May 29, 2008


* Involved Democrats are Activists and involved Republicans are Loyalists. No undertones here.

* Hillary wasn't suggesting anything specific to Obama with the Kennedy comment... she was just noting that had RFK been assasinated in April she would have STFU by now.

* Michelle Malkin will no longer be a fashion consultant for Townhall. Her inability to differentiate fabric swatches at 50 paces has been noted as a handicap.

* Six degrees of hypocrisy is bad unless it's yours. (ctrl-f Viguerie)

* Support the Troops is still a declarative and not really a degree of administrative policy. Freedom is not free... neither is funding.

* When the feminists stay home in support of Hillary and declare Obama no different than McCain remind their uterus it has no voice.

* It's ok to be a wacky preacher as long as you're, um... well... white.

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May 21, 2008

The definition of is and the discomfort of nuance

Been paying attention to the primary night speeches? What about the chanting? Notice anything unusual?

The "Yes We Can" chant at the Obama rallies is about championing the populace's collective ability to revive and restore the nation. It's about national ownership and a shared responsibility. His crowds chant in unison that we, the people, can come together and do amazing things.

Hillary's camp, being as bereft of ideas as they are funding, took creative license with Obama's theme and manipulated it to convince the voters that they will, not that they can. In doing so, she/they have, whether it's obvious to them or not, changed the message dramatically.

Manipulating a rallying slogan that's designed to inspire the people to examine their innate abilities and potential and morph it into a gitterdun approach seems to miss completely, the need to reunite the nation and heal the damage inflicted these last ~8 years. What's most indicative of the motivation behind the Hillary 'movement' is the pronoun most often used between the 'yes' and the 'can'... it's she, not a we. We're encouraged to leave it in her capable hands. Odd.

It's not that Hillary's a narcissist.. it's just that she's all about Hillary.

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May 09, 2008

Location Location Location

crown me, bitches

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Jumping the Porch

It has happened. Ann Coulter has become, not the bleeding edge of conservative thought or the mouthpiece of NeoCon dogma but the old crazy man down the street. The guy who sits on his front porch all day waiting for a reason to scream at an unsuspecting passer-by who've accidentally transgressed and then found themselves chastised loudly for committing an imaginary infraction conjured up in the mind of a demented fool.

The neighbors used to dislike and quite possibly fear him... now there's only room for pity and some bewildered amusement.

Clinton's vice president, Al Gore, lost an election that should have been his in a walk. In fact, he was the first incumbent president or vice president in 100 years to lose an election in peacetime with a good economy. Mind you, that was before we even knew that Gore was a deranged conspiracy theorist who believes the Earth is in serious peril from cow flatulence.


As election predictors go, the Dow Jones has been remarkably accurate. If the Dow goes up from the end of July to the end of October, the incumbent president or vice president wins; if it goes down, the incumbent loses. It has been wrong only four times since the Dow was created in 1896.

Thus, on Nov. 1, 2000, an article in The New York Times began: "The verdict of the Dow Jones industrial average is in, and it says Al Gore is headed for the White House."

And yet Gore lost. It was only the third time in more than a century that the Dow went up in the three months before the election and the incumbent lost. The two other times were: (1) Herbert Hoover in the middle of the Great Depression, and (2) Hubert Humphrey in the middle of the Vietnam War. (The only time the Dow went down and the incumbent won anyway was for popular Dwight Eisenhower.)

Honey, Gore lost because the system was manipulated. By your "strict constitutionalists" on the Supreme Court, the RNC machine and most of all... by that fucked up state you can't even vote in properly. Clinton, although the champion of many mistakes, was not the reason Gore lost.

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May 07, 2008

Basic Math

Dear Hillary,





North Carolina




















This, is not a tie. No amount of mathematical manipulation will make it so.

For what it's worth to you, the pundits and your campaign staff, you also, the rural vote. Your husband did. We all appreciate his participation and voice but really honey, he ain't runnin', you are and though it's neat that you got to be First Lady for 8 years... your years of "service" as an elected official is still less than the other two candidates running. Making up facts isn't a sign of strength, it's Bushesque in nature.

Be gracious. Unless the DLC takes over and manipulates the conditions, thus erradicating the popular vote and futher disenfranchising the populace, you don't have a prayer. Really.

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