February 26, 2008

Separated at birth?

I'm just sayin'


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No Hillary, Shame On You

According to Hillary, Barack's not ready for the international stage. Says he doesn't have what it takes to be ready on day one. Ok, neither did Bill Clinton or our currently bumblefuck... doesn't mean he's not capable. However, as one side of her mouth tells us he's not ready for the White House, her behavior indicates she may not be ready for the real election cycle. Incapable of taking a hit and continuing to run at a steady pace without slamming on the brakes to become righteously indignant.

Shame on you Barack Obama. Fer shame, fer shame fer shame. How dare you bring up Hillary's policy and question whether it's been the best approach for the nation? How dare you give her a taste of what'll feel like when the GOP whirling dervishes begin spinning. How audacious of you to assume she could absorb legitimate policy examination during an election cycle without becoming the finger wagging matron from hell? Temper flares like this make the possibility of a McCain/Clinton death match seem like *just* the divisive nightmare needed to further tear this country apart. Keep attacking hope and a desire for cohesion and collaboration. You're the only one still wanting to fight the 1994 Congress.

Now Barack, I want you to pay close attention to Texas. Hillary said to meet her there after she realized Wisconsin was a wash and now she's ready to meet ya in Ohio. Always the forward looking visionary... no sense in dwelling over lost states. However, while appearing focused on Texas and Ohio, it appears some 20/20 regret may be sinking in. She's longing wistfully for the abandoned delegates in Florida and Michigan where she feels she won fair and square.

(via) That’s not the case at all. I signed an agreement not to campaign in Michigan and Florida. Now, the DNC made the determination that they would not seat the delegates, but I was not party to that. I think it’s important for the DNC to ask itself, Is this really in the best interest of our eventual nominee? We do not want to be disenfranchising Michigan and Florida. We have to try to carry both of those states. I’d love to carry Texas, but it’s usually not in the electoral calculation for the Democratic nominee. Florida and Michigan are. Therefore, the people of those two states disregarded adamantly the DNC’s decision that they would not seat the delegates. They came out and voted. If they had been influenced by the DNC, despite the fact that there was very little campaigning, if any, they would have stayed home. But they wanted their voices heard. More than 2 million people came out. I mean, it was record turnout for a primary. Florida, in particular, is sensitive to being disenfranchised because of what happened to them in the last elections. I have said that I would ask my delegates to vote to seat. (h/t Chris)

No sense trying to win by the rules laid out... change em. Better yet, given the current momentum and if, these delegates are so very very important, why don't we just encourage a second vote. Determine officially, if recent momentum in the separate camps are enough to provide the delegates sought and whether the margins remain the same. Moreso in Michigan where Hillary was the only trick pony in the circus. Better yet, get DCCC, DNC & DLC sponsorship to guarantee the candidate coming out of the March 4th primaries with the most aggregate delegates, wins 100% of the delegates uncommitted in both Florida and Michigan.

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February 25, 2008

Because Bill Maher doesn't have transcripts

Paraphrasing for lack of an official transcript.

Friday night's mashup on HBO left us shaking our collective heads in amazement over Rep. Jack Kingston's D-(elusional) wingnutesque comments on Obama. Many of them with extra adjectives used only to inspire the least of these amongst us.

However, mixed up in the sideways messages was a tidbit that speaks to the larger issue within the current administration as well as the GOP base as a whole. Cuba. The argument about Obama potentially meeting with Raul Castro... Bill Maher missed a golden opportunity to linguistically bitch-slap the collective GOP mantra. As Jack pissed all over Obama's message of speaking with the Cuban leadership, he barely took a breath before launching into what we should say to Cuba.

Here's where the nuance starts and stops.

Obama wants to speak with which we have disagreements.
The GOP talking points want us speaking at or to.

Dialogue be damned. We're gonna tell you what to do, demand results and then attack you if you don't comply. Rather than sitting down like fully evolved homo-sapiens and exchanging words and encouraging an opposing party to meet half way... edicts must be given.

Ironically in the Austin debate last week we heard Hillary parrot much of the same points Rep Kingston used... last fall when I saw Bill Clinton speak he made a point that, "we cannot make peace with those we agree with" and went on to expand on the concept of the importance of dialogue. Has he recently experienced amnesia or is he being gagged by his wife's operatives?

Either way... the results are the same.

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It has to be special... everyone's focused on it.

* How sad is it that the junior members of the right wing cabal have become so jaded by the last 8 years of action vs. words they can't recognize genuine honesty when they encounter it? What are they going to do when they find out their choice and their single agent for change and integrity might not be the straight-talkin' maverick they thought he was. Imagine how jaded they'll become if they find that he planted the article (after calling the media his base) just to rally the late-comers to his aid?

* Nader = irrelevant. Rather than being a true agent for change or contributing to a cause, he'd prefer to play the role of a spoiler and whining on the periphery. Someone who really cared about the nation and about change would contribute in a manner in which his input and insight would be acted upon rather than dismissed. Wanker.

* Northern Iraqi Kurdistan, the only region in Iraq where progress has been made and mostly instituted by locals is now under attack by Turkey. Is this an extension of our coalition of the willing?

* Hillarycare, Obamacaid... call the candidates' plans whatever you want. Until we can counter the arguments that *anything* is an improvement over what we have today in the "greatest nation in the world", we cannot ultimately provide quality healthcare for all.

* If we're all being tapped, monitored, tracked... the signal to noise ratio has to be close to impossible to parse effectively. Even if 10% of the populace is being filtered, that level of data-mining would take an entire army of monitors... given the degree of outsourcing instituted by this administration, we can be confident this isn't being done by direct governmental employees. So, private entities (in China, India, Pakistan, etc) are probably in some way monitoring us in an ad hoc manner looking for information needles in a data haystack while having all the same level of commitment to safety and accuracy as the KBR contractors we use in Iraq.

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February 19, 2008

Best Man for the Job

John McCain "Vote for me, I'm more experienced".


indeed. one very experienced status quo leg-humper.

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February 15, 2008

Widening the Gap

We're at war with the possibility of a gap. A gap which threatens to undermine the freedoms being undermined by the closure of the gap we need closed in order to address the gap which is endagering the American dream which is, currently being undermined by a recession caused by a war of choice we couldn't afford caused by an intelligence gap we couldn't close. Lawdy lawdy.

Q Mr. President, I realize this is a sensitive matter, but I'm wondering if there's a way you can spell out for the American public what the practical impact may be, if this law expires, on our intelligence professionals, say, next week.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I hope it doesn't. But clearly, there will be a gap. And of course, we won't be able to assess that gap until the time. Step one is, I guess you got to come to the conclusion that there's a threat to America, or not a threat. And evidently some people just don't feel that sense of urgency. I do. And the reason I do is I firmly believe that there's still people out there who would do us harm.

Secondly, I know that the tools that I've just described are necessary to protect us. Why? Because we need to know what people are saying, what they're planning and what they're thinking. And the tool that I have just described has been very effective.

Thirdly, people are wondering why companies need liability protection. Well, if you cooperate with the government and then get sued for billions of dollars because of the cooperation, you're less likely to cooperate. And obviously we're going to need people working with us to find out what the enemy is saying and thinking and plotting and planning.

And so it's a -- to me it's a -- I guess one way to look at it is, some may not feel that same sense of urgency I do. I heard somebody say, well, this is just pure politics. No, this is what is necessary to protect the American people from harm. And I recognize there hasn't been an attack on our country, but that does not mean that there's not still an enemy that lurks, plans and plots.

The real, intelligence gap.

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Spies Like Us

Shorter GWB

The only way we can catch Osama and combat terrorism is to tap your phones. Unless of course I can't protect the telecommunications industrylobby and then, I'm willing to veto it all.

The terrorists are still out there. booga booga booga... and, don't forget to vote your fears.

Shorter John McCain'

I was against cruel and unusual torture when it was me being tortured.

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February 11, 2008

The Gap Widens

See here, there's a gap. A growing gap. A gapness that existifies between the havus and the have notus. This gap can be solved only through my tax cuttings. Tax cuts will solve gaps.

'cept the one in my credibility.


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February 07, 2008

...and then there were two

See Romney? See what happens when you abandon your base?


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Not Bitter, Flavored Differently

* GOP soccer moms unsure what benefit the Iraq war truly has on their day to day lives can rest now, knowing that the heroin little Johnny's using after school is from the country we liberated from a WMD sporting madman.

* Are you better off now that you were four years ago? Eight? Did the last round of tax cuts truly save the economy or did they really only benefit corporations who wound up laying your ass off anyway?

* Waterboarding for all. With unrestricted spying everyone becomes a suspect. Here's to WB'ing kiosks on every corner. It's as justifiable as the fears manufactured to support it. Get your board and pail now. Orwell would be proud.

* Dogs and cats sleeping together, it'd be anarchy. How extreme is it to think some in the nation just want the country to do well versus just a single party or small grouping of individuals?

* If Turkey's bombing Kurds and we're upping the civilian body count, how likely is it we may not be on the planned trajectory towards meeting the goals we arbitrarily set for the Iraqi people? Tis hard to govern the recently exploded.

* Johnny Mac, all that and a bag of chips. One super leg-humpin' patsy for the current administration and poster-boy for how the GOP machine eats its own. 2008 season, one for the record books.

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February 05, 2008

Just for Luck

When things get tight and you're not sure if you can pull off a primary sweep, nothing builds up one's inner spirit like a good Reagan bust rub.


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Voter Guide

How to Recognize Your Candidate

Hillary's on top and he looooks strong. Barack's in second place and looking mighty old and white. Edwards, as youthful and true to his campaign is a distant third.


* you just can't make these up.

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