producer Mary Mapes, champion of "fake but accurate" journalism, is interested in publicizing Jessie MacBeth's tall tales.

Interesting... the zealots don't seem to show up in the top 20 Google searches, just angry posturing that smacks of a few right-wingers who, spoiling for a fight, found themselves on the wrong end of a prank.

The longer we keep our troops deployed in an underplanned death trap the odds of an eventual video being made that actually is true, increases dramatically. At least something's keeping these folks busy... it'd be a shame for them to spend their time worrying about the war itself instead of its portrayal.

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QOTD - Limiting Options

From the man who still thinks "gettin' some" at the office is possible through forceful charm and witty repartee...

Talking Points Memo & Top Story Is Mexico threatening the US?

"Millions of Canadians aren't illegally crossing into America. That's because Canada has a good economy, a strong middle class, and a workable society. Mexico has none of those things, despite fabulous wealth in the form of oil and other fossil fuels and two spectacular coastlines. But because of the incredible corruption throughout Mexico, 40% of its citizens live below the poverty line and few foreign investors will put money into that country. Thus Mexico exports its poverty problem to the USA. After hearing President Bush order 6,000 National Guard troops to the southern border, Mexico's Foreign Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez threatened to 'immediately start filing lawsuits through our consulates.' Okay, then Mr. Secretary, here's a no-spin message back to you - if the Mexican government files one lawsuit in the USA pertaining to the National Guard, I will call for a total boycott of Mexican goods and no travel to your country. That may sound presumptuous, but enough's enough. We in America have a right to security and a right to expect our immigration laws to be enforced. Mexico has an obligation to work with our National Guard, not sue it. And by the way, Mr. Secretary, you're welcome on The Factor any time."

Well, there goes the "Donkey Show" industry.

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May 23, 2006


Katherine Harris' new staff moves in.

She's working hard, to bridge that ~30% gap between herself and Nelson... and $10 million doesn't go as far as it used to.


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Feces Flinging for Fun & Profit

* Fear, does not incite critical thought.

* Dealing terror a devastating blow, Bush, once again, forgets who begat terror in Iraq.

* 1949: Approximate number of days a conservative requires to recognize a bad decision.

* I'll bet that somehow this is all Al Franken's fault.

* Failures, the Readers Digest version.

* People who desire war over peace are the crazies.

* From now until November, Bush should do nothing but stump for incumbents in highly contested areas. We need more speeches on Medicare drug plans and how they help the masses, the success of the tax cuts for those making under $30K a year and how Iraq is still the right decision. Then in 2007 when he points to his pile of political capital, we can laugh together.

* Ziplocs of green in the freezer? Dude, you've got the storage backwards, the money goes in the safe, the smoke in the freezer. Sheesh. Novice.

* Loserman pulled his nose out of the president's ass long enough to complain about his competition's funding. Someone's nervous.

* Florida truly is magical... if only Jesus had intervened on 11.05.00 instead of tearing the nation apart with indecision.

* Support the troops.

* Will Bush exit the Oval Office in 2009 with any real sucesses he can point to?

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Trained Ears and other Trick Performances

The nation's Cheerleader in Chief appeared on MTP with Timmeh... it's fascinating to see how differently the interview process is interpreted on each side of the aisle.

From the Left:

RICE: I understand that Americans see on their screens violence. They continue to see Americans killed, and we mourn every death. These are very hard things to do. But I would ask that people remember why we are there. We are there because we are trying to--having overthrown a brutal dictator who was a destabilizing force in the Middle East, we're trying to help the Iraqis create a stable foundation for democracy and a stable foundation for peace."

I seem to recall a different rationale for why we're there:

"Citing Bush administration officials, The New York Times reported Sunday that Iraq tried to buy thousands of high-strength aluminum tubes. The tubes, Rice said, "are only really suited for nuclear weapons programs, centrifuge programs." [CNN, 9/8/2002]

From the Right:

In addition, Russert most conspicuously did not share the fact that scores of Democratic leaders, beginning with Bill Clinton, spoke very clearly and often about the unambiguous existence of Saddam's WMD and that they supported a policy to seek a change of his regime.

Russert did not mention that these Democrats, having access to the very same intelligence as President Bush, voted to authorize him to militarily attack Iraq. Russert also failed to note that this congressional war resolution contained multiple reasons for going to war against Iraq -- not just WMD -- and that despite John Kerry's later lies to the contrary, was not conditional on President Bush further exhausting diplomatic avenues or even more weapons inspections.

And in mentioning the "costs of the war" as one of Bush's "misjudgments," Russert also conveniently omitted the fact that from early on, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld steadfastly refused to be pinned down on the projected "costs of the war" because they were "unknowable."

After 6 years of top to bottom Republican rule, it's still the Democrats' fault we went to war. Thinking someone has WMDs is one thing. Rushing to war on intelligence proven to have been false and manipulated while losing sight of the primary objective (OBL) is another.

Life must be easy being the last sheep in line.

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May 22, 2006

Hidden Talent

The Decidererer in Chief demonstrates his uncanny knack for ensuring no one in the room walks away feeling overwhelmed by his presence.


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Information Rodeo

* Why the caged bird sings.

* Analog is to digital as paper is to rock.

* Mary mary quite contrary, how does your marriage grow?

* Contest #49856 in "Telling fact from fiction" has been eliminated.

* When you're the underdog... the ultimate goal is to rise to the top as ethically as possible. Take him down. Dems don't need another boat anchor.

* ...and they came for the journalists but no one was left with any balls to speak up at all.

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Prayer changes everything.

Speaking on behalf of proponents of the separation of church and state:

It's not that Bush prays, we're opposed or that fact that he flaunts it in contradiction to Christ's teachings. The main concern is that he's the only one talking and not doing any listening.

Side note: if his successes are an indication of the results of his prayers, there's either an issue with his requests or the diety he's praying to.

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May 18, 2006

My Rights

Dear Senator Pat Roberts,

I want to die with all of my civil rights intact.


a citizen.

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if I've told ya once...

* The newest in family values.

* Overspending is an addiction.

* FOX News: Only bigots need apply.

* Stereotypical stereotyping.

* MBA in chief and his cheerleader.

* Miss when we were winning in Afghanistan?

* Lookin' busy.

* Erosion doesn't happen at the speed of light... it's a snail's pace.

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May 17, 2006

QOTD - Party over Country

Disagree, dissent, march, email, telephone the White House and the Congress, heck, even mail a brick, but it doesn’t make sense to completely destroy the man who will be leading the country for two more years, or to destroy the Republican Party unless you are ready to accept the agenda of Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid.

Ignore the rule of law and prove beyond all logical reasoning that a consensual blowjob is more criminal and worthy of investigation ad nauseum, than is lying to Congress and the willful erosion of civil rights in this nation.

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The New Wedge

Voices from Bigitopia.

1. ...illegal alien day laborers like the ones who unwittingly assisted the 9/11 hijackers have virtually no fear of being arrested. Instead, they await their new "temporary" guest worker cards and eventual American citizenship in a land that has lost its memory. And its mind.

2. On the other hand, the path to citizenship is not inevitable and should be fiercely resisted. Granting sacred citizenship to scofflaws is reprehensible, and if we pass nothing, at least we won't pass such a citizenship provision.

3. So this seems like a propitious time to ask: What if illegal immigrants were crack?

Give us your tired, your hungry, your huddled masses... we need to use them to further divide our nation.

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May 16, 2006

QOTD - Music Appreciation 101

The world's foremost musicologist weighed in yesterday on the state of country music pre and post Dixie Chicks. Let's tune in.

BECK: You know what it is? You know what I think country music is? It`s not about redneck; it`s about family values.

GRAY: That`s exactly what it`s about. It`s about real Americans talking about real American issues.

HA! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha...

Ok, let's move on. The President and his manufactured war aren't real American issues.

STEVE KROFT, "60 MINUTES": Did anybody ever tell you one of the big rules of the music business or business in general is never try to antagonize your customers?

MAINES: Well, that`s what music is.


BECK: No, no it`s not. When did music become about antagonizing me? Just let me hum along, let me sing along. Can you let me enjoy my time in the car please? When did it become about antagonizing and poking fingers at people? All right. Let me go to the next clip here. There she is. This is great.

Mr. Beck, from soul music born out of the plantations of the south to jazz which touched on parts of Americana so difficult, parts of it had to escape to Paris for a decade to blues which was nothing but a good man feelin' bad to the likes of Woody Guthrie on to rock & roll which continues pissed of a large majority of the public, music has always been a tool for communicating the pulse of the moment.

Maybe the issue is you, the listener... confused by songs with a message.

For you, there's always Hanson.

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Bermuda Shorts

* Corruption, may not be unique to Repubs, but they've institutionalized it.

* Dumb-bombing us back into the Stone Age?

* 30 Helens agree, polling the underinformed is not an accurate sampling.

* Is it hot in here, or just me?

* The tide has turned.

* "Lest we forget" wasn't intended to speak to methodology.

FWIW: From a pure semantics POV, monitoring & eavesdropping != data collection & monitoring. Pay attention to verbiage.

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May 15, 2006

Practice makes perfect

CNN provides the nation with a glimpse into pre-production Bush.


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QOTD - Uterus version

A doctor, focusing on *just* women!!!!! What is this world coming to?

Imagine going to your doctor and being offered a pill—not because you were sick, or in any danger of becoming sick. No—your friendly physician is simply giving you drugs because you’re a woman.

If that sounds like a Hitchcock horror story to you—be prepared. Gynecologists around the country are embarking on a weird medical experiment that could have serious repercussions for women’s health.

Wouldn't it be refreshing to see this much outrage over the "cause" drugs (Viagra/Cialis) and the big pharma "NO GURLS ALLOW3D" Club for Raging Purple Snakes? Develop a drug that sterilizes sperm immediately upon exit and see if the outrage still exists.

The desire to regulate and repress women is, apparently, on life support and gaining strength in America.

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Lou Dobbs' Stiffy

Four to five thousand National Guard troops being deployed to our southern boarder to protect us against illegal immigration but we couldn't deploy enough troops after Katrina to effectively rescue our own citizens? How ironic is it that the Federal Government's working overtime to protect us from low wage earning immigrants while ensuring rebuilding contracts in New Orleans are structured in such a way as to encourage the hiring of the same individuals.

Bush Administration: Contradicting itself since 2000.

Wedge issue #267 v. 2006.1

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May 14, 2006


A question that's not being asked or at least, not been in any news story or article yet on the NSA's monitoring of the American public's phone calls are it's treatment of Post Cut Through Digits. Are your PIN numbers, bank numbers, credit card numbers, etc being captured as well? We know it's data mining at its finest with the best technology in existence. How much of it is being collected and its all being cross-referenced... how many transactions a month do you make over the phone? Think about ALL the numbers you puch into your phone during your normal day.

Dialed Digit Extraction The FCC concedes that many post-cut-through digits (e.g., bank account numbers and PINs) constitute "content" and does not contest that telephone numbers dialed by a caller after using an 800 number to reach a long distance carrier also constitute "content" from the perspective of the local carrier. (FCC Br. at 23, 32-34.) Unlike the digits that local carriers use to route calls, which appear on the "signal" channel, post-cut-through digits are found on the "content" channel.

The FCC's argument that a carrier nevertheless must provide all information that another carrier may use to route calls proves far too much. (See id. at 23-24.) By its logic, a carrier could be required under CALEA to go into the content channel and extract not only all dialed digits, but also any spoken digits — whether to an operator who is assisting in a long distance call or to an automated voice recognition unit used by a calling card provider. Even the FBI has not claimed that CALEA goes this far.

The only reasonable interpretation of CALEA is that "call-identifying information" encompasses information used by the assisting carrier itself. To the extent that other carriers use post-cut-through digits as "call-identifying information," law enforcement can obtain that information directly from them: CALEA was "not intended to guarantee ‘one-stop shopping' for law enforcement." House Rep. at 22. Rather, it was designed only to allow law enforcement to obtain call-identifying information "reasonably available" to the assisting carrier. Contrary to the FCC's position, that standard requires evaluating the information from the assisting carrier's perspective. For that carrier, all post-cut-through digits constitute content, not call-identifying information.

The FCC acknowledges that its Order requires delivery of post-cut-through digits that are clearly content when law enforcement has only a pen register authorization. (FCC Br. at 32-34.) Even if some post-cut-through dialed digits are not content, where content and non-content information are inextricably intertwined, law enforcement must satisfy the higher Title III standard to obtain that information. It cannot bootstrap pen register authority into permission to receive content without complying with Title III or the Constitution, even where it has a duty to try to limit the use of the intercepted information. See infra Section IV.

You have a right to know how safe your information is .

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Cute DikDik

In case of emergency, break glass.

In the event that the current puppet becomes indisposed... nap boy will take over.


or, maybe not.

May 13, 2006 - The role of Vice President Dick Cheney in the criminal case stemming from the outing of White House critic Joseph Wilson's CIA wife is likely to get fresh attention as a result of newly disclosed notes showing that Cheney personally asked whether Wilson had been sent by his wife on a "junket" to Africa.

Cheney's notes, written on the margins of a July 6, 2003 New York Times op-ed column by former ambassador Joseph Wilson, were included as part of a filing Friday night by prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald in the perjury and obstruction case against ex-Cheney chief of staff I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby.


In the margins of the op-ed, Cheney jotted out a series of questions that seemed to challenge many of Wilson's assertions as well as the legitimacy of his CIA sponsored trip to Africa: "Have they done this sort of thing before? Send an Amb. [sic] to answer a question? Do we ordinarily send people out pro bono to work for us? Or did his wife send him on a junket?"

Always retaliatory, never pro-active.

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May 13, 2006

Tastey as a Mint Julep

* Bush's Brain may have some water on it. Theoretically, Rove's been somewhat neutered as Bush's right hand, but the expectation was that he'd be able to serve the GOP behind the curtain in many of the mid-term races. How effective is he going to be if he's indicted and under the microscope?

* Wouldn't it suck to be an administrative water-carrier right now? Spend the first part of your week claiming Foggo's departure from the CIA was just business as usual and the weekend trying to figure out how the fuck you're going to spin your bullshit flavored kool-aid on Monday.

* Maybe we could just invade Mexico with no exit strategy.

* If the Democrats grow balls and work to block Hayden, it's got nothing to do with being strong or weak on National Security. A military appointee over a civilian agency who's shown he has little to no regard for existing civil laws or liberties doesn't deserve the job. Period. Any extra time or energy our intelligence agencies are spending sorting out the signal from the noise due to citizen spying, they're not working on the real fight to combat terrorism.

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May 12, 2006

America the Blogiful

* Numbers don't lie. Even when they're fuzzy.

* Connect the dots: NSA spying on citizens --> CIA chief needed --> Hayden = NSA/Military --> Bingo, quiet installation of martial law.

* Please don't let this be true.

* Why immigration? Why not lying to Congress, misuse of funds, etc.

* Another winner of the coveted "testicles of truth".

* 29%... racing daddy to the bottom and catchin' up to Nixon off the wall in the last lap.

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May 11, 2006

QOTD - Apples to Oranges

Would someone explain to Ann, the difference between a partisan witch hunt and a judicial investigation of a crime? Ignoring the swipes at Bill and Ted (heh) some of the tastiest morsels from Ms "Godless" Coulter's latest screed.

Coming right on the heels of a three-year witch-hunt directed at Rush Limbaugh for an addiction to prescription drugs because of his politics – as well as the continuing threat to put Tom DeLay in prison because of his politics – you would think there would be at least some serious discussion of prosecuting the young Kennedy for his addiction to prescription drugs, too.

Prosecuting addiction isn't viable in the courts. Shopping prescriptions and embezzling is. Thankfully for Ann's sake obfuscation and half-truths aren't prosecutable either.

Conservatives will continue to be threatened with prison on trumped-up charges until Democrats start having to worry about being prosecuted for minor offenses, too – though, in Kennedy's case, not as minor as Rush Limbaugh's offense, which never involved smashing his car into a police barrier.

Oh the fear and power wielded by the minority party who have no subpoena or investigative power... able to surpasse seemingly insurmountable odds to usurp the majority. WFE.

Why hasn't the former spokesman for the Taliban matriculating at Yale been beaten even more senseless than he already is? According to Hollywood, this nation is a cauldron of ethnic hatreds positively brimming with violent skinheads. Where are the skinheads when you need them? What does a girl have to do to get an angry, club- and torch-wielding mob on its feet?

Article took a bit of a turn for the wingnutish, didn't it? As for the question posed above, that would be the "fly-over" states Ann. Being a targetted victim of a skinhead attack and the proud owner of an enormous cranial scar, I'm sure I could find the Queen of Adams Apples the knuckle-dragging followers she lusts after.

Well, conservatives, I would say liberals have already invalidated your "Let's all just get along" policy.

The violence and threats of imprisonment have started. Now the only question is whether conservatives will choose victory.

Because these days, for the GOP, victory = beating the rap.

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You Dropped a Bomb on Me, Baby

Chris Matthews truly is a self-hating apologist for this administration.

Now about fixing those durn poll numbers...

MATTHEWS: This president seems like he‘s—I don‘t want to say point of no return, because just when you predict American politics, it has a wonderful way of flipping back on you. Do you think the president has a problem now he just can‘t resolve, 31 percent in the polls?

ROLLINS: And dropping. The sad part is, there‘s now conservatives and Republicans are moving away from Democrats who have obviously been polarized against him from day one, but you‘re now starting to see an erosion among Republicans and I think that makes it extremely difficult to get back up. Any president in modern times, and there‘s only been one other two term president who has ever gone this low and that‘s Nixon, you just don‘t get back up.


MCMAHON: I think Ed is right.

MATTHEWS: You don‘t think he can go back?

MCMAHON: Absolutely not.

MATTHEWS: If we get attacked again, or something really bad. He handles it well.

So their hopes of a rebound are tied to the possibility of us getting attacked again... because that's what Bush does well?



Bring it on... He's got a new copy of "Hungry Hungry Caterpillar" he's not broken in.

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May 10, 2006

Comparative Study

Which one of these is just like the other?



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Questions must be asked.

* Who has Iran invaded lately?

* America, monarchy or oligarchy?

* GOP: My party, right or wrong?

* Why Hayden? see: Negroponte's bitch

* Rove, as effective as ever under indictment?

* Tucker Carlson & Rachel Maddow.. same hairdresser?

* No taxes for the Holy Roller Coasters?


Blackwell also is a man of principle and is that rare and unusual politician who is clear, upfront and uncompromising about those principles. He serves up his agenda, a combination of limited government, fiscal conservatism and traditional values, in a straightforward way that makes typical political gurus and consultants wince. But, like Ronald Reagan, Blackwell knows that Americans respond to honesty and he also knows that he is right.
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May 09, 2006

Sucking Suckitude So Vast, Black Holes are Intimidated

Last night's intro on Scarborough Country.

But these days at the White House, the environment is nothing short of toxic, with the president‘s support in a mind-blowing freefall. No Pogo action here for the president‘s number. He just keeps going down.

And today, more dismal news for Mr. Bush and his Republican Party. A new Associated Press poll shows that a staggering 45 percent of conservatives now disapprove of the job the president‘s doing. Even worse for Republicans, a breathtaking 65 percent of conservatives can‘t stand how Republicans are running Congress.

But the most remarkable gravity and superlative-defying number from that poll is this, that one in three Republicans now want their party to lose control of Congress! To say these numbers are unprecedented is like saying Tom Cruise‘s courtship of Katie Holmes was a tad unconventional. “The Washington Times” reported that Mr. Bush is now under 50 percent approval among stock investors, NASCAR fans and gun owners. Yes, but they never supported Republicans anyway, right? Oh, wait. There goes the base.

Please tell me the lesson to be learned here isn't that the one inherent common trait in the GOP is that it takes 5.5 years to acquire something resembling a clue and catch up to the "reality based community".

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Good Touching


I don't want anybody else
And when I think about you
I touch myself
Ooh, oooh, oooooh, aaaaaah
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High on the Hog

$10 million, a boob job and elections results guaranteed to be manipulated and there's still no hope? What is this world coming to?


Gov. Jeb Bush said in Tallahassee that Republican Rep. Katherine Harris has dropped so low in public opinion polls that she cannot beat Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson in November.

"I just don't think she can win," Bush said in his strongest statement yet about his fellow Republican's struggling campaign.

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Mis-Placed Indignation

Doesn't the quote below just make you want to stand up and holler Hallelujah?

Methinks that these people will stop at nothing to get control over the lives of others. The same folks who bristle at any expectation that they practice self-discipline are eager to draw the boundaries for our lives. We should not only grant them that sway, they want us to crown them as heroes, here to save us from ourselves.

Unfortunately, it's part of a larger rant on the removal of colas from schools and not against, well, this.

The American Life League is a lay Catholic organization, and for years — especially since Pope Paul VI's "Humanae Vitae" encyclical of 1968 forbade "any action which either before, at the moment of or after sexual intercourse, is specifically intended to prevent procreation" — being anti-contraception was largely a Catholic thing. Protestants and other non-Catholics tended to look on curiously as they took part in the general societywide acceptance of various forms of birth control. But no longer. Organizations like the Christian Medical and Dental Associations, which inject a mixture of religion and medicine into the social sphere, operate from a broadly Christian perspective that includes opposition to some forms of birth control. Edward R. Martin Jr., a lawyer for the public-interest law firm Americans United for Life, whose work includes seeking to restrict abortion at the state level and representing pharmacists who have refused to prescribe emergency contraception, told me: "We see contraception and abortion as part of a mind-set that's worrisome in terms of respecting life. If you're trying to build a culture of life, then you have to start from the very beginning of life, from conception, and you have to include how we think and act with regard to sexuality and contraception." Dr. Joseph B. Stanford, who was appointed by President Bush in 2002 to the F.D.A.'s Reproductive Health Drugs Advisory Committee despite (or perhaps because of) his opposition to contraception, sounded not a little like Daniel Defoe in a 1999 essay he wrote: "Sexual union in marriage ought to be a complete giving of each spouse to the other, and when fertility (or potential fertility) is deliberately excluded from that giving I am convinced that something valuable is lost. A husband will sometimes begin to see his wife as an object of sexual pleasure who should always be available for gratification."

So, invasion of choice is reprehensible to the right-wing if it applies to soda but not if it's applicable to reproductive or sexual rights of individuals.

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May 08, 2006

When the Dust Settles

It's amazing the uninterrupted thinking you can do while mowing the lawn. With all the noise and random flying debris, there are so few distractions which leaves the mind free to just mull schtuff over. Last weekend, rather than allow thoughts of work or household to permeate... I daydreamed about the potential political landscape of 2009.

After Hillary is soundly defeated in the general election (topic for another rant) and we're forced to endure at a minimum, another 4 years of pseudo GOP control, what will Dubya be up to? He's still, chronologically speaking, a young ex-president.

George is comfortable with people as long as they're all insiders. What's he going to be like when the voters have more access? As a public citizen who's never championed a worthy cause (AIDs, Poverty, Homelessness, etc) and only noted success is a yet unconfirmed perch catch, his legacy's going to be unique. Will he be armed well enough to function without a paid speech writer? Will his charity of choice be unemployed oil executives or will he open a lobbying firm? Will he hire illegal immigrants to assist in clearing the rest of his brush?

This bouncing around in anyone else's troubled heads? Anybody else concerned what international incidents might occur when the boy's ripped from the bubble and still expected to speak? Even Nixon was qualified for the job and made great strides with China... what strengths will George draw from to carry him through the next 20+ years?

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Trouble with Tribbles

Any chance that this revelation...

BERLIN (Reuters) - U.S. President George W. Bush told a German newspaper his best moment in more than five years in office was catching a big perch in his own lake.

"You know, I've experienced many great moments and it's hard to name the best," Bush told weekly Bild am Sonntag when asked about his high point since becoming president in January 2001.

"I would say the best moment of all was when I caught a 7.5 pound (3.402 kilos) perch in my lake," he told the newspaper in an interview published on Sunday.

Could be partly to blame for these results...

BAGHDAD — More Iraqi civilians were killed in Baghdad during the first three months of this year than at any time since the toppling of Saddam Hussein's regime — at least 3,800, many of them found hogtied and shot execution-style.

Others were strangled, electrocuted, stabbed, garroted or hanged. Some died in bombings. Many bore signs of torture such as bruises, drill holes, burn marks, gouged eyes or severed limbs.

Every day, about 40 bodies arrive at the central Baghdad morgue, an official said. The numbers demonstrate a shift in the nature of the violence, which increasingly has targeted both sides of the country's SunniShiite sectarian divide.

In the previous three years, the killings were more random, impersonal. Violence came mostly in the form of bombs wielded by the Sunni Arab-led insurgency that primarily targeted the coalition forces and the Shiite majority: balls of fire and shrapnel tearing through the bodies of those riding the wrong bus, shopping at the wrong market or standing in the wrong line.

Now the killings are systematic, personal. Masked gunmen storm into homes, and the victims — the majority of them Sunnis — are never again seen alive.

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May 05, 2006

QOTD - Ownership Society

Don't you just love how MSNBC's budget apparently doesn't allow them to pull in any experts so we get a view on each show of what the *other* pundits think. Truly inspiring. It's a family friendly circle jerk.

SCARBOROUGH: Tucker Carlson, should Donald Rumsfeld be fired?

TUCKER CARLSON, MSNBC HOST: I think a lot of the hostility here is misplaced. You know, people are angry about our Iraq policy; I‘m one of them; I‘m angry about our Iraq policy. But that‘s not Rumsfeld‘s fault, in the end.

He didn‘t dream up the invasion of Iraq. He doesn‘t have the power to execute it. That‘s something the president did. That‘s also something members of Congress endorsed by their vote in the run-up to war. Those are the people you ought to be angry at.

Mother TUCKER?!?!?!?! He's the GodDamn Secretary of Defense. If he's that bloody powerless and neutered, fire him for he doeth taketh up space. Get in someone who's not only competent but has the authority and behaves as though he's empowered.

It gets worse.

CARLSON: Well, imagine the president—I mean, you know, no offense to the president, but imagine Bush in the situation Rumsfeld found himself in today. Somebody jumps up, starts screaming.

SCARBOROUGH: Oh, he would have collapsed.

CARLSON: Exactly right. Can you imagine Bush saying, “No, no, let the man speak,” and then calmly rebut—correctly or not, but still! -- I think, with a great deal of grace, every single point. It‘s impressive, as a performance, anyway.

SCARBOROUGH: And, exactly, performance art from the sec-def.

Da Sec-Def's in da hooooouse.

My god these guys are pathetic. So Rummy's not to blame but gets points on performance? Painful.

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Cinco de Mayo

* For those afraid of "minorities" taking over, should look no further than the minority class running the nation today.

* Christopher Hitchens has official lept the proverbial shark. Unplanned obsolescence?

* How beneficial would it be if Bush started getting a small fraction of his intelligence from blogs like this?

* May Katherine Harris' campaign use 100% of her ten milllion.

* Six years; the amount of time it takes our elected officials to see the imbalance in what used to be a system of checks and balances?

* Senor Presidente, no habla? Que? Muy faker?

* You know he ain't praying for wisdom.

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Measures of Success

The dangers of multi-tasking by the inept.

“[P]eople all over the world are watching the experience here in Afghanistan,” Bush told reporters after a meeting with Afghan President Hamid Karzai. “I hope the people of Afghanistan understand that as democracy takes hold, you're inspiring others. And that inspiration will cause others to demand their freedom. And as the world becomes more free, the world will become more peaceful.”


“We're making progress of dismantling al-Qaida. Slowly but surely, we're bringing the people to justice, and the world is better for it, as a result of our steady progress,” he said.

The Taliban are warning the people to expect more attacks, the shopkeeper, Mr. Saifullah, told General Eikenberry. "During the day the people, the police, and the army are with the government, but during the night, the people, the police, and the army are all with the Taliban and Al Qaeda," he said.

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May 04, 2006


* If $8 billion didn't work the first time...

* Colbert, a threat to nightly news nationwide.

* Next up, force fields.

* It takes a Family man... to support an accused abuser.


* Whoopsie. What about ASL?

* Last time business made decisions that actually benefitted the public...

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Maybe a Wall's Not the Answer

Dear Preznit and elected Congress Critters,

Instead of spending vast sums of unbudgeted tax dollars on a ~2K mile Berlin Wall style fence for our southern border, why don't we convert the first 1/4 mile of American soil northbound into a DMZ of sorts and the 2nd 1/4 mile into an untended stereo-typical trailer park?


Build it in all non-populated areas from Brownsville to San Diego, offering free lodging, beer, utilities, ammo and sunscreen. Admit only the highest caliber of citizen and then abandon them.


Chances are, the average illegal would rather risk life and limb against the open desert and its ills than attempt sneaking through a trailer park full of well armed, half-drunk crazies with absolutely nothing to do, thus dramatically reducing and or potentially eliminating the porous aspects of our border.

Think of the savings. Low cost set up, little to no maintenance and nigh impenetrable.

(thx, Andy for the idea)

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May 03, 2006

1st Class on the Hindenburg

Hindsight is always funny/funny.


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Xena's Phobic

From the man who's semi-literate in two languages.

Q Mr. President, a cultural question for you. There is a version of the National Anthem in Spanish now. Do you believe it will hold the same value if sung in Spanish as in English?

THE PRESIDENT: No I don't, because I think the National Anthem ought to be sung in English. And I think people who want to be a citizen of this country ought to learn English, and they ought to learn to sing the National Anthem in English.

...To the Congress Critters who apparantly have *nothing* else to do.

May 1st, 2006 - Washington, D.C. - U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) today introduced a Senate Resolution affirming that statements of national unity, including the National Anthem, should be recited or sung in English. Text of his prepared remarks follows:

“Mr. President, across the country today, thousands and thousands of immigrants – legal and illegal – are marching in a nationwide rally. Many are saying that they, too, want to be Americans.

“But, Mr. President, I’m afraid the message is, quite literally, getting lost in translation. As part of these demonstrations, a new version of our national anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner, has been produced – in Spanish.

“According to an article in the Washington Post last Friday, at least 389 different versions of our anthem have been produced over the years, in many musical styles, including rock and roll and country. But, the Post also noted, never before has it been rendered in another language.

“It may be a first, but it is a big first step in the wrong direction. And it’s a mistake precisely because our nation is a nation of immigrants.

To simplify the issue and make the national anthem easier to learn and sing... a few changes have been made. Most of you can sing along as the tune is fairly easy to recognize.

There was a nation who had a song
And JINGO was its name-o
And JINGO was its name-o

Beats the pants off of Kum By Ya, don't it?

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By the Numbers

William Jefferson Clinton's poll numbers one week after the Senate trial began on January 7th, 1999: 68%

George Walker Bush's poll number in year 6 of 8 as the "War President": 32%

It's no wonder Bush 41 likes Clinton so, he's the other half of the equation. 68% + 32% = 100%.

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May 02, 2006

Leak in the Bubble

As my HS French teacher used to respond when we'd bitch about homework or complex conjugations...

Boulee Boulee Boulee.... (translated: wah, fuckin' wah)

"Colbert crossed the line," said one top Bush aide, who rushed out of the hotel as soon as Colbert finished. Another said that the president was visibly angered by the sharp lines that kept coming.

"I've been there before, and I can see that he is [angry]," said a former top aide. "He's got that look that he's ready to blow."

Colbert's routine was similar to what he does on his show, the Colbert Report, but much longer on the topic of Bush, suggesting that the president is out of touch with reality.

Someone's a bit of a thin-skinned whiney assed titty baby, ain't he? One shouldn't start a war with no defined end and expect no criticism.

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Subtle Differences

Unregulated Internet Freedom vs. Tiered Levels of Access

If you're a Democrat, you want the government to intervene to ensure all citizens have the same rights and access no matter who your provider, ISP or access point is through or where your destination on the internet is.

If you're a Republican, you want to protect the rights of business under the guise of freedom.

Lop-friggin-sided ain't we?

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But sir, you said "Walk *THIS* way".


Not an independent thought among em.

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In the Shorts

* EIB: Excellence in Booking. Who's surprised a man named after a recreational inhalent got addicted?

* Karl Rove: Without an official indictment, how can he ever get respect amongst his peers like Colson, Liddy, Poindexter, and North? What talk radio station would hire a GOP operative who's not taken one for the team?

* White House staff: Biggest threat to national security and international intelligence. cue Keystone Cops footage

* The of the insurgency. Better wages and less risk. Mission Accomplished.

* 1000 words: What a picture is worth. What are phone and visitor logs worth?

* Hypocrisy: Exportable.

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QOTD - undergrad edition

The Virgin Ben has a protege.

When I first arrived at OSU, I thought Women’s Studies meant Home Economics. After being sent to a rather uncomfortable re-education camp, where I was forced to recite innumerable Hail Mary (Wollstonecraft)’s in penance, I concluded that if the Women’s Studies department actually represented women, misogyny would be a prerequisite to rationality.

Now that, is a pickup line if there's ever been one.

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May 01, 2006

Truthiness Unfiltered

Honoring those who deliver hard truth through biting satire;

Stephen Colbert... you win the coveted "Testicles of Truth".


Now, I know there are some polls out there saying this man has a 32% approval rating. But guys like us; we don't pay attention to the polls. We know that polls are just a collection of statistics that reflect what people are thinking in "reality." And reality has a well-known liberal bias.

So, Mr. President, pay no attention to the people that say the glass is half full. 32% means the glass -- it’s important to set up your jokes properly, sir. Sir, pay no attention to the people who say the glass is half empty, because 32% means its 2/3 empty. There's still some liquid in that glass is my point, but I wouldn’t drink it. The last third is usually backwash. Folks, my point are that I don’t believe this is a low point in this presidency. I believe it is just a lull, before a comeback.

I mean, it's like the movie “Rocky." The president is Rocky and Apollo Creed is everything else in the world. It's the 10th round. He's bloodied, his corner man, Mick, who in this case would be the vice president, and he’s yelling cut me, dick, cut me, and every time he falls she say stay down! Does he stay down? No. Like rocky he gets back up and in the end he -- actually loses in the first movie.

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Partying with Death, Donkey Style

Motel 6's Ministry of Men's Manicures has blessed us this week with another one of his culturally relevant single issue rants. Simply put, the belief in a woman's right to choose makes you a killer.

It is with the unborn baby that the “protectors of the weak” morph into the party that wreaks havoc upon the truly helpless. It’s interesting to see misty-eyed liberals go quasi-talibanic for the little animal while they have absolutely no qualms whatsoever endorsing the snuffing out of the life of an unborn tiny human.


I guess the left and the pink conservatives callous their hearts to the unborn by rejecting a proposition central to Judeo-Christian thought regarding life and death: namely, that life is intrinsically good, and is therefore, sacrosanct.


Consider all the above, those of you on the left and the right who cherish the unborn more than a sea cow, when you cast your vote during the mid-terms and when you’re looking for a candidate for ‘08.

So, Gay marriage is tired, Terri Shaivo's too dead and who the hell wants to focus on the deficit, skyrocketing gas prices or the loss of international goodwill. As the GOP push this to the forefront and beat the anti-abortion drumbeat into November... refresh their short term memory of what a truly lamentable death looks like.

* as for this liberal... meat is super tasty and hunting isn't sporting when you're being escorted around in an air conditioned SUV on a trophy farm. So serve me up a big pot of rabbit stew with a healthy side dish of Shut the Fuck Up.

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...and for a good cause, even.

If immitation is the highest form of flattery, then creative fair use is the equivalent of being carried around on the shoulders of the winning team.

In August of 2004 I was lucky enough to screen capture the disintegration of Michelle Malkin on Bill Maher.


Since then, this image has been used all across the "blogosphere" to assist in driving home what a crazy-assed psycho bigot she is.

To name a few.

  • John Avarosis from America blog recently used it to taunt Ms. Hot Air.
  • Dependable Renegade juxtaposed it with Michelle's supporter wear.
  • The Poorman used, well, as only the Poorman can.
  • and Tbogg... well he's been using this and all the other images since I posted them. In the most delightful ways.

It's the least, I can offer to fellow bloggers. Please note... for these, no credit is required, use with impunity and keep pounding the Queen of Internment.

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