November 29, 2007

better things to do

THE PRESIDENT: Mr. Prime Minister, thank you; Mr. President. A series of successful meetings today with these leaders. Yesterday was an important day, and it was a hopeful beginning. No matter how important yesterday was, it's not nearly as important as tomorrow and the days beyond.

I appreciate the commitment of these leaders to working hard to achieve peace. I wouldn't be standing here if I didn't believe that peace was possible, and they wouldn't be here either if they didn't think peace was possible. I personally, would be napping. Closin' my eyes and takin' me some siesta. Love that sleep. Come to think of it, a little more of that leftover turkey, a toddy and a nap would just about round out this summit thingy we've, I mean, Condi's been doin' here.

Y'all wanna come back to the residence for a spell?

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Back at it

* Finally, a sex scandal. All political trysts *should* be at taxpayer expense.

* On the current trajectory we will never institute peace in the Middle East.

* One man gets it. The GOP voting poor serve only to erode their own self interest.

* Blight. Like rust on a bumper or shit on your shoe.

* Gosh, wonder what the impact would be if the Iraqi hearts and minds became contaminated?

* Quiet subjugation.

* Keep insurance in the private sector, it works better and is good for the economy.

* Any reason's a good reason even if it's manufactured.

* Why we cannot afford Universal Health Care and the rebuilding of the nation's infrastructure. Chinese loan anyone?

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I'm Just Sayin'

Until such time as candidates of either party are able and willing to stand up and debate without rules, teleprompters, cue cards or makeup for 4+ hours... no more attempts by pundits or commentators to compare their candidate of choice to Lincoln will be accepted.

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November 19, 2007

Even with no doors, escape isn't easy

Uncomfortable even, in the presence of those 'pretending' to be part of history, this century's blight looks for an escape route.


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... and you and you and that constitutional horse yous rode in on.


Bush, practicing his best Musharraf impression.

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November 13, 2007

Pulitzer Prize Winning

Some days it's worth the effort to lift a rock and peek.

I’ve already had enough of Hillary. I’m sick of seeing that chick. Forget her communistic bent, her virulent anti-Americanisms and her anti-Christian crapola. I simply don’t want to see or hear anything more from her ever again. She’s become the OJ of DC to me (i.e. way too much of her mug and machinations on my TV).

I’m tanked. I’ve had enough. I’m gonna vomit. The OJ comparison was a bad analogy though, eh? There were only two people who died around The Juice. I believe the Clintons have around 40 plus and counting who have mysteriously dropped dead around them. Anyway, back to my angst with Hillary.

Yes, Ms. Clinton has been an uninvited guest in my life for far too long. I cannot imagine having to stomach her and her blah blah blah for another decade. Another %$#@&% decade?!? Argh! Please God . . . don’t let it happen! I swear I’ll be good . . . I wont cuss anymore . . . I’ll up my tithe. C’mon Yahweh. Show some love.

Syndication and Jesus... equal guarantees that no matter how bad the rant, it's going to get published somewhere.

Especially fond of the negotiation directly with god where Doug promises to behave only if there's an unholy election intervention. That type of monotheistic manipulation only works any given Sunday for 50% of the NFL teams.

Doug Giles, elevating the national level of discourse and confusing metrosexuals once again.

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November 12, 2007

Headlines - spun like honey

* Pervez Musharraf, being all that Bush can't be... until he's completed a few more signing statements.

* Bringing cohesion to the Iraqis, American Contractors.

* Romney, he's everything to everyone... 'cept when he ain't.

* Troop Support... more than just a faded yellow ribbon magnet?

* Who the values voters will stump for in '08.

* Links for wingnut email spamming family members who think it's cute to send you pictures of how unpatriotic Obama is. (1) (2)

* Tis a shame how easily it is for Iran to arm the insurgents.

* Fight for freedoms, lose your voice.... sounds familiar.

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November 08, 2007

Just Say No Thank You


Whattayamean I cain't torture? I suck at golf. I can't plan, execute or follow through worth a shit on anything. My wife's a wax sculpture. I've cleared all the brush from the ranch. Condi's on the road and the fish ain't bitin' off the coast of Maine. Ain't runnin' for or from anything. The war's in stasis per the redacted reports I get and the girls don't visit much anymore. Toss this lame ole duck a bone, willya?

How else am I expected to fill up those holes in my schedule between napping and my exercisin'?

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November 07, 2007

Higher Moral Standard

More wisdom from the moral right.

Now Democrats are threatening not to confirm attorney-general nominee Mukasey over waterboarding and are castigating him for refusing to concede it is torture when that is far from clear and he shouldn't be taking a position on it anyway.

Where are the courageous Republicans to shame Democrats for carrying al-Qaeda's water? They could point out that it is probably not torture and that it has rarely been used, and that when it has been used, it has actually worked and perhaps saved lives, contrary to liberal propaganda that it hasn't.

With all of these war-related issues, from terrorist surveillance to Gitmo to tough interrogation techniques, Republicans could do a much better job demonstrating that Democrats are on the wrong side -- literally -- and are doing far more to harm our national image with their lies against the administration than they claim Bush is doing with his policies.

Republicans would have more success convincing voters of the "rightness" of their policies if they started acting like they believe in them themselves.

Two Points:

1. Until this subject (which shouldn't even be up for debate) is settled, those on the right who declare their moral righteousness and castigate the "unbelievers" as immoral... no longer have firm footing on which to point fingers. Their choices will have long and far-reaching ramifications that will impact, not only our ability to spread "freedom and democracy" but potentially how American POWs may be treated in times of war. We are known by our actions and the company we keep.

2. By rolling over and accepting Mukasey's nomination, Schumer and Feinstein have betrayed the American people, rule of law and most importantly the American military. If perchance, congress does have to ultimately sumbit a bill stating the obvious, that waterboarding and other forms of personal injury interrogations are in fact, illegal, they will have to work hard to get it past the Republicans and avoid another veto. Mukasey's boss isn't going to let a bill that ultimately declares him a war criminal get passed. Further more, Mukasey would immediately be responsible to the American people to prosecute those so eloquently referred to the Geneva Convention as quaint and have worked so hard to undermine the basic tenets of the Constitution.

The Democratically controlled congress has failed, once again, to uphold the oaths they took and the commitments made to their constituency in 2006. They've given this administration another pass, settled when a fight was required and proved that every late night television joke about their missing spines and lack of testicles are more than just good natured jabs, but painful truths.

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Refreshing as an oil-slicked Alaskan coastline

* Congratulations Dallas, 53% of the ~12% of your registered voters that showed up, voted to ensure you get another tollroad and this one in a 100 year flood plain and expanded, exponentially, the overall projected costs originally outlined in the 1998 vote. May all the newly created (36k) jobs not be solely trash pick up in the parks under the big grey concrete worms that will invade the levees.

* We've invaded a lesser country with flimsier intelligence.

* Can we stop talking about the $85k Hillary had to give back now?

* One Fifth? One fifth of the Iraqi population is displaced? We truly are redefining success.

* The ongoing saga of the restoration of honor and dignity to the White House.

* Better yet, let's just drop Cheney off, fully loaded, a la Rambo, into Tehran. He's got the will, let's test him.

* The litmus test now, on the worth of implementing torture as policy... appears more like a dick-sizing event at a frat house.

* If it's coming right for you, shoot it.

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November 06, 2007

I looked into his eyes and saw his soul

PRESIDENT BUSH: Thank you very much, please be seated. Laura and I appreciate the opportunity to welcome President and Mrs. Musharraf here to Washington. We remember fondly, Mr. President, your great hospitality in Pakistan and we remember the importance of that visit -- it reconfirmed our friendship, gave you and me a chance to discuss important issues. And there's no more important issue than defending our peoples.

This President is a strong defender of freedom and the people of Pakistan, and I appreciate your leadership.


We talked about democracy. The last time I was with the President, he assured me, and assured the people that were listening to the news conference, that there would be free and fair elections in Pakistan in 2007. He renewed that commitment, because he understands that the best way to defeat radicalism and extremism is to give people a chance to participate in the political process of a nation

Bush certainly has an unique innate skill at sussing out the true essence of an individual, don't he?

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Police fired tear gas and clubbed lawyers protesting Monday against President Gen. Pervez Musharraf's emergency rule. The U.S. and other nations called for elections to be held on schedule and said they were reviewing aid to Pakistan.

In the largest protest in the eastern city of Lahore, lawyers dressed in black suits and ties chanted "Musharraf Go!" as they defied the government's ban on rallies. Some fought back with stones and tree branches.

The crackdown mainly targeted Musharraf's most potent critics — the judiciary and lawyers, independent television stations and opposition activists. Opposition groups said 3,500 had been arrested, though the government reported half that total.


Musharraf, who took power in a 1999 coup and is also head of Pakistan's army, suspended the constitution on Saturday ahead of a Supreme Court ruling on whether his recent re-election as president was legal. He ousted seven independent-minded Supreme Court judges, put a stranglehold on independent media and granted sweeping powers to authorities to crush dissent.

...Bush, upon hearing the the news, placed books in his lap so as to hide his excitement. Such power. Such unchecked, unregulated raw power... the mind reels.

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November 05, 2007

QOTD - Adam's Apple Speaks.

The usual liberal coterie acts shocked and offended by Christians who actually believe Christianity is true -- unlike Democratic politicians -- to conceal the fact that the left is increasingly dominated by people conniving in the destruction of Israel.

When did citing examples stop being required when an allegation is posed? Making shit up used to never pass muster.

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We're #1 with a bullet

While the national teen birth rate has slowed, Texas has made far less headway, alarming public health officials and child advocates.

Texas teens lead the nation in having babies. Last month, the nonprofit group Child Trends conferred another No. 1 ranking on Texas. In the latest statistics available, 24 percent of the state's teen births in 2004 were not the girl's first delivery.


Texas' policy is to deny contraceptives without parental consent wherever possible and to push an abstinence-only sex education program in public schools


Meanwhile, state leaders stoutly defend teaching abstinence – and without parents' permission, only abstinence – in the schools and wherever possible requiring parents to sign off on youngsters' obtaining contraceptives.

A spokeswoman said Gov. Rick Perry sees no need for new legislation.

"The governor is satisfied with current law, in that abstinence is the only 100 percent [effective] way to prevent pregnancy," said spokeswoman Allison Castle.

Why don't we, while we're at it... ensure that they don't have equal access to insurance too.

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November 02, 2007

Domesticate this, bitches

I am focused on domestic spending... in Iraqistan or were y'all not paying attention during that whole Katrina cluster?.

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King Missile

Honestly folks, you think his delusions of grandeur orginate from anywhere else? Overcompensation's always been a male Bush thing.


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November 01, 2007

Chasing uncatchable cars

* With great power, comes great accountability. With great accountability comes great reward.

* The coaltion of the willing gains a +1.

* Iraq has FEMA too.

* Why negotiate when you can strafe and why understand when you can eradicate?

* The GOP. Gay Old Party.

* Thought Rummy ran from no man.

* Irradiate the masses.

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